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(Valery Golubev - Director of Finance and Budget)

Gazprom Group orders revisions to Yuzhprom's 2050 Agenda


The Gazprom Group; parent company of the Yuzhprom Group has ordered the Yuzhprom Group to revise its 2050 Agenda to meet corporate budgetary regulations. Opposing deputies in the Yuzhprom Corporate Duma appealed a ruling by the Yuzhprom Supreme Economic Court to adjust Chairman Zubkov multi-trillion ruble agenda to rocket the company ahead militarily while focusing less on the companies core agenda which is to dominate Seouls markets.

The Yuzhprom Directorate of Budget and Finance has been ordered to comply with the Gazprom Economic Court ruling stating that the Executive Council is not allowed to supplant the companies core interest which is the domination of Seoul markets. The Directorate of Legal Affairs representing the council in the Gazprom Economic Court argued that the company must develop sufficient conventional means to defend the basis of its economic program. However the Three Judge Panel did not believe the Yuzhprom Legal Directorate provided sufficient evidence to justify the military build up.

As such the Budget and Finance is currently reformulating Mr Zubkov 2050 Plan. The company has identified other major social and economic projects needed to advance the companies goal to dominate Seoul markets. As such one of the proposals would be to limit the military dimension of the plan to upgrade orbital weapons capacity from the Group to all regions. Finance would also cut funding to Yuzhpromgrup instead directing those funds to complete the orbital project in Yuzhtec and then moving onwards to complete the massive border wall proposal designed to halt the mass emigration the region is experiencing.

Yuzhprom will also return its focus on the restoration of Yuzhpromgrup economic stability. The company is proud to announce that Yuzhpromgrup has seen two years of uninterrupted growth due to 500 billion ruble investment from Yuzhtec. It remains to be seen if the company will maintain sufficient momentum to maintain growth. This announcement officially unveils the conclusion of Yuzhprom military ambition. Although the Gazprom Court did allow the Council to maintain funding for the creation of the Asia Pacific Military District to be operated out of YuzhOboron. The region is still slated to received conventional and nuclear military investments.

Opposition Ousts Ogandan Government; Iron Hills Proposes Partnership with Yuzhpromgrup to Provide Future African Stability

Protestors in Oganda

NEW EREBOR - Less than a year after the Ogandan government implemented sweeping economic reforms, including historic tax reductions which blew a wide hole in the national budget, the opposition has seemingly ousted Mr. Cloud Sky from office. As soon as the election results started pouring in, King Dain Ironfoot II immediately ordered the border between Oganda and the Iron Hills to be temporarily closed, in order to prevent a massive influx of migrants seeking asylum from the failed state.

More than refugees, His Royal Majesty's government fears what will become of Oganda's medium-ranged atomic arsenal. To that end, and out of concern for the future of the African region in general, the Ministry of Defense has proposed a new partnership with Yuzhpromgrup, whose African enterprise Yuzhneftigaz, is the other great power in the region. "It is our sincerest hope that the distinguished leadership of Yuzhpromgrup will seriously consider our proposal for a partnership that will ensure stability in our home region," the Ministry said in its official statement.

(Viktor Zubkov - Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group)

Yuzhprom Group to cooperate with Iron Hills on African stability


The Yuzhprom Group is surprised at the unexpected collapse of the Oganda. The company enjoyed a significant military, economic, and political relationship with that territory. The company will continue its cooperation in all facets through Sera which remains President Cloud Sky's sole territory. As Sera's most powerful ally in the region; the Yuzhprom Group will ensure of this countries territorial integrity. The company will absorb some of the millions of now displaced Ogandans. The Directorate of Interior will process thousands of Ogandans refugees into Yuzhneftigaz and YuzhOboron cities and dual citizens of the Yuzhprom Group and Sera. We will work extensively with the government in Sera to restore its economic and military clout in the region.

The Yuzhprom Group is happy to extend full cooperation with the Government of Iron Hills. The company offers integration of air traffic control infrastructure, Yuzhflot will now extend direct flights between all Yuzhprom territories and Iron Hills in order to boost economic links. Regarding the humanitarian crises on the Iron Hills border; Yuzhprom will compensate the government of Iron Hills for its assistance in processing refugees in the form of a free trade agreement. Trade duties between the Yuzhprom Group and Iron Hills amount to 5.4 billion rubles annually on a trade turnover of over 130 billion rubles annually. These savings will benefit consumers on both countries. Lastly the Yuzhprom Group offers the formation of an Inter-African Rapid Reaction Force. This force will be charged with defending African countries territorial integrity and intervening into natural disasters and other humanitarian crises.

The Yuzhprom Group is a strong and reliable partner. African growth and stability is key to our goal of the domination of Seoul markets. Our economic links to remaining African countries are key to advancing this goal. The Yuzhprom Group will continue to make significant investments in Africa. The companies massive military presence will encourage the development of natural resources in nearby regions and the Yuzhneftigaz Military District will ensure continuous sea access through its military control of the Niger River and adjacent land.
Tekeri President interjects international security concerns

Our partners in the Yuzhprom group are taking important steps to remedy immediate security concerns in Africa. Yurina's government supports these efforts and also extends a hand of cooperation to the Iron Hills' government.

