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(Yulia Mikhailova - Director of Market Analytics)

Yuzhprom Group emerges as dominant market influencer in S America and Africa


The successful operation to eliminate terrorist strongholds in parts of Africa proves the Yuzhprom Group's pledge to stay in Africa for the long-term. Over the course of 7 years; the Yuzhprom Group has spent billions on marketing campaigns meant to encourage investors and shore up consumer confidence in markets around the world. Recent efforts to undermine our market strength has caused a knee jerk reaction by investors and this has dragged down our market.

Therefore the Yuzhprom Group had no choice but to intervene to stabilize markets and the efficacy of our long-term Africa operations. While the efforts have caused some damage to financials across the company plunging central Yuzhpromia into an unrecoverable debt scenario and knocking billions in output system-wide the decision WILL protect our long-term profitability. The Department of Market Analytics does predict a continued hit at profits and reserves but we believe market forces will correct themselves and a mild round of stimulation from the corporation will be enough to bring consumer confidence back.

During the next fiscal summit; the Executive Council will introduce mild tax reductions and will stimulate aggregate demand via purchasing decisions. As consumer demand returns to expectations; the company will reduce spending in demand as to not induce greater inflation that the Yuzhprombank forecast for.

Director of Market Analytics
Y. Mikhailova
Department of Market Research and Analytics

(Alexander Ivannikov - Chief Executive Officer of YuzhCapital)

Executive Council appoints Ivannikov to lead YuzhCapital


The Executive Council has appointed former Deputy Director of External Relations Alexander Ivannikov to the top spot in YuzhCapital formerly Paradise Lost. The veteran diplomat has years advancing the interest of the company and successfully brokered the free trade agreement established between many states of the ANN. The new CEO will be tasked with eliminating the regions sovereign debt, tackling the deficit, jump starting economic growth, and finally overseeing the re-militarization of the territory.

Mr Ivannikov has decided to fill his Management Committee with technocrats; and even hiring some of the economic officials from the previous government as advisers on the YuzhCapital Economic Council. Analyst expect very aggressive reforms being immediately implemented as the Ivannikov administration implements its first budget for the new fiscal year. The CEO will report to the Directorate of Territorial Administration which is tasked with overseeing compliance with centralized law and code and ensuring regions conduct their affairs to the benefit of the company by providing oversight over subsidiary operations.


Yuzhprom initiates intervention into Kurhessen


The Yuzhprom Corporate Duma has authorized the Executive Council to implement active hostilities against the Republic of Kurhessen for its brazen attempt to invade a subsidiary of the Yuzhprom Group. The CEO of YuzhCapital had only just relocated his family to the region when 89,000 troops breached the desert frontier of the territory, reaching the outskirts of the capital province.

The Directorate of National Defense moved nearly 300k troops from Yuzhneftigaz to defend the region from being annexed by the rogue government. The Directorate then mobilized nearly 200k troops for a counter attack against Kurhessen. Yuzhprom Group has attempted to contact the government of Kurhessen for clarification on these events. We've even made it clear that we have no desire to acquire the tiny countries feeble 300+ billion ruble economy. Nonetheless the Yuzhprom Group will incorporate this region into the family of companies and implement the needed economic reforms to get the region on the right track.

The Directorate of Economic Development, along with the International Commerce Directorate will place large regional headquarters in the region in order to give our Eurasian partners better access to corporate services. The region will host what will be the future headquarters of Eastern Command which will coordinate the companies military operations and cooperation in the Greater Asia Pacific Region.

Duma unanimously passes defense and economic modernization bill


The Yuzhprom Group's largest Corporate Duma ever with 4,019 members today passed an important piece of Chairman Zubkov's Yuzhprom 2050 Plan into effect today. The plans calls for the establishment of the Yuzhprom Group as 'Seouls preeminent military power' and to place the company in the leading economic rankings. The Chairman outlined that the company must increase it's current defense potential by 33% and the current aggregate economic output by 200% to meet these goals.

In order to create securer conditions to meet this goal; the corporation will commit 2.5 trillion rubles towards the completion of strategic weapons and to boost military manpower to safeguard the group's six total territories spread between South America and Africa. This will see each territory equipped with a million+ man territorial defense force. The corporation will no longer implement territorial mergers and acquisitions; this extremely cost venture has proven to be unnecessary as the company must now expend massive resources to bring these newer regions to code while defending them. Nonetheless the acquisition of Kurhessen will significantly enhance the companies market access to Eurasia.

Kurhessen will now serve as the gateway between the Yuzhprom Group and all of Eurasia. As such the Duma is appropriating billions of rubles annually to the territory to fund development of the regions economic and military faculties. With the responsibility of defending the gateway to the Mediterranean and thus our very important european partners; the Yuzhprom Group will not fail in its obligations to this region. This is why we are announcing the immediate upgrade or sea control and air traffic control infrastructure in the region.

