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Full Version: Totalitarism/Monarchy
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What it does?
Gives you more power in the regent screen (aka, more influence). Of course, totalitarism decreases international rep and may lead to more corruption. I really don't know, however, if they ignore elections results. Noplan
You still have to be re-elected. Totalitarianism seems to mean you abolish the parliament and the judiciary is no longer independent. That may make it easier to steal elections through the Special Actions (or may not), but they still occur and I'm sure it's still possible to lose them.

It should increase influence more than it does: Budget changes should be maxed for example, with no legislative branch to have to approve them, but it isn't (though it may be unpopular to make wild budgetary changes, even if a more moderate change in the same direction would meet with approval). Power does go way up though, so influence is high given any given level of popularity.

From the description of Monarchy (which you only can do after implementing Totalitarianism) it sounds like that shields you from elections. Representative Monarchy definitely does not though, even if you make yourself king/queen.
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