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(Andrey Kruglov - Director of International Commerce)

Yuzhprom Group offers duty free trade to Shinkasen


The Directorate of International Commerce for the Yuzhprom Group happily offers Shinkasen immediate and whole access to its markets and its potential. The Yuzhprom Group offers a market of over 2.2 billion citizens with an annual output of over 6.3 trillion rubles. Spread across South America and Africa; the company offers a diverse range of products and services to consumers anywhere in the world and is a strong and reliable partner for many countries around the world.

Our consumer market is the world's largest; citizens of the Yuzhprom Group enjoy and expanding standard of living and are increasingly enjoying larger amounts of disposable income. The government appreciates opportunities for foreign partners to help grow this potential. The Yuzhprom Group offers favorable conditions for foreign enterprises seeking to do business with the corporate state. We look forward to exploring our potential. Please reach out to local office of the IntCom Directorate in your country.

Andrey Kruglov
Director of International Commerce
JSC Yuzhprom Group

(Valery Golubev - Director of Budget and Finance)

Yuzhprom Group improves overall structural deficit, financial metrics improve


The Yuzhprom Group's overall financial profile has improved according to the Directorate of Budget and Finance. The companies total cash reserves amount to 897 billion rubles on liabilities of 1.03 trillion rubles. However due to the companies varying exchange rates throughout each territory; the value of the debt compared to currency values in other regions of the group help the company realize substantially positive equity. The Yuzhprom Group has been able to begin generating profits or ultra low level deficits in 3 out of 5 regions.

Only the embattled capital region and the newly acquired Yuzhmazh has been suffering from budget woes. With the introduction of the mass public works program in central Yuzhpromia we expect new tax receipts to drive the deficit down even lower. Officials have been successful in efforts to halt the collapse of the Yuzhmazh economy. The middle class has stabilized and large scale efforts to increase incomes in underway. The Directorate will continue to issue liquidity to Yuzhmazh to support efforts to reverse economic losses and resume the higher standards of living enjoyed by residents. Also on the agenda is scaling back the extreme cost of living in Yuzhtec. The Technology giants residents living cost greatly exceed their incomes. Therefore the Directorate is preparing to implement emergency measures to reduce their cost of living such as lowering income tax burdens and lifting the export duty in order to stimulate price stability.

The Yuzhprom Group continues to work hard to improve the living standards for our residents and providing excellent services and products to our partners. We are a strong and reliable partner.

Directorate of Budget and Finance
JSC Yuzhprom Group

Yuzhprom Executive Council approves measures to rescue Yuzhmazh


The Yuzhprom Group's Executive Council has signed off on the latest plan to rescue the embattled Yuzhmazh economy which has suffered through collapsing consumer markets. The Council has enabled the regional executives to begin forcing localized budget cuts and to optimize administrative processes. The most aggressive move is to axe healthcare benefits from the state entity. Rather employees of the corporation itself will receive health benefits and the market itself with privatize.

As we witnessed in Yuzhtec the resulting reform created unique economic conditions which created an indefinite boom in the economy as consumers were forced to spend on this new policies and other things to maintain adequate health. We hope this move will become a catalyst for growth in the economy. As budget sessions near, the Territorial Administration will ensure the deficit of Yuzhmazh is reduced across the board by at least 6% over the next 4 years. This will be aided by the billions being removed off the budget from healthcare expenditures. The Administration will enforce a lowering of interest rates as well as income and excise taxes in order to further support consumption. Increases to capital taxation will help to offset those revenue losses.

Analyst have noted that the loss of the industrial major Yuzhmazh would be a huge blow to Yuzhprom international influence over the long-term. The corporation now relies on the region to produce over 33% of the group's military equipment and 15% of total exports for the company. Yuzhmazh is also the third largest consumer market within the group and corporate earnings potential would further sink if this market collapses. Third party commentators have suggested that the huge debt of Yuzhmazh should be discharged in order to return the company to profitability. However Yuzhprom lacks the liquidity to discharge these debts and it would be senseless to do so before the structural deficit is corrected, and the large scale projects have been completed. Overall company debt to GDP ratio is very low and the company can continue to borrow.

