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(Elena Vasilyeva - Director of External Relations)

The Yuzhprom Group establishes relations with the Republic of Tekerwan


The Directorate of External Relations invites the Head of the Tekerwan Republic to Yuzhgorod to begin efforts to cooperate on economic agendas. The Yuzhprom Group being founded originally as an industrial conglomerate now comprises all major global industries. Therefore our diverse experience and proven ability to generate returns grants us the reputation of excellence. We look forward to this cooperation.

The Yuzhprom Group extends the offer of direct flights between all Yuzhprom territories and the Tekerwan Republic. Yuzhflot will even offer once a week direct flights between the Yuzhgorod and Tekerwan in order to facilitate business contacts between South America's largest economy and a rising Central Asian star, In addition to establish an embassy with the Directorate of External Relations. The Directorate of International Commerce will establish an office in order to facilitate transnational business and trade between our countries. The Directorate has the ability to independently conduct trade relations and negotiations with countries in its overseas area's of service.

Trust in the Yuzhprom Group; we are a strong and reliable partner.

Highest Regards,
Elena Vasilyeva
Director of External Relations
JSC Yuzhprom Group

Terror Strikes Yuzhprom Group!


The outskirts of the Yuzhneftigaz capital Uranigrad have been rocked with bombs from what's believed to be terror cells attempting to cripple the corporations control over vast hydrocarbons and uranium deposits in the country. Unfortunately for these terrorist and their sponsors; Yuzhneftigaz contains the highest build up of troops outside of central Yuzhpromia. The Directorate of National Defense will further enhance the corporations defense potential and we will crush these hostile forces. The CEO of Yuzhneftigaz Alexey Rubinov spoke:

"I have spoken with Chairman Zubkov earlier, he has expressed the companies full support in tackling this brewing threat. These terrorist were bold enough to attack the heart of our Saharan jewel! We will not tolerate this attack and will will crush these terrorist. As Commander in Chief of the Yuzhneftigaz Territorial Guard I authorize the Yuzhneftigaz Adjutant General to begin anti-terror operations within the territory.

We will work with our superiors in Yuzhgorod to find these source of this evil and will destroy it at the source. The Directorate of Intelligence and the Directorate of National Defense have heavy suspicion that the terror cells originates somewhere in Africa as well as the funding source. We pledge to uncover this mystery in the very near future and issue the harshest penalties possible to deter any future terror plot against the Yuzhprom Group or any of its allies. We are expanding security presence at out uranium mines as terror activities against these significant extraction efforts has increased threefold in the last year alone. We will not allow the terrorist to acquire nuclear weaponry.

Yuzhneftigaz and its parent the Yuzhprom Group is reinforcing African security with these tremendous efforts to snuff out the terror cells. We will work with our partners on the continent to swiftly end this reign of terror."

The Yuzhprom Corporate Duma has passed a bill expressing its full support to Yuzhneftigaz and has allocated the Intelligence and the National Defense Directorates additional emergency resources to help uncover the source of the terror attacks.

(Viktor Zubkov - Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group)

Executive Council resist shareholders calls for Yuzhxit


The Executive Council declares that the company will currently not consider leaving the Volkerbund over the ongoing tax dispute. The Yuzhprom Group has been lobbying the alliance government to step up disbursements of the massive 30+ trillion ruble reserve fund accumulating. The company also argues that the alliance tax rate should be dismissed until alliance reserves fall to 10 trillion ruble.

These talks are apart of the long-running and intensive effort of the Yuzhprom Group to boost profitability. The corporation lost industrial giant Yuzhmazh due to financial difficulties and stagnation of the middle class. Naturally if the Yuzhprom Group was in a better position to save this region and finance its recovery things would be different. However the region with hundreds of millions of citizens still exist as a rogue and lawless territory. Naturally it's the urge of the Yuzhprom Group to protect its struggling territorial integrity. To meet these ends; the company must win concessions on taxation policy as the group sends over 200 billion in taxes and fees to the Volkerbund treasury each year.

