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Full Version: Effects of Projects
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Can somebody just give me a brief summary of the effects of each project, because the game isn't very clear about this.
Cure for Malaria increases the health index a little bit. Personal rapid transit increases the infrastructure index, with about 30%, cure for cancer has a profound effect on health and lifespan, however, in my opinion, the time it requires to finish and the huge cost isn't worth it. Voyage to Mars doesn't offer anything significant, space elevator increases exports a little. A lot of their affects are different from state to state. It depends on how you manage your state. Projects are optional, and you can achieve performant indexes without doing any of them.
What does the monument do?

Vladimir_Lenin Wrote:
What does the monument do?

It will bankrupt your state if you don't have the resources for it. I think it only increases popularity and maybe international rep, I've never tried it.

rockets apparantely increase the level of technologica progress a bit and are also the key to a magical door which hides some nice sweet goodies for your state and that annoying imbecile on the other side of the pond Zwinker2
What about the great wall? It always seem like it would be useful to have the control, but i don't want no migration.


The wall limits migration in any form. Imagine something like the "iron curtain" or the fence in the USA on the mexican-US-border. It improves security as well.

Richard Wilson

How "profound" are we talking with regard to cure for cancer?
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