In case some people don't know this already, AAR stands for After Action Reports, which in relation with computer games means creating a storyline around game events. This is actually a good pioneering attempt at role-playing the game on forums, because it both only requires one players effort and willingness plus only relies on one players talent and experience with creative writing.

The AAR can be anything from a short regent's diary or press release to a full-blown novel in chapters with a small subset of citizens of a country as characters.

Aside from the bare fun of writing and reading fiction, as well as getting more in touch with the Ars Regendi alternative reality, this should provide other players with valuable knowledge on events in your world, in an indisputably more interesting form than studying bare statistics available on state's page.

I would like to encourage everyone who would like to get more "in character" with Ars Regendi to start their own AAR thread.

Feel free to comment on my AAR.