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Dain Ejects Midgard from ANN; Urges Restraint in South America

Dain Ironfoot II, Secretary-General, Association of Neutral Nations (ANN)

NEW EREBOR - In response to Midgard's unauthorized assault upon the peaceful people of Allallall, Secretary-General Dain Ironfoot II immediately ejected the aggressor nation from membership in the Association of Neutral Nations (ANN). "This type of behavior by a national government cannot and will not be tolerated by my office," Dain explained. "As such, I will not oppose the member-nations of Volkerbund should they seek to impose punishment upon Mr. Cezars's regime."

The secretary-general also urged restraint on the part of both Yuzhpromgrup and Amestris in the current conflict in South America. "While it is true that Rist is teetering on the edge of anarchy, the international community has not authorized Yuzhpromgrup to intervene in that nation. That said, I also caution the government of Amestris not to overreact and precipitate a larger war in the region."

Yuzhprom orders massive stimulus ahead of nuclear strike


The Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group Viktor Zubkov has ordered martial law in South Yuzhpromia after nuclear ordinance from Amestris hit the heavily populated and industrialized region. The Corporate Duma immediate passed a massive spending bill in order to provide assistance and relief with recovery efforts. The Chairman spoke:

"The authorities in Amestris have always had it out for Yuzhprom. Constantly jealous of our prosperity, and envious of the efficiency of our corporate system. These officials in Amestris hold up our operation in Rist as we try to save the State from powerful cartels pillaging the country. And now Amestris resorts to nuclear terrorism against the Yuzhprom people!

This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The armies of the Yuzhprom Group will descend upon Amestris like a boiling wave and bring these corrupt officials to justice for their unforgivable sins. This is highly unfortunate that in less than a week the ANN has attacked the Volkerbund without just cause. The damages of these nuclear attacks cannot be fully calculated and ANN should offer an apology to the Yuzhprom Group and the Volkerbund.

The Corporate Duma has passed a bill to spend billions of rubles to recover from this attack on our capital region. Considering the country has already struggled with a declining environment this will wipe out the years of progress we already made. We hope financial assistance from the ANN will assist us with restoring the great loss of human, economic, and environmental capital."

The Directorate of National Defense has deployed 100,000 troops to the effected region of Yuzhprom to assistance with recovery. The Directorate is deploying massive fleets of aircraft to disperse anti-radiation agents in the region to help suppress the spread of radioactive toxins across the country and region. Officials in Yuzhtrans have declared a state of emergency as fears of toxic clouds spreading radiation ash into the region as well.

Dain Condemns Atomic Attacks; Ejects Amestris from ANN

Dain Ironfoot II, Secretary-General, Association of Neutral Nations (ANN)

NEW EREBOR - In response to Amestris's offensive atomic attack against Yuzhpromgup, Secretary-General Dain Ironfoot II ejected the South American nation from membership in the Association of Neutral Nations (ANN). "This type of behavior by a national government cannot and will not be tolerated by my office," Dain explained in his terse, one sentence public statement.

Yuzhprom Group to focus on internal development along with peaceful nuclear advancement


The Yuzhprom Group has survived a direct hit from a nuclear weapon against its political and economic center. Now the company begins to rebuild with the help of Volkerbund assistance and a settlement from the ANN. This event has taught the Yuzhprom Group the importance the military industrial complex plays in the protection of the territorial integrity and political relevance of a country.

The company deployed its troops to wipe the cartels out of the State of Rist. The company was then met by substantial resistance from Amestris which was the only South American country opposed to Yuzhprom leadership on the continent. The sudden attack surprised and dismayed the Yuzhprom leadership, the Directorate of External Relations received no dialogue from our former partners in Amestris. We only received attacks against our soldiers from a government supporting the rogue land ran by gangs and cartels.

After the superior Yuzhprom forces refused to withdraw from Rist; the Amestris leadership directly declared war on Yuzhprom Group and launched a salvo of nuclear weapons against our southern regions. Millions of citizens were wiped out in the strikes, billions of immediate and long-term damage occurred in the blink of an eye. The company was shell shocked, never expecting an escalation from its a neighbor like the one that occurred. Recognizing the immediate threat Amestris presented to the company and the region as a whole, the Chairman of the Board Viktor Zubkov, immediately declared war on Amestris and ordered the military to target the countries military forces choosing the avoid attacking cities in order to spare Amestrians the same faith of the South Yuzhpromia citizens.

The Directorate of National Defense then immediately ordered Expeditionary Units from Yuzhtrans and Aerial Army Units from Yuzhneftigaz to immediately deploy to Amestris to retaliate for its bolt out of the blue against the capital region of the Yuzhprom Group. Over 200k units poured into the country within 24 hours a massive logistical feat involving advanced units being redirected from the front lines in Rist to seize airports and ports while elite military hackers in Yuzhpromia disabled the countries backup aerospace defense systems that survived targeted EMP strikes from the nukes launched from Yuzhnygrad.