The Executive Council also recognizes that the Group is slowly lagging behind its partners in economic parity. While the combined weight of the Yuzhprom economy has expanded; the per capita increases have slide down dramatically. This is why the company is committing to across the board new spending of 200 billion on civil and economic programs. This is including but not limited to efforts such as tax relief, mega projects, infrastructure development, r&d partnerships, etc. The Yuzhprom Group is fully committed to focusing its efforts to become thee preferred economic partner in Seoul. With products ranging from every industry from hydrocarbon and mineral extraction to processing, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, finance and investment, to research and development, to defense, to space technologies the Yuzhprom Group is the strongest and most reliable partner you'll ever have.


(Vyacheslav Mikhalenko - Director of Strategy and Planning)

Yuzhprom and the Power of Corporatism


Many nations are enthralled by the raw efficiency and massive success of the Yuzhprom Group. The company while not ranking in the top economic spots commands sway over 1.6 billion citizens, a 10 trillion ruble economy, 4 million soldiers supported by the largest nuclear arsenal spread across 6 territories and regions. Responsibility for this many people containing many different languages, religions, economic statuses, and creeds might be the nightmare of most governments. But this is what drives the companies massive success.

The allure of the capitalist dream captivates our citizens to pursue their own success. To start businesses, join government, or join the highly rewarding workforce. All citizens know the opportunity available to them, and the companies many development programs ensures that each citizen will have an opportunity to become successful. The company itself has business lines spanning all available product markets. Vertically and horizontally integrated; the company offers the lowest cost to consumers by integrating all streams of business. Yuzhprom Group pays top ruble to develop the most talented citizens to run the company. The Technocrat Corps is the largest developer of talent in the world.

The Corps primary mission is to "identify and develop the technical potential of candidates to execute the missions of responsibilities of the corporation to outstanding degrees and exceeding expectations." This tall mandate produces arguably some of the worlds best trained administrators. This is why graduates of Technocrats Corps are found in the highest positions of business, politics, and science across the world. The Directorate of Corporate Administration which selects vets and places available for civil employment within the company only accepts the best graduates of the corps. Top Corp performers are blocked from being employed at non-corporate owned installations or entities and are guaranteed employment within the corporation.

While the Yuzhprom Group does sometimes appear to lag behind the competition. The Corps insiders admits that "everyone move by the company is calculated and seeks to serve only the companies strategic long term interest." So despite sacrificing GDP or even military supremacy now. The Yuzhprom Group's elite planners are ensuring that the company continuity and overall success are at the forefront of all actions. Insiders share that the company only has a few more strategic adjustments remaining before it's able to leverage it full capabilities towards the economic domination of Seoul.

"The nation's of Seoul have not even witnessed a fraction of the potential of the Yuzhprom Group. Soon the world will be enthralled by the majesty of Yuzhprom"

- Chairman Viktor Zubkov

(Valery Golubev - Director of Finance and Budget)

Yuzhprom Group financials boost investment grade


The Directorate of Finance and Budget released the financials for fiscal year 2024. The company was able to improve its overall debt to GDP ratio with the expansion of enterprises, aggressive deficit and debt reduction efforts, as well as innovative methods to drive economic growth. The improvements have seen corporate stock values rise by an average total of 7.4% YoY.

Corporate Debt stands at a solid 20% of GDP which the directorate expects to decrease with expanding GDP figures as well increasing surpluses throughout the business units. The company has begun to address the massive debt of the Yuzhpromgrup by transferring from Yuzhtech 250 billion rubles annually. As other units begin to accrue larger surpluses the company will direct additional funds to paying off this massive debt load.

Corporate Reserves rest at a healthy 16% of GDP; the directorate expects this figure to fall as GDP expands and some YuzhCapital reigns in its massive 63 billion ruble deficit. Yuzhtech has inherited a small and temporary 50 billion ruble deficit which the directorate pledges will be mostly cleared in the next fiscal year or so. Yuzhneftigaz and Yuzhtrans expect to return to surplus within the next two fiscal years. The directorate predicts the reserves will shrink to 11% of GDP until they begin to increase again within the next 2 to 3 fiscal years.

The Yuzhprom Group closed out 2024 with a GDP of 9,992 trillion ruble. This is an increase of 2.2 trillion rubles over the last fiscal years. This stellar growth may be skewed due to the two territorial mergers finalized this years adding roughly 8 to 900 billion GDP to the companies output. Over the next fiscal year the Directorate of Finance and Budget anticipates aggregate GDP growth of 5.4 percent or an increase of GDP to 10.5 trillion ruble. In the year 2026 the Yuzhprom Group will aim for growth of 7.1 percent or a GDP of 11.2 trillion ruble.

