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Full Version: Portfolio is back [Beta]
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Das Portfolio ist wieder da Smile Findet Ihr im Hauptmenu. Es müsste alles funktionieren, aber da hundert Spieler mehr testen können als ein paar Admins, lassen wir es vorsichtshalber noch als Beta laufen. Viel Spaß Smile


The Portfolio is back Smile You can find it in the main menu. Everything should be working fine, but as a hundred players can test much more than a few admins, we start it as a beta version. Have fun Smile

Rising Phoenix

Great! Now I can own my state and turn it into a Corporatocracy! My oligarchical plans are finally coming to fruition! Hehe
Big Grin
I will get the 10 Mio very easily Cool
seems to work perfectly fine Smile
I like the new profit calculator and stocks are now shown for sale as well.
Are we suppoed to be able to buy investments from world states?
Will there be a portfolio ranking again?

@ Regent
Oh really? How well are you doing so far? I just made my first million tonight Daumenhoch
How to buy Assets? Time is Money...! Vangry
oh, so someone hasnt even started yet Zwinker2
just go on the overview of the state of your choice and scroll down to the bottom where land, currency and stocks are listed. If you have a portfolio, you should be able to click on the "buy" links.
When i click on "buy" I come to the overview of my portfolio, but I can't buy anything. Vangry
maybe this is because you try to buy investments from a world state. try a classic state instead.
I will get the 10 mio Cool
three needs to be something wrong:
I get portfolio medal messages, portfolio medals and honor points every day.
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