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Full Version: prosperous western regime versus soviet kleptocratic personality cult
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prosperous western regime versus soviet kleptocratic personality cult

Red Terror: Somalia
With increasing instability in the country from clan interests, and the assassination of Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke, the nation's second President by one of his own bodyguards, the totalitarian military communist dictatorship of Siad Barre came to power in a 1969 bloodless coup d'├ętat.

Barre's harsh military dictatorship emphasized Muslim principles of social progress, equality and justice, which the government argued formed the core of scientific socialism. The totalitarian regime maintained a death grip on the economy through self-sufficiency, public participation and popular control, as well as direct ownership of the means of production, and oppressive socialist large-scale public works programs and the successful implementation an urban and rural literacy campaign, which helped dramatically increase the literacy rate.

The oppressive regime sought to eliminate clan affiliation within government and civil society. The inevitable first question that Somalis asked another when they met had always been, 'What is your clan?'. When this was considered anathema to the purpose of a modern state, Somalis began to pointedly ask, 'What is your ex-clan? On a more symbolic level Barre had repeated a number of times, 'Whom do you know? is changed to: What do you know?', and this incantation became part of a popular street song.

Barre's administration began arresting government and military officials under suspicion of participation in the abortive 1978 coup d'├ętat. Movements, encouraged by Ethiopia, sprang up across the country, eventually leading to the Somali Civil War. Among the militia groups were the Somali Salvation Democratic Front (SSDF), United Somali Congress (USC), Somali National Movement (SNM) and the Somali Patriotic Movement (SPM), together with the non-violent political oppositions of the Somali Democratic Movement (SDM), the Somali Democratic Alliance (SDA) and the Somali Manifesto Group (SMG).

The country became increasingly totalitarian and it is said that during the day in Mogadishu, known as the "White pearl of the Indian Ocean" prior to the civil war, the appearance of any government military force was extremely rare.

Since the end of the regime conditions have improved significantly, with many of Somalia's residents leaving the country in search of asylum, and significant portions of country reforming under the Sharia-based Islamic Courts Union, later ruined by the United States to become Al-Shabaab, a more radical fundamentalist group.
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