*These figures and forecast will may change based on the implementation of Chairman Zubkov's 2024 State Armaments Program and the 2024 Economic Mobilization Program.*

President of Tekerwan addresses public governmental meeting audience including hand picked press invitees

Blessed and prosperous is our young nation! In the last few years we have achieved much and surpassed the expectations of our critics.

During the last quarter the Tekeri economy achieved a record level of growth, hitting nearly 7%! Income equality has also improved with our overal GINI indicator rating dropping by ten points from 25.0 to 15.0. In addition we have reduced unemployment by around 8% since last year. These numbers are impressive and have good economic implications, moving forward into a quarter of thorough administrative modernisation that will improve the efficiency of the government's bureaucracy and cutting the costs to our national budget.

As was announced via media outlets a few months back, our scientists have also achieved high grade rocket missile propulsion; setting out the first steps toward the Tekeri orbital and space programs. To handle these huge endeavours my government is proud to announce the formation of a new science wing, it will be called the National Exploration of Space Conglomerate or NESC for shortened. Within five years we hope to have the first Tekerwan orbital satellite in the sky. For this I hope we can receive international blessing.

Further agenda for our domestic plan includes the expansion, or largely, the creation of a more serviceable Tekeri navy and air force to allow us a greater capacity for domestic defence and international missions as well as the enhancement of opportunities for our young conscripts in service to their country. Finally we will complete many of the final stages of our great push towards modernity which will include further spending toward education, adult employment services, healthcare and improving the efficiency of the welfare state.

However I regret to inform you that many of the spaces reserved in the Tekeri capital for international embassies remain empty. I understand the public's concern for how this money is being spent for these spaces and in response I am announcing today a deadline for these offices rental contracts to end in the summer of 2030, if they are not received by foreign governments.

(Viktor Zubkov - Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group)

Yuzhprom Group to reignite nuclear program


Speaking at a Summit of African Leaders today, Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group Viktor Zubkov promised that his country would upgrade 100% of his nuclear forces to orbital status within three years. Currently only 25% of the countries nuclear equipped territories can deploy these weapons to any territory. The Yuzhprom Group will soon see 83% of its territories become nuclear capable; and will eventually see 100% system wide nuclear capability. The leader whose country has been the victim of nuclear aggression twice only had this to say:

"The Yuzhprom Group encountered nuclear surprise twice, we will not allow this same mistake again. While the world does grow quite there remains a significant threat to our peace in the Far East which we must ensure we have an overwhelming capacity to defend against. With out conventional forces spread across continents we must ensure that the Yuzhprom Group will maintain a credible strategic deterrent to protect our socioeconomic development initiatives. This nuclear shield will allow the company to build up its conventional forces to provide for the defense our territories, alliance, and allies around the world. The Yuzhprom Group reserves the right to respond to a conventional attack on the country via nuclear means. "

The Yuzhprom Group is planning to spend over 1 trillion ruble on the complete upgrade and refurbishment of its strategic nuclear weapons and missile defense program. This will allow the company to cap its troop levels on par with the largest recorded troop levels of any given country. This will leave around 1 trillion rubles committed to the State Armaments Program to be spent upgrading conventional military forces. The Company is implementing a slow start on economics projects. It's committed to 250 billion rubles annually to Yuzhpromgrup debt relief. The Directorate of Finance and Budget will issue 1 trillion rubles worth of corporate bonds to fund of the development. Other funds will be earmarked from the budget/reserves and Volkerbund funding. Yuzhprom will also spend 30 billion rubles on the construction/expansion of bases in Eurasia and Oceania in order to contain Baba Yetu.

A surprise second address by the President of Tekerwan sheds light on new geopolitical strategy

Hello I'm Cyan Blue here with TBC with your latest political news.

This afternoon the President called a second public meeting of high ranking party officials and hand picked media representatives, in the same venue as last month to deliver an impromptu speech. The President spoke on a pedestal with representatives behind him. High ranking diplomats and also military officials, most from his party and high ranking ministers but several were identified as part of an Ambassador team from the Yuzhprom group territories.

---The President addresses an audience inside a parliament building surrounded by smiling suited business people, politicians and uniformed military officials-----

" Today I am proud to announce the first solid foundations of a special relationship between Tekerwan and the Yuzhprom group. The regent and CEO of the group has formally set in motion a plan to renovate many old military buildings in Tekerwan to establish bases alongside exclusively sponsored construction projects, including a new civilian airport in the Tekeri capital to strengthen economic bonds between our two governments. In addition several new joint-funded military air force instalments across Tekerwan will welcome improved domestic defence against would-be foreign enemies. In the coming years the Yuzhprom military will join Tekeri armed forces in joint drills intended to simulate foreign invasion and domestic terrorism to improve readiness in Tekerwan which will supplement our move towards militaristic modernity.
Our plan will be formalised under a mutual defence pact aimed at creating and solidifying a new peace in Asia! Too long have we been subject to inadequate governance and civil strife, we move to end the current conflict and to prevent that which may present itself in the future!

