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(Vitaly Markelov - Director of Territorial Administration)

Yuzhprom Group averts complete collapse; enhances long-term prospects


The responsiveness of the Yuzhprom Group to crisis and the ability to detect future tragedies and maneuver to avoid them has saved the companies long-term prospects. The company sees system-wide economic stability; and improving social indicators crucial for the companies long-term success. Yuzhprom's current major concern is avoiding a Soviet style collapse due to the massive corruption in Yuzhtec. The Executive Board has launched a massive anti-corruption drive in the region which has slowed new receipts of corruption already. The Directorate of Justice and Legal affairs is still simply building up its capacity to effectively address all the corruption cases. A massive effort is still required to ensure this region is brought back into compliance. The Company will increase compliance enforcement in other regions to ensure this does not spread like a cancer.

The Yuzhprom Group is pleased to announce that 80% of its region host intercontinental ballistic missiles. While there are few tangible military threats in this era; the company is obliged to build up its massive deterrent power to ensure that any attack on the Yuzhprom Group will see a 3 to 4 retaliatory nuclear salvo raining down on our enemies. The company still sees Baba Yetu as its primary military rival and notes that efforts to contain its influence has been highly successful. The company will add 800k additional troops to maintain the companies position in the top 5 conventional military powers; this additions will be added to South American military regions.

The Yuzhprom Group is the 11th largest economy in the world with the number one population. The Executive Council is working to increase the companies output which has fallen behind schedule. Yuzhprom aims for 15 trillion in output within 2 years which would place the company as the 10th largest economy. The Council is accelerating progress on the development of a border wall around Yuzhtec to stop mass migration out of Yuzhtec. Already the region has lost 200,000 working age citizens which has decimated the economy and placed immeasurable strain on the companies finances. Remarkably the region through intensive automation has managed to produce additional output beating expectations YoY. We are working to solve these most important steps immediately. The company also massively boost family benefits to begin replenishing the adult populations.

Drunk off prosperity; hungover? Tekeri budget 2029-2030 indicates

The Minister of Finance announced this morning that the next fiscal year beginning this winter would see new efforts by the government to reduce the considerable deficit, set to rise the national debt to around 90% of GDP.

Part of the announcement included plans to coexist the general cost of living with a minimum provision welfare state. The Minister stressed that minor cuts to welfare and state pensions wouldn't leave citizens without the means to resume a basic standard of living. Accompanying hike in excise taxes would allow the Tekeri government to avert a debt crisis whilst not dramatically reducing the average quality of life in the country.

This budget sets itself apart in a few other ways including a minor reduction in the relatively small but efficient justice budget, and several state subsidising program as well as an almost universal spending freeze including on the young national health service and to the range of ambitious military expansion goals. In the last two years particularly Tekerwan evidently has shifted its concerns from establishing itself on the geopolitical stage and instead turning inward to tend to domestic issues.

(Sergey Khomyakov - Director of National Defense)

Yuzhprom Group test new powerful missiles as Baba Yetu expands navy in Indian Ocean


Today the Director of the Yuzhprom Directorate of National Defense announced that 80% of regions are equipped with ICBMs. This means that most of the Yuzhprom Group would be capable of delivering a fatal blow to any enemy which mistakes its large territorial portfolio as a liability to the company. These vast land holdings are now our strongest military deterrent as they house the world's largest nuclear force. Work is continuing to equip each territory with it's own independent but networked capable Missile Defense System. The Director spoke to reporters -

"The Yuzhprom Group is arguably Seoul's top military power when aggregate and qualitative military strength is jointly calculated. While we have never been and do not plan to 'First Strike' user; the company does reserve the right to respond to overwhelming conventional attacks on our territory, allies, or interest with a nuclear response. It was first observed during the unsuccessful merger between Figemon and the Yuzhprom Group where massive forces from Baba Yetu intervened and destroyed some units in the event that the company realized its coventional military limits.