Remaining Yuzhprom regions are completing efforts to eliminate budget deficits. These savings will be eventually utilized to help solve the massive financial disaster of the former capital region of Yuzhpromgrup. Unfortunately the Yuzhprom Group has been unable to reach its target capital expenditures and its muddles through the long restructuring program. However this program will create a strong company in the long-term.
Presidential release from the Republic of Tekerwan

"Within the first decade, the great Republic of Tekerwan has emerged triumphant over years of brutal civil war. Our people survived the previous state, the coup'etat and the civil war!

Now we receive our prosperity, as a reward for our existential struggle. The Tekeri economy grows at roughly 5% per year, easing the problems of unemployment and poverty. Also we have formally established a policy of cooperation with the various peoples and regions of Tekerwan to ensure political empowerment of all citizens.

We are a member of a great power alliance and receiving national recognition from enough states to consider ourselves the legitimate government without dispute. My administration generously accepts deeper diplomatic efforts from the Yuzhprom group and will facilitate fully, any efforts to broaden relations between the Terki government and them.

These years only promise glory to a stronger Tekerwan."

(Sergey Khomyakov - Director of National Defense)

Yuzhprom Group to deliver 'disabling response' following terror attack


The Yuzhprom Group prepares for war, the Directorates of Intelligence and National Defense have concluded their findings on the origins of the ongoing terror attacks in Yuzhneftigaz. Even in light of the recent budget cuts to defense the Yuzhprom Group will hammer those who forsake its strategic interest and security of its citizens.

The Directorate of National Defense is preparing a comprehensive response to the attack on Uranigrad and the mines in the country. Therefore we will issue a final warning to African government responsible for this crime to halt funding to this group and to hand them over to face trial in Uranigrad or be consider complicit with the terrorist attacks. The corporation is prepared to bring its full capabilities online to defeat this menace not only for ourselves for but all nations. The Yuzhprom Group shows itself a strong and reliable partner even in the face of terrorism!


(Valery Golubev - Director of Budget and Finance)

Yuzhprom Group and Volkerbund agree on new alliance tax policy


After prolonged and intense lobbying by the Yuzhprom Group to Volkerbund authorities the alliance has introduced a new ultra low tax rate of .2%. Naturally the Yuzhprom Group is quite pleased to have more of own money staying within the company. Valery Golubev issued a statement to a gathering of investors and journalist:

"We have fought hard for better rates for our customers and client around the world. Now the Yuzhprom Group can begin to better define it's financial position and implement some of its strategic plans. Yuzhprom Group will now be able to execute its expansion goals without the burden of unnecessary taxes cutting into our hard earned profits. Coincidentally the Directorate's hard work was able to bring the system wide profitability to 75% before the tax reforms. Now we invest these additional funds into much needed security and capital investments. The corporation will be investing nearly 1 trillion rubles into two new territories we plan to acquire. The funds will be used to redevelop prospective industries and nourish debt schedules."

The Director famous for his strict fiscal conservatism now champions the companies new mergers citing the importance of long-term profitability outlooks. Mr Golubev expects the Yuzhprom Group to be at 100% system-wide profitability in 5 years,


(Vitaly Markelov - Director of Territorial Administration)

Territorial Administration anticipates expansion of portfolio


The Yuzhprom Group Directorate of Territorial Administration expects to receive two additional territories, comprising an additional 80 million citizens, and over 2 trillion rubles in economic output. These new acquisitions come has the Yuzhprom Group attempts two additional mergers with derelict governments. The Director Vitaly Markelov stated to a press audience earlier.

"The Yuzhprom Executive Council has green-lighted the merger of two additional regions facing flagging political and economic conditions. While these regions have not technically reached the danger zone, the Council seeks to swiftly merge these territories and prevent their larger populations from suffering from the effects of lawlessness. The mission of the Territorial Administration will be the same. To improve the living standards of citizens and maximizing the economic output of regions through prospective analysis and development of the useful economic basis of the regions.

