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Full Version: "Urgency red" PMs
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Is there a way to get rid of those "Urgency red" private messages? I check my states every day and dont need them, they just confuse when arriving during the day ("oh a PM... hmm yet another UR message"). Admin emails could be deactivated, but they sometimes contain important information, so a special option would be nice.

It is no biggie, though.
let's hope so, by goodness
(angeblich die ├╝bersetzung von dein wort in gottes ohr Kopfkratz)
I guess it's not much effort to implement such an option. Let's see what comfreak says Jaja


Hello !

Have you tinkered with those mails already ? Because I'm getting "Urgency red" mails but I can only see tasks with urgency high and normal. Not extremly high.

Another good thing would probably to list the "red" task in the mail directly (at least the title), so that we decide for ourself, how urgent it is.


These messages are really a nuisance! I do the most urgent jobs every day and still get these messages from time to time!
Little bit irritating,yes!
Comfreak? You are the greatest! Jaja Wink Tongue Applaus So,or so! Hehe
Those PMs will only be sent to you, if you got "extremly high". I've just fixed it!


comfreak Wrote:
Those PMs will only be sent to you, if you got "extremly high". I've just fixed it!

Thanks !

And what about the possibility of deactivating them?
I have asked the sender at least 4 times to stop messaging me
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