Press Service
JSC Yuzhprom Group

Brazzaville Bombed! Dain Declares Withdrawal from Helvetico

Brazzaville, Helvetico

BRAZZAVILLE - Left-wing extremists bombed the Iron Hills colonial administration building in downtown Brazzaville earlier today. The blast killed dozens, including the colonial governor, and wounded hundreds. In response to the terrorist attack, which was the culmination of increased violence in Helvetico, King Dain Ironfoot II declared that the Iron Hills would withdraw from its sole colonial possession.

"Despite improving the lives of the people of Helvetico by virtually every single measure, they apparently want anarchy," the king explained. "So, we will give it to them."

(Vitaly Markelov - Director of Territorial Administration)

Yuzhprom Group shakes off Yuzhmazh collapse


The Territorial Administration reports that the corporations control over Yuzhmazh has ended due to an workers uprising after regional executives passed a unionization law into effect. The local security forces were overwhelmed and with the Yuzhpromgrup in a holding pattern to maintain control in Central Yuzhpromia; there was little opportunity to intervene. The Territorial Administration did not recommend an intervention due to enormous cost involved to save the already failing state.

The Administration reports that it will consolidate its efforts to secure remaining territories and does actually report the improvement of these regions. Corporate equity has improved drastically as Yuzhmazh debt has been ejected from the books of the Group. Now the net cash reserves equal 195 billion, which is only 3 percent of current output. The Executive Council is working to aggressively increase fiscal reserves and the Volkerbund Treasury has pledged to assist with this effort. The Treasury has the possibly to transfer up to 670 billion rubles annually to the Yuzhprom Group. At this point the company could initiate inter-organization transfers to eliminate debts and resume funding of large projects.

The Territorial Administration also announces that capital of the Yuzhprom Group will return to Yuzhnygrad as the government has been able to successfully reduce violence and social strife. The relocation will grant the council additional push to more aggressively enforce reforms to stabilize the budget and economy in the region. Executives are scrambling to increase output as a major and costly project concludes which will see another drop to GDP of around 100 billion rubles. Most analyst believe that reducing the massive debts and allowing more private firms to flourish is more important than massive swings in GDP at the cost of the public purse.

(Vitaly Markov - Director of Space Administration)

Seoul's Future Rest in Stars

Vostochny Cosmodrome Complex

The Director of the Yuzhprom Space Administration Vitaly Markov spoke at a conference held at the Yuzhprom Group's Vostochny Cosmodrome Complex in Yuzhtrans. The conference was to exhibit new technologies in space exploration and to promote the continued peaceful development of outer space. The Director elaborated on Yuzhprom's technological progress, current projects, future projects, and commitment to cooperation with other space nations in Seoul.

"We are thankful to host delegates of space active countries and countries interesting in joining this inclusive club of countries and corporations working hard to secure mankind future among the stars. The Yuzhprom Group is at the forefront of the industrial effort to peacefully occupy space to exploit the advantages of unlocking breakthrough technology development and placement in orbit. Our company is happy to announce the completion of the modernization of the GLONOSS system for navigation throughout Seoul. Now even the remotest regions of Seoul can people be tracked for navigation, rescue, police efforts, and other activities. We are also happy to announce the release of new powerful satellite constellations to support and strengthen global communications networks. This array of satellites we are deploying are created to resist the effects of strong solar events. Their outer shielding substantially separates radiation exposure to the most sensitive parts of the craft. Our engineers have also improved redundancy systems, and have developed plasma emitters to envelope the craft in the case of impending solar storms. What's unique about the system is that the power surge is directed into the transmitters which boost the signals which may be "blurred" out during the actual solar event. These tools will be available to governments, militaries, and aircraft over Yuzhprom airspace. It will be expanded to civilian emergency uses and beyond as we deploy more craft and thus gain more emergency transmitting capacity.