But military and diplomatic arrangements are not the only benefits of this new partnership, but of course, the multitude of economic opportunities. Over the three year period following the enactment of the treaty, trade between Tekerwan and Yuzhprom territories will become free. That is, tariff free, accompanying steps towards more fluid migration between our nations. I hope some of you are ready to go and tourist in South America and Africa very soon."


Well, as we can see the President has confirmed many of the suspicions of international observers that Tekerwan will be affirmatively set on a course of events that will see an alliance with Yuzhprom group formed. Here we have a political analyst and lecturer from the University of Yurino. Thank you for joining me today Professor.

Professor: Thank you for having me here.

Cyan Blue: It's our pleasure. Wow, well today we've had some huge, huge announcements by the President regarding the details of a new alliance-like agreement with the corporations of Yuzhprom group. Of course this has massive implications for the people of Tekerwan, how do you think people have received the news?

Professor: Ah, yes you're right it definitely does. Especially for younger Tekeris looking to establish businesses and to improve career portfolios but it also has impact upon the generation above who have know little but phoney elections and civil war up until the creation of the Republic. I think generally it is supported; over the last two or so years, or rather, the years that have particularly involved movement towards deepening diplomacy the overall support for the President and his government has rapidly improved and has no real sign of withering as we move towards modernising reforms in the coming years.

Cyan: So it's domestically supported and...also it just goes to show that a huge overt diplomatic effort by the President hasn't just come and gone in vain. It's actually produced tangible results. But, while the announcements may be received well by the Tekeri population how has it been taken on the international scene?

Professor: Well the majority of the analysts I've spoken to have agreed with me that the events we see in the next five years will come to influence massively the fates of most of the countries in world Seoul. Also many that I've spoken to agree that this new line of military diplomacy alongside militarism at home is part of the Tekeris effort to reduce the threat from rivals in Asia particularly. If we look over to Baba Yetu particularly, in spite of a free trade agreement exisiting between Tekerwan and them, the military power of Baba Yetu would be understandably enough to make the Tekeri government nervous. Unlike Tekerwan and Yuzhprom group and other regional powers across the world, the Baba Yetu military and nuclear capacity is not restrained by international alliances and agreements. If this nation were to become rogue and pursue an expansive agenda, it's unclear whether the international community would step in to intervene. The huge downsizing of the ANN has slashed its power and consequently its reliability as an iron umbrella for Tekerwan, forcing it to look elsewhere for that security.

Cyan: Thank you for your time Professor. It's been a pleasure having you on here.

Professor: You're welcome. Thank you.


Cyan: What will come in the next few years, will the new alliance in Asia produce new power balancing diplomacy and an arms race or be a move toward a permanent and robust peace in Asia and the far east. I've been Cyan Blue with TBC with your political news.

(Vsevolod Cherepanov - Director of Interior Affairs)

Yuzhtec seeks to restrict migration


The capital territory of the Yuzhprom Group is facing a massive issue. The region is experiencing massive brain drain and its having devastating effects on the economy. The Bureau of Migration and Immigration is seeing the adult working age population dwindle in the country; this is having immediate impacts on revenue, consumption, security, and economic viability. Despite the best efforts of the company of provide optimal economic conditions for the region; Yuzhprom Group's largest economy and population can no longer be seen as the reliable driver of growth for the company.

The Directorate of Internal Affairs under which Immigration is held is planning to implement a massive border wall project and the office will also strictly halt the issuance of passports out of the country. This calls for the rapid acceleration of the Orbital Weapons project underway and possible even cutting funding to central Yuzhpromia to ensure this economic jewels remains viable. Since the reduction of exports the company has relied on strong consumer sentiment to fund operations. This led to a massive 1 trillion ruble reserve fund the largest in the company.

The Executive Council has agreed to support economic efficiency programs in the country to continue supporting the economic growth of the region despite the population reduction. The Council will need to drive the creation of wealth in order to support the corporations finances. The Yuzhtec Management Committee has recommended cutting funds to Yuzhpromgrup in order to save what's essentially 50% of the Yuzhprom Group's economic clout. Without a strong Yuzhtec; the Yuzhprom Group will never realize its vast agenda. The Council will make its decision by Wednesday evening; if a wall is built it will still take 2 additional years to complete the nuclear upgrades and 5 years to fully construct the wall. By that time; the population of working adults could be 50% the current total and the economy already devastated but on the road to recovery.
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