The Expeditionary and Aerial Army easily advanced across the country, where citizens refused the governments call to arms to fight the lightening fast Yuzhprom forces. Citizens of the so called republic were furious that the government targeted population regions of the Yuzhpromia where innocent civilians died. Citizens also believed the government should have welcomed the Yuzhprom annexation of Rist in order to eliminate the security threat the cartels faced and to reduce the number of refugees fleeing into Amestris. As such the defenseless government was forced to capitulate and surrender to the Executive Council; Chairman Zubkov personally accepted the government signing over the Governing Rights to Yuzhnygrad.

The unexpected acquisition of Amestris has expanded the company's output total GDP by nearly 50%, given access to additional port infrastructure, and increased the companies long-term profitability ratings. Furthermore the accession of Amestris to Volkerbund reduces the corporations total gross net contributors/debtor ratio. Given the regions isolation from the rest of global markets, the Directorate of International Commerce has stated it will suspend tariffs in country in order to facilitate greater cross border trade to the region. While this may undercut business in Yuzhtrans; the companies equatorial location still guarantees it plenty of business from the Americas, Africa, and Europe. Corporate authorities hope to transform the region into a gateway into Asia through both the Pacific and Indian Oceans. This will see ships visiting the Southern Parts of Africa on their way to Asia/Oceania.

The vision of the Executive Council is to shift a huge amount of global trade flows to the Southern Hemisphere. The Council has plans to expand shipbuilding production in order to accommodate megaships capable of carrying many goods across the worlds oceans at low cost. As Amestris completes its reorganization into Yuzhtec; while it will still be exporting large volumes of goods. The Executive Council hopes to establish the subsidiary as the companies R&D hub exporting high value goods and being a leading source of global innovation. This vision will be decades in the making but we believe we will be successful.

JSC Yuzhpromgrup



Massive Proteste in Pandoria

Huio, jjopl, 2012

Den Versuch, Pandoria aus dem Sozialismus, in ein modernes Land zu wandeln, was Sonnenkanzler Bitzoseq versprochen hatte, kann, zumindest nach großen Teilen des Volkes als Verfehlt betrachtet werden. Bitzoseq selber, in seinem Größenwahn, hat sich eine große Statur bauen lassen, wir sagen aber, nur noch eine Frage der Zeit, bis ein Volksteilhaber Bitzoseq tötet.

Dain Authorizes Foreign Aid Package to Yuzhpromgrup, Trade Agreement with Yuzhneftigaz

Dain Ironfoot II

NEW EREBOR - Dain Ironfoot II, Secretary-General of the Association of Neutral Nations (ANN) and King of the Iron Hills, authorized his national government to make foreign aid payments of $50 billion to the atomically devastated nation of Yuzhpromgrup. "The Iron Hills will do everything that we can to assist the people of Yuzhpromgrup as they rebuild their lives and their nation," he explained. "It is the decent thing to do."

The king also announced his intention to indirectly assist Yuzhpromgrup by ordering the colonial administration in Helvetico to sign a trade agreement with Yuzhpromgrup's African enterprise, Yuzhneftigaz. "This trade agreement provides much-needed manufactured products to Yuzhpromgrup's African colony at reduced prices, which should reduce the burden on Yuzhpromgrup's government in Yuzhnygrad."

ANN settles liabilities with Yuzhprom Group over nuclear attack


The Yuzhprom Group Chairman Viktor Zubkov signed the settlement agreement with representatives of the alliance ANN. The company claimed punitive damages against the alliance due to it failing to restrain its members from attacking the corporation Yuzhprom Group with conventional and nuclear attacks. Thankfully the ANN quickly reacted via other methods and quickly reached out to Yuzhnygrad to offer condolences for the lives lost as well as apologies for the unfortunate and unsanctioned attack on the company.

The Yuzhprom Directorate of Budget and Finance estimated damages to exceed 800 billion AR$ in both short term and long term cost. The cost of destroyed infrastructure, loss human and economic capital, and environmental damages among others are cited as the largest cost pressures. The company was already struggling with a declining environment before the attacks, the 3 nuclear strikes in the initial salvo wiped out any short term hopes of reversing the trend.

Due to the Yuzhprom Group loosing Rist which was a 500B AR$ market, and gaining the nearly 2 trillion AR$ market of Amestris. The corporation was able to accept a payment of 500 trillion AR$ to help solve the cost of fully restoring our lost potential. Along with continued extensive support from the Volkerbund Treasury; the Yuzhpromgrup expects its capital region to recover from this disaster within a 10 year period. All efforts are being taken to prevent such an event from occurring on any of our territories again. The Directorate of National Defense has been ordered to accelerate the achievement of Strategic Defense Initiatives in each Yuzhprom Corporate District. Furthermore the Corporate Duma has pledged that it will sponsor legislation which commits to environmental restoration within the next ten years. The capital region will begin phasing out fossil fuel usage in the territory, and will phase out nuclear technology in the region in favor of natural gas, renewables, and eventually fusion technology.

