Principala is an alliance designed to preserve the principles and traditions of Greater Europa and Affiliated States. Capitalism, borders, culture and a pioneering spirit are the bedrock of a successful society and that is the goal of Principala.

Principles of Greater Europa:Intro

Principala's charter is based on the Principles of Greater Europa (PGE), a living document that has been amended repeatedly over the last 300 years.

This document, although universally recognized in Europa, has never been formally used in the contexts of true governance. It has been noted that this document can only be applicable when observed by many nations with similar global and local interests.

The PGE are divided into three tiers. The principles in the first tier are applied to all nations of the world. The principles in the second tier are applied to all nations of Greater Europa, and the first tier is applied to all nations of Principala.

These principles are seen as guidelines for proper behavior on the world stage and are more stringent as the tiers increase.

Principala believes in the publication of these in order to let other world leaders know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

These principles will be open for amendments for the first 4 years of Principala's founding and then every 4 years after that.

Tier 1 Principles

I. All states of the world must respect the borders of their neighbors. Any incursion into the lands of others must be preceded by a formal request. We expect all nations to keep a record of this approved formal requests.

II. An incursion into another's land, not accompanied by an approved formal request, is considered an aggression.

III. Territorial waters of a state shall be respected by its neighbors. Territorial waters are considered any water within 12 nautical miles of the nation's coastline. The territorial waters of a state can be considered its border, therefore elements of Principle I and Principle II apply.

IV. No nation shall meddle in the elections or royal proceedings of another state. Foreign money shall not be passed along for purposes related to elections. This does not include endorsement of another country's candidate though.

V. Arming the enemies of another state can be considered an act of war against the other state. The army of a state can not exist without certain materials. Therefore, a state providing those materials becomes part of that war machine. Of course certain resources and materials will not fall under this principle. The signatories of said principles shall draw that list.

VI.States shall not treat their citizenry in a heinous fashion. This includes, but is not limited to, use of chemical weapons, sexual abuse and acts of overly-public executions.

VII. The citizenry shall have some form of ownership of the means of production. A state that controls the complete means of production is not a state, it is a plantation.

VIII. Any weapons usage or testing that affects the environment of another state is considered a transgression. The affected state shall put forth a claim for reparations and the world community shall support these measures.

IX. A hermit state is acceptable, but highly frowned upon. As the World continues to globalize, all states should have diplomats and officials ready to correspond with other states' diplomats and officials. A state deemed unreachable will not be seen as a state at all, losing all protections all the tiers have to offer.

X. The World Leader shall treat all nations fairly and be willing to apply these principles on the international stage.

Tier 2 Principles

I. Tier 1 Principles: I - IX apply to the nations of Greater Europa.

II.Greater Europa is considered traditional Europa, Ilitistan Damodar, and North Africa. Therefore, the Mediterranean is a body of water considered to belong to the nations of Greater Europa.

III. The states of Greater Europa must cooperate when it comes to terrorism and international criminals. Common tracing must be the norm in Greater Europa.

IV. Free trade is to be expected for nations of Greater Europa who adhere to the Tier 2 Principles.

V. Nations of Greater Europa shall advocate for the continuation and expansion of the culture of Greater Europa. Multiculturalism shall not be the default ideology when it comes to new immigration. Nations shall encourage assimilation over all else.

VI. Tariffs shall not exceed 5% for fellow nations of Greater Europa who do not violate Tier 2 Principles.

VII. This dissolution of an embassy in another nation of Greater Europa is considered a transgression against the dissolved embassy's country.

VIII. Extremely isolated nations are not allowed in Greater Europa, the nation must have a representative who can be reached. If a nation is deemed leaderless, business must be done with the elected leader of the most populous principality of that former nation.

IX. States of Greater Europa must have an immigration policy with a predetermined set of guidelines, laws or rules. A state with no immigration policy can not be considered a state, since a state has enforced borders.

X. Assaults on the environment of Greater Europa is a major aggression and the leader of the nation that commits these offenses shall have their state sanctioned.

Tier 3 Principles

Tier 3 principles are being formulated by the membership of the Principala and will never be release to the public in their entirety.

Principala Membership Requirements

I. State must be a part of Greater Europa or its Affiliated nations. To find out if your nation is Affiliated, please reach out privately.

II. Will adhere to and recognize all the aforementioned principles.