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Full Version: Free online politics sim
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Politics Twist is a free online polsim that has been successful for about a year and is currently low on players so I'd appreciate it some of you checked it out and had a play.

It's a alternate history, that's all I'm telling you.
eRepublik is a very nice sim! (available in German,... too!)
NationStaates was my first sim, which i played, but it is only with tasks


I have been through many political simulators...

Text based, 3D-map, Satellite-map, geopolitical, Cold-War...

But heck, ARS is still at the top of my list. Smile
Here is a nice list of games Wink

Regent Wrote:
Here is a nice list of games Wink

No. That's the first place people go when they get bored of Nationstates. And there is nothing on it. They are not "goverment simulation games" at all, they are wargames made by paradox interactive, and then for some reason they bring up SimCity, which, again, in no way attempts to simulate government policy.

I like comment on, however.
" is a place where the public and government can solve problems together."
You mean as opposed having the public make as many products as possible using a simple carrot and stick routine? What else do you need to do in government besides induce the creation of products? Fight crime? You can do that guns. You'll notice that he page has virtually no content, thus proving my point. You all make life too hard on yourselves. You just have to make things and beat people up. Do this until you need to coordinate it with computers. Then hollow out the earth and colonize the solar system.

The UK Your Way is a free to play Politics Simulation, that has been running smoothly for half a year, it is currently on active, but low activity, so I would appreciate it if you would care to check it out!

The UK Your Way
At least its not NationStates, be thankful about that! Big Grin

Mark Smith Wrote:
At least its not NationStates, be thankful about that! Big Grin

You're right. I do have something to be thankful about.

Indeed Jaja
If you want to try a political game i recommend you Market Glory.

If military strategy is one of your hobbies, then this is the right place to be: MarketGlory. This strategy game allows you to plan fights, and obtain referrals and bonuses for the fights you win. Each time you win a battle, the opponent becomes your referral and pays you taxes from every income.
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