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(Timur Kulibaev - President of Yuzhprombank)

Yuzhprom Group welcomes giant Royal Bank NIBC to South America


From the Headquarters of the Yuzhprombank Corporation which serves as the central bank of the Yuzhprom Group. Bank President Timur Kulibaev responsible for regulating the massive 22.4 trillion ruble financial markets of the Yuzhprom Group; has welcomed the entry of the Royal Bank into the monolithic markets of Seoul. The President stressed that the Bank as a landlocked country should seek to rapidly integrate its economy with the rest of South America's. The President further elaborated -

"The Yuzhprombank would like to support the rapid development of the Royal Bank NIBC. For this to happen the company would like to begin signing agreements which allow access to the very large population of NIBC over 800 million souls. The Yuzhprombank and its network of partners within the Corporate Alliance - Banking and Financial Services Committee would be elated to fully integrate NIBC into the global economy.

This will require leveraging the capital, experience, and reach of the Yuzhprombank and its Corp Alliance partners which operates on all continents and controls 77% of all global capital and manages over 80% of global payment transactions. Naturally the inclusion of the NIBC within the association of Seoul Corporate behemoths it will undoubtedly support its developmental goal.

Yuzhprombank is prepared to provide capital to NIBC up to 100% of its current annual output. The Yuzhprom Group is the strongest and most reliable corporate partner you'll find. Trust in our innovative solutions for your personal, business, or national needs. Building the future is our priority."

The friendly tones of the Yuzhprom top executives come as the company seeks to expand membership in the Corporate Alliance which comprises the Yuzhprom Group itself, and the largest 2,000 companies in the world. NIBC being the second corporate state in Seoul stands to gain from membership in this powerful business lobby.

(Viktor Zubkov - Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group)

Gazprom Group to divest completely from Seoul


Viktor Zubkov Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group, and also Chairman of the Gazprom Group Board of Directors announces that Parent Company - OAO Gazprom Group has decided to divest from the World Seoul. The companies decision to exit the collapsing markets comes as the Volkerbund leadership failed to transfer partial leadership of the alliance into the companies portfolio. The company was therefore unable to fully leverage available financial instruments to maximize its growth and hit intended growth targets.

Mr Zubkov who holds the dual roles as Chairman of both Gazprom and subsidiary Yuzhprom decided to implement the liquidation of the company. The powerful Chairman was unable to secure enough international clout to further the companies interest. Gazprom Space Systems will begin transferring assets from the companies territories off world to the Trans-Dimensional Relay just past the orbit of Seoul Pluto. Any citizens of the Yuzhprom Group desiring to migrate to another territory of the Gazprom Group will be processed. With over 1.2 billion citizens Gazprom Space Systems has deployed enough ships to transfer Yuzhprom's assets within a single calender year. In a speech to investors and citizens Mr Zubkov

"Our role in Seoul has been enduring and fruitful; the company has raised the standard of living for billions, and created wealth unimaginable in Seoul history. Therefore we leave knowing we left this world in a better place than we found in. We are extremely saddened that the economic landscape in Seoul can longer sustain our business model. Once the Yuzhprom Group has been dissolved, I will resume work as the Chairman of the Gazprom Group Board of Directors."

The Yuzhprom Group has shrunk from its height of 9 territories to the current 3. This has eliminated profit potential and eliminated the companies security potential. The Yuzhprom Group can no longer acquire its goal of the domination of Seoul markets and can barely protect its traditional markets on the continents of South America and Africa.

(Andrey Kruglov - Director of International Commerce)

Yuzhprom dissolution to be 'responsible and orderly'


Today the Director of the Yuzhprom Group Directorate of International Commerce calmed international leaders and investors that the Gazprom Group would not hurriedly exit the Seoul market. The Director further elaborated:

"As a professional organization, Yuzhprom and Gazprom Group understands that it has immense responsibilities to its international partners. The company has a presence in nearly every aspect of Seoul society. Thus we realize that the stability of international markets relies on the orderly exit of the company from Seoul. We promise that we will not rush this process and the Directorate of International Commerce will continue to operate normally until the Executive Council implements the Order of Divestment.

For now my directorate will begin preliminary measures needed to begin winding some non-critical operations in Seoul. We will begin consolidating our offices internationally and reducing programs designed to facilitate international trade. The Directorate will continue to lead the Corporate Alliance until the last stages of the Order of Divestment. As far as I understand the company will continue investing in its security obligations; the allies and partners of the company will continue to enjoy the protections of Yuzhprom conventional and nuclear protections. We will continue these obligations until our partners have developed competent alternatives to Yuzhprom Military - Technical Cooperation."

The Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group announced that the Gazprom Group has motioned to divest from World Seoul. This decision comes on the back of intensive and extensive economic warfare made against the Yuzhprom Group made it impossible to expand operations in the world. Predatory economic policies undermined exports, credit trade, investment, and movement of people and capital. The company blames Baba Yetu and its massive economy for the targeted actions against the Yuzhprom Group. Unfortunately the early attacks went unnoticed and prevented the company from achieving the scale needed to eventually become immune to such attacks.

Zubkov arrives back in Moscow


Chairman of the Gazprom Board of Directors and outgoing Yuzhprom Chairman Viktor Zubkov has returned to Moscow ahead of schedule. The influential Chairman was received by powerful CEO of the Gazprom Management Committee Alexei Miller at Moscow Vnukovo Interstellar Space Port. The Chairman was received by a massive delegation of 10,000 business leaders, government officials, citizens, and alien delegations. The arrival of Mr Zubkov conflicted with reports from the Yuzhprom Directorate of Communication which stated that Mr Zubkov," would remain in World Seoul until the very last moments."

