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Full Version: Libralism reform... dafuq?
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Um is it just me or does the liberalism reform have not a thing to do with liberalism but insane conservatism?


It's classical liberalism, not conservatism. Liberal means to be basically more tolerant, free and permissive, not restrictive, controlling or dictating what others do. Conservatives tend act to preserve standard accepted norms in a society, keep things how they have traditionally been, and resist dramatic changes. In American society that usually means limited government because we have a tradition of limited government. A capitalist in a traditionally socialist nation would not a conservative. Modern liberalism got its name because it is socially liberal on a number of key issues, even though it is not liberal at all on virtually everything else. Progressive is a more accurate term because they are for change, that they believe is progress. True or classical liberalism is liberal meaning free and permissive in general both socially and economically. Classical liberals now call themselves libertarians because modern liberals took their name.
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