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Full Version: Guess which countries are in for secular stagnation? Nothing inevitable about it
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Mariana Mazzucato:
"Guess which countries are in for 'secular stagnation'? Nothing inevitable about it. Lack of investment kills future."

This is very true. To avoid secular stagnation, all nations have to do is avoid getting into serious debt/deficits, constantly work to improve the business environment, while simultaneously putting in needed regulation to increase economic growth (ex. buyback tax/ban).

If a nation is already in secular stagnation, they do have a way of getting out, but it will take time and dedication. Improving the business environment for such nations is easy. the hard part is paying down the country's national debts to much more manageable levels. These countries also when taking infrastructure investments into account must always be forward thinking. Otherwise, the infrastructure investment won't grow productivity. Same goes for education. For example, a good forward thinking infrastructure idea would be building spaceports (the space cargo industry is about to take off). There should also be dedication to the promotion of public private partnerships, as they can often be effective when it comes to forward thinking infrastructure.
Too much inflation breeds speculation. Populist governments are getting high on stimulus. Or they're vastly misunderstanding MMT.
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