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Full Version: Layoff Protection
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Lay-Off Protection Economy, Rights
The lay-off protection is yet again the topic of public discussion.
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"The best lay-off protection is performance!" says Dirk Hand, a human resources manager at a large company. "If we would abolish all lay-off laws, this would be the perfect motivation for employers to employ new workers and make new investments and therefore the best way to fight unemployment."
"Actually, right now it's to easy to fire workers. You just give them bad work hours or a tiny office with no window, and if that doesn't force them to quit, they are constantly reprimanded for small potatoes!" says Gerald Vasco, a clerk who has been fired several times this year. "As long as a worker doesn't commit a crime, his job should be as sure as death."
"You can always find a compromise. Why not institute a two year probation before employees become permanent and locked into the job?" asks Dora Gauntsmouth, a human resources manager at a show factory. "We consider this long enough to test the capability of a worker."
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