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Full Version: Noob Questions
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A thread where all noobs can post any miscellaneous questions about gameplay.
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First one: Is there any way I can see the happiness of my own nation?
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Sure. We are currently waiting for new symbols made by a desginer. You will be able then to see the happyness directly in the compendium.
Cool thanks.
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and the next one coming:

2. Which duration (RealTime) is 1 quarter?
2. Wie lange (Echtzeit) dauert 1 Quartal?
Von 3Surprisedo Uhr nachts bis 3Surprisedo nachts am folge Tag.
3Surprisedo am to 3Surprisedo am the next day.

How long i have to wait for changes in the budget ?

Wie lange muss ich warten bis ─nderungen im Haushalt aktiv werden ?
Was bedeutet SQ?

What does PE mean?
Staatsquote - Public Expenses

But will be shown in another way in future.
What will all the political systems be? So far I've seen Progressive, Conservative, Social Liberal, Neo-Liberal and Party-Democracy and Plutocracy.
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