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Full Version: Getting Real Tired of U.S. Politics
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Between the bureaucrats and the populists, U.S. politics is becoming incredibly reprehensible. To the left you have the crazy anti-trade populist Bernie Sanders and a politician, Hillary Clinton, so corrupt I don't think we've seen anything like it since the 19th century. To the right you have a guy who was reasonable at first but at this point is incomprehensible, espousing whatever comes to mind on the spot. Maybe that's his strategy, maybe not, but that's besides the point. Point being, this election is starting to make me incredibly irate; from all mainstream sides, you have anti-trade, anti-bank, anti-investment, you name it. And why? Because it harms the "common folk." You know what really harms the common folk? A corrupt government, not a flourishing private sector. And corruption is all around us, the disappointed part being there is no way to repeal it when our focus is not the fact that politicians are basically bid for by lobbying machines, but rather on insolent inducing topics, namely race, religion(anti-judea and christian), and sexuality, all of which frankly don't mean a damn thing anymore: racism is gone, hardly any christians or Jews are extremists, and there are obviously two genders but people can't figure out, for some reason, likely because they are liberals, if they have a penis or not.
The conundrum of corruption, in other words 'bad government', is a seemingly endless pit. Even if you were to 'ban' corruption, the politicians would just meet in secret locations with said lobbyists and make laws there. And even if they didn't meet at all, they would soon after declare, similar to that of Bernie Sanders, 'ivory tower' decisions on business, frankly just reversing the original problem. However, with this kind of thinking, i believe w miss an incredible point about people: most of our decisions, actions, and inactions revolve around economics. Politicians are corrupted because it is profitable. The solution, therefore, is to make it unprofitable: namely, in general, shrinking the centralized functions of the government. Or, in other words, stopping revolving door politics by making it unprofitable. We must also stop lying to ourselves; the most ridiculous statistics out there right now is 'wealth inequality' and unemployment. People act like those two numbers mean a damn thing, when in actuality they mean very little, mainly because the former includes essentially children who haven't accumulated a dollar of wealth with billionaires, and the latter doesn't include those people so that employment seems better than it is. If you included the people who had no skills, not looking for work, you'd end up with just about a 30% unemployment rate. Is there anyway to employ these people? No. Are we offering free training? Yes. Are they taking advantage of it? In majority, no. In other words, these statistics include or take out outliers to make a political statement, rather then make a reality check. If we eliminated corruption in America, real wealth inequality and poverty would essentially go away - a higher percentage of population today is impoverished in America than in the late 1700's. Why? Because of corruption eroding the good of our government. Don't get me wrong, the government in America has always been bad, but relative to today it has been better, and during those years we were most prosperous. How do we prevent corruption? By shrinking the function and size of the government to such an extent that it is no longer profitable to do so. And regardless if corruption remains, a smaller government is going to allow the private sector to develop on a massive scale, allowing for good inflation and jobs for the discouraged.
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