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Full Version: how to delete account
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Dashboard ----> Your status ----> Delete Account

If you can do it -i'm sure- an admin will do it

Rising Phoenix

A shame to lose members, but it happens I guess. Noplan


don't worry I have a new accountLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachwegLachweg
I don't mind hate from strangers on the internet...

Rising Phoenix

TriniSary6 Wrote:
Me, I'm always right, so it doesn't happen.

Ego meter: Off the charts!

szogun Wrote:
don't worry I have a new

I had completely forgotten about that. Hehe

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