Failed states and nuclear weapons result in a great problem for security in Africa and elsewhere in the world. Terrorism is a very real risk and also the chance that rogue or unstable regimes may acquire nuclear arsenals through the black market.

We offer the government of Iron Hills an embassy in the Tekeri capital of Yurina so that together we can negotiate security arrangements to secure the Ogandan nuclear arsenal and to put in place, safeguards so that such a crisis cannot occur in future.

The Tekeri military stands ready to assist in humanitarian missions in Oganda and neighbouring African territories, whilst other government aid is already being transferred into NGO's to aid refugees with food, shelter and other essentials.

In the coming weeks we hope to have made significant progress toward an end to the central African crisis and to the creation of solid preventative measure. I encourage the regents of Seoul to support us in these ends, for the mutual defence benefit.

King Dain Hosts State Dinner for Dignitaries from Yuzhprom Grup and Tekerwan

NEW EREBOR - As a token of His Royal Majesty's appreciation, King Dain Ironfoot II hosted a state dinner for dignitaries from Yuzhprom Grup and Tekerwan. "We are privileged to have such distinguished men and women join us at table here in our realm," the king toasted. "The people of the Iron Hills will be forever grateful for this partnership, a partnership which we are confident will prove to be the preeminent partnership in the Africa-Central Asia region."

(Igor Fyodorov - Director of Legal and Judicial Affairs)

Yuzhprom Group initiates massive anti-corruption drive


The Yuzhprom Group officially announces that it has opened up investigative proceedings against 1,719 officials within the company and 413 international actors. The Directorate of Legal and Judicial Affairs has announced that corruption has shaved trillions off potential GDP and has cost the corporation and near immeasurable amount of loss revenue. The company is ramping up investigative proceedings and will be reviewing the financials of thousands of more suspects and affiliates of the accused and suspected.

The massive corruption drive is needed to help prevent the collapse of additional regions and to return stability to the companies economic model and confidence in the markets. The Directorate of Legal and Judicial Affairs is invoking the constitutional right to appropriate all needed and necessary funds to full execute the task. Investigators were shocked to discover the extent of the corruption in the capital region. The Directorate has declared that the effects of the corruption are what's triggering the massive population flight and the economic stagnation.

The Yuzhprom Group is being crippled by now lagging technological, infrastructure, economic, and military progress. Chairman Zubkov is facing massive criticism from opposition leaders within the Duma and some even in the Gazprom Group General Shareholders Council on the gross mismanagement. The Chairman shot back saying that company started as a tiny multi-hundred billion ruble enterprise into a 10 trillion international powerhouse. The Chairman pledged to immediately correct all deficiencies without haste and promised to bring consequences to all persons involved.

(Valery Golubev - Director of Finance and Budget)

Finance and Budgets Directorate to assist in Anti-Corruption drive


The Directorate of Finance and Budget is committed to restoring the citizens and investors confidence in the Yuzhprom Group leadership and the legitimacy of the companies corporate governance rules and investment quality. The Directorate is announcing an audit of the accounts of the Yuzhtec governing authorities and providing data to the Territorial Administration to officially terminate and and allow Legal and Judicial to prosecute without immunity.

The endemic corruption discovered within the company is estimated to cost in the trillions as far as lost output, revenue, and mismanaged funds. Analyst have long predicted that rampant corruption was the cause for cost of living to exceed the average wage within the region. This has led to the company spending billions in subsidies and social aid to bankrupt families. The company has significantly lowered the deaths by starvation and is currently attempting to swiftly clean house to stop the millions of citizens migrating from the region.

The amount of resistance from the establishment within Yuzhtec has even had some to consider the massive enterprise a 'state within a state'. It's crucial that the central administration retain control over this region as there are now some calls from the elite within the Yuzhtec to split from the Group. And with the company desperately attempting to stabilize Yuzhneftigaz it's inopportune to deal with the companies largest military power and largest economic power on the road to collapse at the same time. The loss of either of these territories would automatically end any chance of the Yuzhprom Group fulfilling its Strategic Objective of dominating Seoul Markets.

On better news, the Directorate is extremely happy to announce that remaining Group enterprises Yuzhpromgrup, YuzhOboron, and Yuzhtrans are experiencing periods of economic and fiscal expansion. The companies policies have been extremely successful. The Yuzhpromgrup leadership has worked hard to restore popularity and economic relevance; Yuzhpromgrup's consumer market have re-established itself as open and lucrative. YuzhOboron, the companies most remote output is growing at astronomic speeds. With GDP at over 500 billions and fiscal reserves at over 16% of GDP the YuzhOboron Corporation is well poised to support the companies increased drive to expand its business to Eurasia and Ocean. The rapid development of the economy is also on pace with the military development. Currently the region has a permanent force of 15,000 personnel mostly administrative staff overseeing the deployment of over 500,000 troops throughout the Eurasia - Oceania region annually. YuzhOboron is expanding its naval and aerospace basing capacities. The Directorate of National Defense has ordered capacity to host up to 3 Fleets, 2 Major Aerospace Command, 1 Aerospace Defense Command, 1 Command of the Strategic Missile Forces, and 1 Army Group. Yuzhneftigaz will also add 1 additional Transportation Air Group to increase deployment speed and volume from bases in Yuzhneftigaz to staging areas in YuzhOboron to increase operational capabilities in the Eurasia - Oceania Military District on demand. These military expenditure increases come on as the Yuzhprom Group prepares to complete the full upgrade of its Strategic Missile Forces to 80% of its territories and regions. The Directorate of Finance and Budget determines that these military improvements are paid for and budgeted.