From that moment where the Government of Baba Yetu made the aggressive move against the Yuzhprom Group that the company set out to ensure it could administer an overwhelming and disproportionate military response to any hostility. Today Baba Yetu controls a military advantage of less than 1 million men, in the next 3 months this gap will shrink considerably. These drills today display Yuzhprom's resolve to protect its interest which is the domination of Seoul economic markets. If Baba Yetu continues to present itself as a barrier to this mission, the Directorate of National Defense is obligated to provide a solution to this issue.

To help meet these ends, the Yuzhprom Group massively defense industry has begun exporting billions of more new defense products to our partners in the Volkerbund and have recently signed new contracts with the Governments of Tekerwan and Iron Hills on Military - Technical Cooperation. This will ensure the in full supply of modern and advanced military technologies and support. The Group will continue to build up long range bomber and transport bases in Central Asia and the Pacific. The Company will also increase production of Action Platforms to launch its weapons from."

The Yuzhprom Group reminds our partners that its military developments are purely designed to counter and contain the fascist forces of the Empire of Baba Yetu.

Tekerwan cancels free trade agreement with Baba Yetu

Early this morning the President of Tekerwan officially cancelled a decades old free trade agreement with Baba Yetu in support of the Yuzhprom group.

The President described the agreement as outdated and a product of the fledgling diplomacy of his young republic during unstable years with no place in the new Central Asian power's diplomatic strategy.

The timing of this move is unclear whether it will have any effect upon the attendance of foreign dignitaries at the Tekeri National Day of Celebration in a few days time.

(Viktor Zubkov - Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group)

Yuzhprom Group prepares to expand coalition against Baba Yetu


The Yuzhprom Group which holds considerable interest in the stability of Seoul markets is not alone in its concern of Baba Yetu overt militarism. The Empire brazenly expands its armed forces even as the international community condemns these actions. Now the Directorate of Intelligence reports that the Empire agents continue to meddle in the internal affairs of the Yuzhprom Group seeking the collapse of Yuzhneftigaz which would blunt the much desired and praised companies 'Pivot to Asia'.

In order to combat this we are taking additional steps to secure the Yuzhneftigaz region and our strategic allies of Iron Hills and Tekerwan has agreed to unite air defense commands to ensure the security of the Africa - Eurasia space. This geopolitical zone acts as a massive buffer zone between the Empire and Yuzhprom Group. The company which is expanding its Pacific fleet from bases in Yuzhtec is already thoroughly protected from any major assault from the Pacific by our powerful allies in the Volkerbund. The Yuzhprom Group is indeed one of the most secure entities on the planet.

The company announces new additions to its geopolitical portfolio. The nation of Figemon has agreed to allow the Yuzhprom Group to conduct joint training drills. The Yuzhprom Navy will deploy a amphibious assault group to the Sea of Bluthan to test the countries ability to detect and repeal an amphibious invasion from its approaches. As the Yuzhprom Group and Figemon restore relations after the mistaken merger of the two countries; intensive military contacts between the countries its crucial. The Government of Figemon has expressed its alarm at the growing size of its southern neighbor and seeks to expand the mix of its foreign allies to counter balance Baba Yetu influence. Yuzhprom along with its allies in the Corporate Alliance will work to prevent the domination of the Figemon economy by the massive Baba Yetu economy. Yuzhprombank will invest 50 billion rubles annually into the Figemon economy.

In the future, the Yuzhprom Group will consider expanding its nuclear shield to other countries threatened by the Baba Yetu Empire. While Baba Yetu may threaten its massive economic leverage against countries which go against it. The Yuzhprom Group reminds Louysa that it remains the only entity capable of its complete and utter destruction if it upsets the current global order. The effective Union of Volkerbund and ANN through the close coordination of the influential Yuzhprom Group ensures all nations remain safe.

