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Do you like the new style?

Malone Wrote:
Do you like the new style?

Ich weiß noch nicht genau Kopfkratz - jetzt wirkt es irgendwie ähm... weichgespült Noplan
Eine echte Verbesserung sind aber auf jeden Fall die unten stehenden Seitenzahlen Daumenhoch
I still do not know exactly Kopfkratz - now it looks like 'laundered with fabric softener'* Noplan
A real improvement however are the page numbers standing down Daumenhoch

*said my dictionary

It is clearly better. Smile

However, I'd like the black font color back. Sad
Well, the forum should fit to the main site...
So there will be a black font for the website too? Big Grin

It definitely is better now as far as functionality is concerned. However I would like to have the black font back as well. It is just easier to read and that should be the first priority.
You all sound like that:

And you got your way, almost at least Hehe
Baby happy now. Applaus

I like the new style! Jaja

C'mon guys dont be that sissy!

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