The Yuzhprom Groups produces over 11.3 trillion in goods and services each year. The company is major diplomatic player around the world and does business with every country in Seoul. With well over 1.2 billion citizens; the Yuzhprom Group works tirelessly to expand its economic footprint, provide security to its residents, and contribute positively towards human society. The company is known to be a strong and reliable partner and is the most recognized corporate brand around the world due its considerable presence around the world. The Yuzhprom Group is by far the world's largest corporation outstripping the next 50 corporations combined.

Tekerwan government pushes modernising health reforms

In the last year the standard of healthcare for the average Tekeri citizen has improved considerably with the introduction of costless universal health provisions such as vaccinations, widespread prescription programs, addiction treatment therapies including alcohol and tobacco as well as regular health checkups. Reformed universal healthcare has reduced infant mortality rates by 15% in the last year and has increased overall life expectancy by two further years per capita. The President visited new state of the art public hospitals last month to engage with patients and medical professionals benefitting from the vast new resources available toward the national health.

Increased spending on Tekeri military begins as part of efforts to improve military capacity

An interview with the Minister of Military Affairs Mr Hayek Tayafari revealed that in the last budget the Tekeri government followed through with the first stages of its promised military expansion, improving an increase of 16% to the military budget overall. The Tayafari went onto explain that the majority of this funding would go onto modernise the equipment and training regime of Tekerwan's conscript army and push for more professionalisation amongst their ranks. The second priority would be toward training pilots for military and civilian purposes. He would go on to add that observers can expect multiple waves of new military funding in the face of surrounding 'arms racecar' nations. In similar news the orbital satellite program of Tekerwan has near completion with an expected first satellite to be launched within two years under the name ED-3 or Eddie as many of its creators have come to affectionately refer to it as. Once in the air it will provide Tekerwan with eventual unrestricted range of it's intercontinental ballistic missiles and also to provide the first steps towards active pursuit of, quote, 'space age objectives'.

(Kirill Seleznev - Director of Mass Media and Communication)

Directorate of Media and Communication forced to cut digital services from multiple countries


The Yuzhprom Group has been forced several foreign media and digital services providers out of the Yuzhneftigaz market due to contractual breaches. Several corporations were discovered to be running influence campaigns inside the Yuzhprom Group in order to weaken the corporation. With the company having an open economy and deregulated environment; the Directorate only discovered the contractual breaches as the Directorate executed its Anti-Corruption protocols.

The Directorate has ordered massive fines against these companies which blames these service providers for 'initiating a signal' to opposition and subversive elements within the Yuzhneftigaz society to undermine the regions historically stable and loyal qualities. As the unquestioned center of Yuzhprom military power; the Executive Council has determined that it will expend all resources to ensure the region does not collapse under foreign influence. However Chairman Viktor Zubkov has not ruled out issuing penalties towards suspected entities once the dust settles.

Currently the Yuzhprom Group struggles to hold on to its most prosperous region of Yuzhtec as the Executive Council leads a massive anti-corruption drive. However analyst suspect that the Executive Council will save the region and consolidate its strength even if the military region of Yuzhneftigaz collapses. The Directorate of Analytics has determined that the region of Yuzhtrans is currently the most stable region of the Yuzhprom Group and suggest massively increasing placement of corporate assets in the region. The Yuzhprom Group at its largest extent controlled 9 territories and regions; with 5 remaining territories the Yuzhprom Group cannot afford to keep shrinking in size and scope.
President of Tekerwan announces first official Tekerwan national day of celebration

Earlier today the Minister of Internal Communications Adhejr Nadar announced on behalf of the Tekeri President that the 24th of April was to become the first day of national celebrations across the country, in order to commemorate the creation of Tekerwan, it's survival and its prosperity.

Fireworks of many colours and varieties are being purchased in en masse throughout the nation and several related areas report record growth during a period of nationwide tax free pyrotechnics and party food and items.

The President formally invited foreign dignitaries from all corners of World Seoul to attend celebrations alongside a military parade in the capital of Yurinio, intended to show off the new additions to Tekerwan's ballistic missile systems and the expansion of Tekerwan's military capacity following rounds of 'modernisation' during the last term of the Presidency.

In other news the General Elections in Tekerwan produced record results voting in favour of the Tekerwan Workers Party at 70% of the vote in very transparent and fluid democratic process.
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