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Full Version: Is the ipad 2 with apple a5 processor worth it?
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Well personally I dont think ANY apple product is worth it... all overhyped peices of cheap software and hardware with an elite price tag on them... then again I do own a few Ipods, so maybe im being too harsh Hehe

The Ipad in my opinion is not worth the money for most everyday things, I mean what benitifs do you get using an Ipad over say a mac or pc? apart from a touch screen... which in any case is very similar in navigation to a mouse anyway... not a lot, plus the lower preformance, tie to apple and the Ipad 3 coming out next year based on apples yearly relese scedule.

I say the Ipad is a good invesment if you want a novelty item that you will grow bored of in a month, I own two Ipads due to my familys obsession with the latest tech and I have to say the difference between the Ipad 1 and 2 is very small.

I rarely use the Ipad, probably once a week or less, its just useless in my opinion when you have a decent pc like I do, dont let the Apple religious hype get to you.
Well maybee this thread is only an advertSad

And thats worthless
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