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Full Version: staatsschulden DDR durchschnittsstaat durcheinander?
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Staatsschulden [?] -270,15 Mrd. € 109.706,62 Mrd. €
Neuverschuldung [?] -58,75 Mrd. € 2.502,11 Mrd. €
Zinszahlungen [?] -19,43 Mrd. € 2.524,90 Mrd. €

in einem quartal sind die zahlen im durchschnittsstaat ddr so durcheinandergeraten, vorher waren meine schulden etwas geringer
entweder ein bug oder jemand hat allianzkassen geklaut???
wenn nicht...will ich gern wissen was passiert ist Kopfkratz
It's not a bug, you're running a deficit and as such, last quarter was winter and your debt was what it was, now this quarter, spring is a new year and your new indebtedness of that year has now gone into your national debt and it will continue, till you get a positive new indebtedness.


i mean the average state...i do not understand what happend there!
bevor it had a little more dept than its with a number in positiv, wich a gdr state never can produce by themself.
how can the average state get like this in one quartal?

i think a bug or a strong present

(my state i go like this becouse i want to try something, but have nothing to do with my question)
Maybe an old advanced GDR player/s, just finished a costly project, like cure for cancer.


it was only one quartal, now its normal numbers it was a bug
the numbers are far to big to be normal, even an usa state cannot have such numbers. yes thats a bug.
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