The company is currently aggressively developing advanced Intra-Sol Transportation Systems with the goal of reaching Mars orbit within 1 month of launch from earth at the closest distance, and 6 months at the farthest point from Seoul. This system will utilize fusion technology to propel spacecraft at rapid velocity. Naturally this expensive technology will be developed and deployed to prove it is possible. But we hope this technology will be used to cooperate with other entities for cost reason. It is obvious what the benefits are such as sending massive amounts of material to mars in fewer journeys in order to justify the huge operating cost of the mission. Supported by current established and even other newly breakthrough technologies we and our other partners are developing/deploying. We estimate we can fully develop a mars city able to support at least 250,000 to 500,000 people in 50 years, complete with independent food harvesting.

To support these ends, the Yuzhprom Space Administration is investing trillions into fusion technology and other foundation mars technologies. The next task will be to create effective quantum communication networks to establish instantaneous communcation with Mars and other future human outpost in Sol. We are a strong and reliable partner, Trust in the power of Yuzhprom."

The Yuzhprom Group has committed to spending between 3% and 5% of annual output on space development.

(Oleg Aksyutin - Director of Intelligence Services)

Collapse of Central Yuzhpromia 'inevitable' - Aksyutin


"There is little more we can do to prevent the collapse of the region.." says Intelligence Director Oleg Aksyutin after briefing Intelligence Committee MPs from the Corporate Duma currently visiting the new massive government district under construction in Yuzhgorod capital of Yuzhtec. The Director announces the news as his agency struggles to prevent the loss of corporate control over the region.

"There are riots everyday, less now...but they are still being held daily in Yuzhnygrad. We will be unable to prevent the collapse of central Yuzhpromia unless radical reforms are immediately implemented. I have recommended the administration begin relocating Yuzhtec immediately. We expect the transition of the seat of government to be rather smooth, the various Directorates have already begun transferring assets out of the region."

The Yuzhprom Group is offloading its non-performing assets. Entire divisions are being allowed to collapse as the Executive Council seeks to turn the company into a learner more profitable machine. Parent company JSC Gazprom Group Holdings; has agreed to pay off the debts of Yuzhpromgrup. The Yuzhprom Group will then transfer equity away from the division to alleviate the burdens falling on other divisions running smaller deficits.

"The collapse of this state will mean the loss of hundreds of billions worth of military potential including significant losses in the military industrial capacity. However the more efficient entity that will remain will be capable of defending its interest on the localized continents and will dependent on the medium range nuclear deterrent. There are no plans significantly recover loss military potential. Instead the company will use this opportunity to invest back into the citizenry and economy. Thank you."

The new capital of the Yuzhprom Group is now being hosted in Yuzhgorod in Yuzhtec. The largest economy of the Yuzhprom Group. This is also were the group will restore the majority of loss military potential from central Yuzhprom.

(Elena Vasilyeva - Director of External Relations)

Yuzhprom Group worst days behind it


The Yuzhprom Group's worst days are now behind it. We have factored in the eventual collapse of our homeland of Yuzhpromgrup into this statement. The corporation's financial reserves remain strong with a mild deficit that will be overcome. The companies market strength while reduced remains the strongest in South America comprising 43% of South America's annual output and nearly 4% of Africa's output. Our leaders recognize amply opportunities not just in these regions but the worlds.

It's largely anticipated that our market share in South America will temporarily drop to around 37% before natural economic tides returning to over 40% or higher in the long-term. In Africa the potential acquisition of a coastal territory near a cluster of developed southern african states will add to the long-term growth potential on the continent. While depressed global oil prices have seriously undercut operations and expectations in Yuzhneftigaz; the global natural gas market is expected to continue growing for the next 40 years. Therefore the company will continue to develop these prospects.