JSC Yuzhprom Group

(Vitaly Markelov - Director of Territorial Administration)

Yuzhprom territorial holdings guarantee longevity


The Director of the Territorial Administration - the directorate which directly oversees the companies territories uniformly implementing central law and special programs - has stated that the corporations diverse and extensive portfolio of land and sea oceans contain vast potential and will ensure the companies strength, reliability, and longevity for decades to come.

"The regions under the Directorates administration actually make up 85% of the companies total annual output of 5 trillion AR$. This means that the founding and militarily superior region of Yuzhpromgrup only produces 15% of the companies total GDP. By this definition the growth potential of the Yuzhprom Group will only continue to grow, especially if we add additional regions. Investors should be pleased; these sorts of investments produce returns almost immediately in terms of GDP output. However the corporations looks to consolidate power in its present operating regions especially the capital region which is experiencing very high unemployment figures.

The Territorial Administration is poised to complete the pacification of Amestris soon, Yuzhneftigaz remains securely under our control, newly acquired Neubrandenburg remains stable and only require economic stimulus, Yuzhtrans is quickly becoming stabilized. These regions will eventually support larger military forces of the Group, and the Executive Council has ordered the Administration to begin seeking a new capital territory in case the central region falls to extremist which is likely to be Yuzhtrans citing its access to ocean, location in South America, and large military.

Although the Administration lacks oversight over the central region; we can ensure any and all investors that the Executive Council works to stabilize the region. The Management Committee has proposed the enactment of an employment reform to allay concerns over extremism. The Board of Directors has approved this measure of which the government must wait until influence increases high enough to effectively implement the programs across all districts in the central region."

The Yuzhprom Group's GDP has increased to 5 trillion AR$ which secures its position as the worlds largest and most valuable corporation by a considerable measure. The company does envision an expansion in Africa connected to the Mediterranean to gain independent access to lucrative european markets. It's highly unlikely as the corporation battles slows massive debts, while balancing environmental and economic growth. The company must set aside the next 7 to 10 years re-organizing and optimizing its operations to secure it's long-term sustainability. The company is preparing to halt all current missile programs at their current stages citing the lack of violence in the world, and will direct those savings to improving environment reducing debts.

(Viktor Zubkov - Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group)

Chairman Zubkov declares crisis in central Yuzhpromia


Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group, Viktor Zubkov has announced to other corporate leaders and officials that Yuzhnygrad will no longer host the political center of power citing mass unrest and the companies inability to curb violence settle the inequalities in the territory. The leader stated it would be easier to shift military and financial assets to other regions preferably Yuzhtrans and write off the considerable cost of the saving the region which contributes around 15% of the companies output.

"We have spoken with analyst including specialist forecasters with the Directorate of Finance and Budget and the Directorate of Economic Development. The current GDP output of Yuzhpromgrup can be replaced within two years. The conventional and nuclear gap can be covered within 4 years with an intensive efforts. However as a member of the largest alliance there is less need to replace the loss in military capacity so aggressively.

We have already earmarked 50 billion rubles for the construction of a new capital in Yuzhtrans. It will consist of modern security features and the capital will only be inhabited by foreign and domestic civil servants and their families. I have already given the order to relocate 80% of the government and its support services to Yuzhtrans and embassies are still functional in the territories we annexed so foreign governments will still access us the same. However some support functions will remain in Yuzhnygrad to provide services for citizens, business, and foreign governments during the transition period.

I have still ordered the government to conduct all measures needed to restore the region to its former peaceful state. My goal is to return to Yuzhnygrad before the new capital territory is fully built. We will work tirelessly to save central Yuzhpromia but the continuity of the corporation will be carried out."

The preliminary moves announced by the Chairman sent ruble prices shooting up, hurting exporters and hitting shares prices -2% as the corporation exports 33% of the countries total export volumes.

Shinkansen beginnt suche nach Handelspartnern/Shinkansen starts his watch for trading-partners

Shinkansen erlebt momentan einen großartigen Wirtschaftsaufschwung.
Nun sucht VR Shinkansen daher neue Handelspartner, wobei hier besonders benötigt werden:
IV - Investitionsgüter
DL - Dienstleistungen
RS - Rohstoffe
HW - Halbwaren

Geboten werden kann im Gegenzug:
LX - Luxusgüter
FW - Fertigwaren


Shinkansen is currently experiencing a great economic upturn.
Now, VR Shinkansen is looking for new trading partners, here will be:
IV - Capital goods
DL services
RS - raw materials
HW - Semi-finished products

Can be offered in return:
LX - Luxury goods
FW finished goods
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