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Full Version: anarcho-Capitalism
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Rising Phoenix

spitefire Wrote:
I take it Helsworth that i have to write a message in this or some other public area to tell you i sent you a private message.

He probably is busy with real life, has been inactive for several days now.


i guessed that but thought i would drop a message in public as i have seen others do and as back up measure just in case.
Just got home now. Took note of the pm and sent you the pdf. Smile


Thank you, sorry if i made a bit of a pest of myself with the extra message in public.

An experiment that i would like to see the result of is seeing how the game engine handles having a nation apply planned economy then anarcho-capitalism placed on top of that, i think it would make for some interesting results to see how this game engine would twist and turn to accommodate the two contrary models.
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