Our strategic goal remains to dominate global markets. However the scale to which will be to dominant specific global markets. The company seeks to increase military products of dual use nature, we seek to boost exports of aeroplanes, space services, marine vessels, hydrocarbons and chemicals, as well as technology and financial services. The Yuzhprom Group currently processes 70% of South America's financial transactions, and has the largest assets under management as well. Not only this but Yuzhtec proves itself an elite developer and distributor of advanced technologies. The corporation currently pioneers advanced spaceflight programs, green energy production, advanced urban design, robotics and a.i. development, only with advanced military systems to name a few.

While the company with an output of a mere 6.2 trillion, our brutal efficiency and new optimization programs will allow us to surpass our rivals in the raw success of our enterprises. As the largest single corporation in Seoul; the Yuzhprom Group is the strongest and most reliable partner you'll ever know. Trust in us!

JSC Yuzhprom Group
First international press conference by Tekerwan's new President on the international agenda

This evening the previously reclusive and unstable central Asian nation of Tekerwan openly embraced the international community. The President addressed a crowd of numerous journalists and Tekeri Liberal Progress Party to formally declare the new constitution and international intentions of his term as premier.

The speech follows the recognition of the Republic of Tekerwan by a large portion of the world's nations and formal induction into the ANN. On a related note, the President announced that his government would pursue an agenda of 'involved neutrality', aimed at securing peace both at home and abroad whilst building an influential position on the world stage for the young nation. Part of the early stages of this move towards globalisation within Tekerwan have included multiple free trade deals with Baba Yetu, Shinkansen and Mato which have produced small but persistent economic growth to the previously stagnant Tekeri economy.

In the coming years the President suggested that international observers should expect gradually decreasing barriers to free trade with all partners that wish to pursue such ends, to mutual benefit, including the reduction of tariffs and the free flow of capital between borders; such has been seen from the past two budget changes of the Wilson government.

Additionally the President extended invitation to the various governments of the world to establish (or otherwise to rebuild or redefine) their embassies and diplomatic efforts that had previously been thwarted by the civil war that had defeated the previous state and continues to ravage much of the Central Asian steppe.

(Valery Golubev - Director of Budget and Finance)

Yuzhprom Group lobbies to reduce global tax regime


As a profit oriented entity with massive social obligations; the Yuzhprom Group seeks to optimize budgets, streamline operations, and of course maximize profits to the benefit of citizens, customers, and shareholders across the globe. Naturally with a finite market potential; the company does in fact have vast yet finite resources. Our goal in the Directorate of Budget and Finance is to maximize these fiscal resources. This is why the Yuzhprom Group is launching an intense lobbying effort to lower the cost of doing business around the world.

We implore alliances, national governments, and supranational entities to reduce these cost for the sake of citizens and shareholders around the world. The group pays 210 billion rubles annually to its own alliance alone; and we also pay upwards of 40 billion rubles for doing business with other countries in the world. Imagine with a global economy of 345 trillion rubles how much the world pays in tariffs? With sway over just over 17% of the global population or nearly 1.5 billion citizens the Yuzhprom Group has the world's largest population. Therefore it is in our critical interest to see these cost lowered and delivered to our population.

With what is clearly the world's largest consumer market. The Yuzhprom Group is open to initiating free trade agreements with all nations. We offer a large market of 1.5 billion citizens of various socioeconomic backings to offer products to. In return the Yuzhprom Group merely request unfettered access to your national markets. The benefits of free trade will accelerate the creation of wealth in our state which lead to a wealthier population for our foreign partners to compete for. In addition to corporations who establish headquarters whether national, continental, or global within the Yuzhprom Group we offer customized tax solutions to your enterprises and even tailored relocation assistance. With one the lowest tax regime in the world, and strategic access to global markets the Yuzhprom Group is THEE premier location to operate your business.
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