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Full Version: Tottenham riot
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Eight police officers were being treated in hospital today following riots which broke out two days after a man was shot dead by police. Scotland Yard said at least one of the officers had suffered head injuries after protesters clashed with police in Tottenham, north London.

See here.


Were is now the so-called "stability" of British society?
Oh, don't worry. The British society has always been divided whereas the bottom has always been kept quiet with bread and games throughout the history. A few hundred years ago there were gin and opium today there is the mass media and Tesco.

All the rioteers will be imprisoned within a few days and the rest of all the potential risks will watch all this awfull stuff in TV and listen carefully to the comments, then shake their head and tell their children even more oftened to be carefull when walking outside the house.

The British society works fine, especially because people get scared when they see what happens if it doesn't work.


DRLHyper Wrote:
Were is now the so-called "stability" of British society?

Europe in general is more unstable lately

DRLHyper Wrote:
Were is now the so-called "stability" of British society?

maybee in the pint potts of the pubs.

its well known that , the hooligan problem never was
solved and also that south london with areas like brixton
or tottenham still have theire minorities who trust the state
not a feet wide.

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