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Full Version: Server läuft wieder wie gewohnt / Server runs as usual
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Deutsch Nachdem vor allem während des Wochenendes der Server streckenweise nur langsam oder garnicht reagierte, haben wir eine Festplatte ausgetauscht, seitdem läuft alles wieder wie gehabt. Wenn ein Staat unter den Serverproblemen gelitten hat, setze ich ihn auf Anfrage um 4 oder 8 Quartale zurück.

Als Kompensation für den Ärger haben wir uns diesmal für einen Wettbewerb entschieden. Details dazu erfahrt ihr demnächst. Smile

English After the server was partially slow or didn't react at all during the weekend, we exchanged a hard disk and now everything runs as usual. In case a state suffered from the server problems, please write a request here and I will reset it by 4 or 8 quarters.

As compensation for the trouble we decided for a competition this time. We will reveal details soon. Smile


If you could reset all of my states, I'd appreciate that
If you want to turn back the clock eight quarters, you would not have as many states as you do now!

I'm guessing that the offer is just open to states that suffered an adverse reaction as a direct result of the server outages. Resetting world states otherwise would open up a whole can of worms, especially when there have been wars involving those states in the period of time that followed.
I am aware resetting world states can be used to regain military strength (for instance), that's why I talked about states which suffered due to the server problems.

You, StatlerNWaldorf, managed to play them despite the problems, so right now I don't see a reason for a reset there.


Okay Smile
Ist sicherlich gut so ein Wettbewerb. Mal ein bissel Abwechslungbigsmile
do we need a new state to be part of the competition or we can use our current state to be part of it?
and does the state has to be a classic state or world state or does it not matter? Hmm

if it's too soon to reveal the information, then i will wait.
We will reveal some information then. Smile
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