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Full Version: [C#] Rating Organisator
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Hello, today I want to present you my "Ars-Regendi Rating Organisator".

After the world starts, a lot of states are going to rate another lots of states. The overview may be confusing/unclear, and to make your own sheets, it can take a while.
So I thought, why not create a little programm, which organize all ratings?

This programm will
- Shows all states which has been rated or are rating
- Shows a list per State, which states are rated by the selected state and which states are rating the collected state
- Create a table with selected states, showing the rates the selected states gave eachother

How to

1. Go to your state -> World -> Country Overview
2. Scroll down and select ALL rates, but not the title

3. Copy it (ctrl + c) and open Excel/Open-/Libreoffice Calc
4. Paste it (ctrl + v) after selecting the first Cell.

5. Save as "xxxx.CSV"
6. Don't click "save as odf" (I don't know what happens in Excel here)
7. The splitchar HAVE TO BE ';'

8. Open Ars-Ratingorganisator.exe and click on the tab "File->Open"
9. Select the xxxx.csv

Now you should have a list full of States, you can doubleclick the state to get all ratings the state receives and sends.

If you want to create your own table-overview

1. Select the state you want to have in the table
2. Press ">>"-Button
3. Redo this until all states you want in the overview are in the list
4. Go to the tab "Table->Update"

Now the table should be created. To save it go to the tab "Table->Save"



Version: 0.1

The programm is still in beta and fresh, please report Bugs you have encountered, please check if all steps have been done right, first.

Last thing:
I hope you can enjoy this programm and my english, please pm me if you have a better text (thanks Big Grin)
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