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Full Version: Popularity drop to ZERO overnight
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Markland (sorry, I cant port the link), I had the Consolidate Media task, and decided to allow those companies to conglomerate.

As a result, I've had the promp "An employer-friendly media conglomerate holds predominant influence on public opinion." and my popularity fell to zero.

I'm ruling Marklan with a low intervention scheme, mildly libertarian. I understando this is not the most popular option, but drop to 0 is too much.

Sure it's not a bug? The country was doing pretty well but now I'm serously thinking wether to delete the country and start again. I'll wait to see how fast popularity raises again to normal level.
You have a lot of extremely urgent tasks piling up, I'm guessing those are responsible for your drop in popularity. Don't worry though, it should bounce back as soon as you solve them.
Too much capitalism? Allowing companies to form mega companies and develop monopolies?
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