President of Tekerwan sets out long term plans for federation-style government in Central Asia

The President speaks to a meeting of party officials of all ranks, members of parliamentary opposition and invited international press representatives:

The Tekeri nation has moved forward in leaps and bounds since the establishing of our great republic. We, together, have drafted and enacted a constitution and system of government that stands as a enviable model to many nations of the world that, as ours does, encompasses many ethnic groups and cultural influences. All of which coexist with each other and blend into the wholeness of the people that we call Tekeri. However large swathes of the ethnic groups within Tekerwan exist outside of our national borders and live in systems of government that cannot provide, are mercantilist or just simple cease to function. I have spoken to citizens that have relatives living in the lands of unrest and friends that they have struggled to contact for decades due to civil unrest. In recent years our military has begun to actively operate in territories outside of the recognised Tekeri border, delivering humanitarian aid and basic operations to reduce the influence of criminal cartels and warlords in these regions. As these regions become more stabilised and the liberated communities warm toward Tekeri authorities, we will begin to lay claim to some of these territories in order to reunify and protect the ethnic groups within Tekerwan and eventually create a federal government.

(A.A. Fedortsov - President of the Yuzhprom Supreme Economic Court)

Yuzhprom Supreme Economic Court orders Baba Yetu assets impounded


The President of the Yuzhprom Supreme Economic Court has ordered that the financial and physical assets of the Empire of Baba Yetu located within the jurisdictions of the Yuzhprom Group or its representatives or intermediaries be immediately impounded pending the court decision on an ongoing case against its government.

The Yuzhprom Directorate of Legal and Judicial Affairs filed a motion to have the Empire's assets frozen as it awaits the Courts decision on an ongoing case where the Directorate accuses the Empire of massive economic damages against the Yuzhprom Group. The Directorate claims that the subversive and brazen actions of the Empire of Baba Yetu against the Yuzhprom Group since the intervention has cost the company at least 3.3 trillion rubles in profit losses, unexpected and unavoidable cost, loss of life and property as well as ongoing cost of defending against the Empire's military ambitions and defending against the attacks on Yuzhneftigaz and other Yuzhprom regions.

The YSEC is expected to rule in favor of the Directorate of Justice and Legal Affairs

(Vitaly Markelov - Director of Territorial Administration)

Yuzhprom Group under severe pressure from Baba Yetu, nuclear forces placed on highest alert


The Yuzhprom Group is under enormous pressure from the Baba Yetu Empire. The Directorate of Territorial Administration was flummoxed when the extremely stable rule in Yuzhtrans met a premature end. The Administration believes the Governor of the Region was assassinated by operatives of the Baba Yetu Empire. Intelligence officials suspect that the move could be a shot across the bow against officials in Yuzhgorod that that "Afro-Eurasian" wall protecting the Yuzhprom home region could be penetrated that Yuzhprom society could be shattered slowly.

As such the Territorial Administration is increasing security to its operations in the companies regions, territories, and special economic zones. Governors of remaining regions especially the far-flung frontline YuzhOboron region will see Alpha - Level Security Protocols enacted. The company will have no choice but to seek a diplomatic solution to the conflict between Baba Yetu and the Yuzhprom Group to avoid a Soviet style collapse.

The Directorate of External Relations will deploy to Baba Yetu to begin immediate discussions on the issues. The Directorate will primarily focus on the military dimensions of the Yuzhprom Group's concerns with Baba Yetu, the company will also offer to resume economic relations, and will offer to re-direct its nuclear forces away from Baba Yetu if an agreement is concluded. However Baba Yetu must limit its military operations in zones controlled by the Yuzhprom Group such the South Atlantic, and Indian Ocean.

