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Full Version: Massive unexpected interest rate rises
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I recently did Bank Reform I. Since then, my interest rate has increased by ~20% every quarter, with devastating effects on my economy. Anyone know why this is happening or how I can stop it?

Dude your interest rate is 2,30%. There are no devastating economic effects on your economy. Bank reform I has the consequence of upsetting the business community, but don't worry investments will bounce back.
Keep increasing your influence in order to make bigger budget changes. Pump money into PE administration in order to highten your infrastructure index and also increase PE education too. Your citizens need to be smart and keep up with the rate of progress/automatization.
Consider doing the flat or negative income tax to stimulate your economy and bring in more revenues for your budget.
More importantly have fun Wink
Cheers for the advice.

My interest rate was 1.30% 4 days ago. Was wondering why it has been increasing, if it will continue, and how to stop it.
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