These additional regions will improve our access to different markets, will significantly boost our current supply chains allowing to eliminate huge inefficiencies and burdensome cost, and provide additional value and savings to shareholders, customers, and citizens alike. Our administration over the regions of Yuzhtec, Yuzhtrans, and Yuzhneftigaz show that the company is able to improve the conditions of countries we administer beyond measure. The Yuzhprom Group has truly done its part to spread wealth and prosperity across the globe. This move will strengthen the position of NoAmCon and expand free market access to all our alliance partners and free trade partners.

These efforts prove that the Yuzhprom Group is truly a strong and reliable partner. Thank you for your trust."

The Executive Council has informed the Volkerbund administration of the merger.

Baba Yetu interveins in War

Baba Yetu condems the illegal attacks from the Yuzhprom Group and is deploying it's military quick reaction force to support it's neighbour. President Humo has adressed the media, that Baba Yetu will not watch silently while it's neighbouring county Fl3gmon is forcefully absorded into the Yuzhprom Group moloch without any reason.

The country of Fl3gmon has a stable and healthy government, providing no reason for a foreign intervention. It's more likely the case, that the notorius warmongers of the Yuzhprom Group are once more expanding their profits via military conquest. The republic of Baba Yetu will not allow the Yuzhprom Group to enslave innocent countries and establish a military foothold right next to it's borders.

The government of Baba Yetu demands the immediat retreat of all armed forces from the country of Fl3gmon from the agressor of the Yuzhprom Group.

(Elena Vasilyeva - Director of External Relations)

Yuzhprom withdraws from Fi3gmon, promises to update annexation assessments


The Yuzhprom Group has made a tragic error in determining the State of Fi3gmon to be derelict and abandoned. We were also unaware that the country is listed as a protectorate of Baba Yetu. Therefore the Executive Council has immediately ordered the withdrawal of security forces from the territory at once. Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group has ordered a review of the process to determine which countries are eligible for absorption. The Directorate of External Affairs and Directorate of International Commerce; Joint Office of Overseas Mergers and Acquisitions must produce a reason as to why the invasion of this country was allowed to proceed utilizing outdated data and without consulting regional partners.

We do warn Baba Yetu that any further military attacks against the Yuzhprom Group will be met with a disproportionate response. We therefore encourage the Republic of Baba Yetu to limit its threats of military adventurism to its own region. Insinuation of scenarios were Baba Yetu attacking Yuzhprom forces will not be accepted by the Executive Council nor the Volkerbund Security Council. We offer an apology for our error and again pledge steps to limit these sorts of mistakes in the future.

(Andrey Kruglov - Director of International Commerce)

Yuzhprom Group to enhance security in Pacific Region


The Yuzhprom Group is committed to the safety and freedom of navigation in international waterways. This is why the Directorate of International Commerce assures our foreign partners that the stability of these very important waterways will be assured despite the brutal show of force by the Republic of Baba Yetu. The Directorate of International Commerce is announcing that the company will be increasing armed patrols to the region from alliance bases in the region. The Yuzhprom Naval Administration is deploying a carrier group to Vaterland and Bluthan along with some squadrons of strategic aerial units to thise countries as well.

The company will also be placing naval and air groupings in Kurhessen and Livarien to ensure the entire sea routes from the South Atlantic/Red Sea - Indian Ocean approaches to the South Bluthan Sea are safe from military adventures from the Republic of Baba Yetu. These moves come as the Government of Baba Yetu threatened to take military action against the independent policies of states in the Yuzhprom Group. These steps are being taken to protect the global economy and to deter the Government of Baba Yetu from threatening the global economy.

The Yuzhprom Group itself seeks to balance security needs with the goal of long-term profitability and maximum economic growth.

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