(Dmitry Patrushev - Director of Yuzhprom Infrastructure Bank)

Yuzhprom Group backs Tekerwan expansion with force of nuclear strength and financial backing


Speaking at a dinner with domestic and foreign investors and developers in YuzhOboron economy. Director of the Yuzhprom Infrastructure Bank reassured investors that the Yuzhprom Group would support its ally Tekerwan rightful mandate to secure its ancestral region of Central Asia under its jurisdiction. The Director spoke confidently:

"Our Tekeri friends have long held our blessing to secure its central asian steppes. It's only obvious that the only way to ensure its economic future is to stabilize and develop its frontier regions against the hordes of lawless nomads raiding Tekeri citizens and trade routes. Naturally as the Corporate Alliance is the largest trading partner to Tekerwan; we fully support Tekerwan taking these steps to protect our trade if nothing else.

It's true that the Tekerwi, Iron Hills, Corporate Alliance Pact has some lingering tensions with one Eastern Asian power. We believe this annexation is outside the scope of tensions. Seeing as the Pact has agreed to establish spheres of influence. Leaving all concerns of the politics of East Asia between those states. However if some foreign power does decide to breach the sovereign prerogatives of the Tekerwan Republic to secure its region; we are sure any military attempts against this effort will receive an instant response from the Yuzhprom Strategic Missile Forces.

In short, the Yuzhprom Group is committed to the development of this region. As head of the YIB I can ensure investors that the company will collectively match all other investments made by remaining members of the Corporate Alliance. The YIB itself pledges economic support of at least 100 billion rubles, and total economic pledges from the Yuzhprom Group can reach up to 750 billion rubles."

The Yuzhprom Group remains the largest company in Seoul; its economic footprint spans all continents, and consist of 4 territories spread across 2 continents. The Yuzhprom Group currently experience the pains many nations experience in Seouls dying dies and works to continue improving the lives of its citizens. The Yuzhprom Group will continue to develop it economy and security in order to facilitate this mission.

(Vitaly Markelov - Director of Territorial Administration)

YuzhOboron SEZ showing large success, most profitable region


The Director of the Territorial Administration hosted attended a Defense Expo -
OboronExPo to demonstrate that the companies new decentralized economic development program has been the key to success in YuzhOboron. The region from the start has been established as a low tax, low regulation, and high freedom environment. While the Administration does oversee the fulfillment of basic obligations to the rest of the company, YuzhOboron is effectively the most autonomous region of the Corporate Alliance.

As such international investors have plowed billions into the economy, this has driven growth, innovation, and prosperity for all. Even with the massive investment program by the regional and corporate authorities, the region continues to produce returns of no less than 40 billion annually. Output even temporarily topped 1 trillion before minor decrease due to the unexpected effects of privatizing the healthcare market. Nonetheless, Yuzhgorod does expect the regional authorities to continue to slowly lower the tax burden in company even more. This will drive continued consumer growth and draw in investment. The Governor of YuzhOboron says he hopes to deliver a mix of tax reduction and services increases totaling between 10 to 20 billion rubles over a two year period.

As the growing region will likely continue to need huge investments in infrastructure, along with additional judicial and legal staff to monitor and enforce anti-corruption laws, it's likely the Governor will seek to increase services spending. While YuzhOboron was originally intended to be a military outpost of the Yuzhprom Group plans to prioritize the territories economic development seem to be of greater importance. The Director of T.A. spoke briefly -

"We are still continuing to develop the military potential of the region, namely the full upgrade of the YuzhOboron regions strategic deterrent capacities. Due to the evolving realities faced by the Yuzhprom Group; long gone is the notion of a Pivot to Asia. Therefore the company has decided to defend its vast Area of Responsibility which covers all of South America, along with Central Africa, part of North Africa, the Indian Ocean, East Southern Pacific, along with the South Atlantic Ocean, and the approaches into the Southern Ocean.

This vast region is currently being secured by the 4.5 million man army of the Yuzhprom Group. And at this time, the Yuzhprom Group no longer considers Baba Yetu a threat to its existence. As such the company will no longer increase its armed forces in South America. New forces will only be included to provide credible defense to YuzhOboron in the event of the collapse of the Yuzhneftigaz region."
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