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I thought i would create a thread for people living in the UK who would like to participate in healthy debate about politics in the UK. It does not matter what party you support or if you do not support a particular party at all, just have an opinion.

Any policies or ideas of the government anyone wishes to discuss?
This part of the forum will die faster than Nick Kleggs reputation after the election. The are only about five people from Uk playing the game and one of them is already not interested .



The are only about five people from Uk playing the game.

There are quite a few more than that, but I don't think that many have fallen in love with the forum.

For me, politics got a lot more confusing with the setting up of the Welsh Assembly. Now when things go wrong, I don't know who's fault it is!

I think that first post was rude Oversier! If you have no interest then avoid the thread!

The Welsh assembly is indeed an enigma, I am not sure what powers remain with Westminster. i think it would be fair to assume that the assembly holds the most sway in Wales and as such deserves much of the blame for the failure of government.

I personally cannot believe the whole AV debacle. The no campaign told lie after half truth after lie, the yes campaign was not much better. The tory leadership went back on their promise to remain impartial to the AV campaign and now clegg displays his complete lack of a backbone further by accepting this and refusing to act as a party should when in coalition.

Last year i thought AV a certainty and now we are stuck with the arcane unfair, backward "institution" of FTPT, a system rejected by experts which ignores over 50% of votes cast and results in governments of extremes.
Until the recent referendum the Welsh Assembly had 'limited' powers and had to seek approval for any policies from Westminster. My understanding is now that they have control over things such as education and health while the UK parliament retains control over things such as taxation and defence.

So I guess the assembly is to blame for Welsh schools receiving £600 less per pupil per year on average than those across the border. Perhaps the rest is spent on free prescriptions and bus passes for pensioners... Kopfkratz

As for AV, it wouldn't make any difference in many parts of Wales, where they could stick a red rosette on a donkey and it would win with a landslide. I think a more radical change of the voting system is needed, but the big parties are hardly likely to push for anything that would see them relinquish the chance for total control.
I like Ed Miliband and I’d love to see him become Prime Minister of the U.K. Motz He's young, smart and progressive.
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