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Full Version: Where is my nation
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A while ago, I had a nation that was doing very well. I left the game for a while, but When I came back, I don't see my nation in either my active or past states. How can I look at my old nation again?

Rising Phoenix

What was the nation's name? Also, was it a classic state or a world state?
If you don't have any trace left in your history then most likely your state was conquered by other player. If your state was successful then it should still be there. Why won't you check your browser history and look for it? Then check who's the current regent. It is also possible that other player conquered your state and then deleted it. It is not very likely, but it is possible.

Let us know if you'll find out what happened to it. I'm quite curious.
If you are inactive for quite some time, the system deletes your states. I changed them to be exitus, so you can check them again, in your state history. For convenience I also provide the links here:
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