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Full Version: Suggestion: Education reform
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Since I screwed up and gave my suggestions at the wrong place, I will separate them, and post them here so we can discuss them individually.
My sugestion; an education reform. Based upon the trends in the latest years, several nations have applied models to change the focus of schooling, from standard "jailroom" strict schooling to dynamic, small group oriented classrooms, where teachers follow their students from as early as they can into their graduation. (This would be like what the militarization task does to the military PE but done to the education PE) The idea is that this would give an opportunity to increase rapidly education in the states, in the same way the militarization task does to the military power in a nation. It would provide an interesting new strategy to the game in the worlds; lay low and become smart fast.

I really like this suggestion. Human capital is just as important as national defense to a country's long-term success.


It is a really good Idea so that it can give more attention to the students.
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