Mr Zubkov is rumored to have left ahead of schedule to return to work as the Gazprom Group Board Chairman. Recently the Gazprom Group encountered an extremely hostile alien race which has seized hundreds of Gazprom controlled worlds in Galaxy MKW-UA000001. With hundreds of planets falling in the home district of the massive multi-dimensional corporate behemoth, officials from the Ros'Gaz Union State have recalled all high level leaders back to the Earth which is heavily fortified. There are rumors that the alien race may have access to transdimensional technologies which would make Mr. Zubkov presence in the AR$ Wild Sector extremely dangerous.

Mr. Zubkov returned with some members of the Yuzhprom Executive Council who will be coordinating the repatriation of corporate assets out of World Seoul. Mr Zubkovs return fleet also carried the first 13 million citizen transfers. The citizens will be re-settled throughout the Gazprom Group territories. The Yuzhprom Group will continue to operate at minimal levels in Seoul as the company refocuses. Yuzhprom will continue to execute its obligations in World Seoul until the very end. Chairman Zubkov signed an order to transfer the territories of the Yuzhprom Group to the native settlers of the land, there will be transfers of some territory and assets to allies and partners in the world.

The Gazprom Group stock has decreased .5% on the news of the sweeping alien invasion. The Gazprom Group is mobilizing millions of vessels and billions of soldiers to strike back at the alien invaders. The Gazprom Directorate of Security Affairs has warned citizens to evacuate the effected regions as the Directorate has ordered the implosion of dozens of stars in systems to erode away at their numbers. the Gazprom Fleet will then isolate the regions of space from access to outbound light speed travel as the Gazprom fleets blockade the effected regions of space.

Poor economic conditions provoke new round of sweeping reforms by Tekerwan government

In the face of multiple recessions in the Tekeri economy, linked to global factors, the President has enacted some of the 'lighter' clauses of his emergency enabling powers which is expected to be debated by Parliament in four years on the necessities of these measures.

These include a controversial set of risky fiscal reforms the long standing currency the Po is to be gradually replaced by a new currency within the next quarter which will annul around 60% of the national debt. As part of tax reforms the exchequer can expect significantly increased revenue from tariff increases and also gradual increases to income tax in Tekerwan, comfortably borrowing some of the Tekeri population's expendable income.

In other news the Tekeri nation looks nervously overseas as its mysterious corporatocratic ally prepares for potential ruin and talks of wars in worlds unknown to Tekerwan. Also despite requests from the Tekeri diplomatic line the nation of Damodar has continuously refused to come to talks with Tekerwan regarding the ongoing arms race and diplomatic tensions,

(Valery Golubev - Director of Finance and Budget)

Golubev issues final directive before departing to Moscow


The Director of Finance and Budget has signed the order to begin the transfer of major corporate assets and properties to Yuzhtec which will host the largest amount of vessels evacuating citizens from Seoul. The Director stated that the company must work hard to preserve the economic balance of the regions but warned that that Yuzhprom Group must fulfill its obligations towards Moscow before any other entity.

The Directors orders begins the transfer of over 300 billion rubles in assets annually to Yuzhtec. The companies massive armed forces will be protecting the shipping of the goods towards Yuzhtec and our allies will also assist in this process. Moscow has mandated that at least 5 trillion in assets make it off work, so far the Gazprom Space Systems have assisting in relocating 15% of the population and 12% of assets. Moscow will deploy additional resources if any other territories collapse.

The Director also approved the Directorate of External Relations request to cede additional territories and fixed assets to loyal allies. Yuzhprom Group has shed 66% of its territories and just over 40% of its wealth these properties have been transferred to local authorities or allies. Director Valery Golubev officially departed Seoul at 17:00 hours and will settle in Moscow working in as an Bureau Director Gazprom's Directorate of Financial Affairs.

Economic Advisors suggest debt relief for Yuzhneftgaz

S.A. National Iranian Banking Corporation, Office of the Chief Economist

The advisory board suggest, that debitors of Yuzhneftgas agree to a debt relief. Under the current circumstances Yuzneftgas will face a total bankruptcy, if the management board and bond holder cannot agree on a debt cut. In case of bankruptcy, bonds of Yuzhneftgas will expire worthless. So, it is better to find a mutual agreement rather than facing total losses. Currently Yuzhneftigas pays the absurd amount of 700 bn $ annual yields to bond holders, effectively a 20% yield p.a.. Under this conditions no company can maintain profitable economic activities.

The advisory board calls CEO Alexei Miller to enact Money Reform II by using Action Points.

Advisory Board of the Chief Economist
Financing economic growth globally

(Andrey Kruglov - Director of International Commerce)

Yuzhprom Group rejects Yuzhneftigaz bailout measures


The Director of International Commerce has commented on the NIBC, Chief Economist recommendation on a bailout program for the Yuzhneftigaz Corporation.

"The Executive Council has decided to execute the implementation of MR2 and will begin immediate cuts to social benefits in the next quarter. We appreciate our partners. Yuzhneftigaz is our most important military region and will work tirelessly to retain the region inside the Yuzhprom Group. The company now moves to correct the unpopularity in the region, we are also looking to boost metrics in YuzhOboron. However the Group is still reeling back from the covert economic attacks against the company. With the companies limited methods of response the company has been slow to shrug off the symptoms of the economic blackmail. Nonetheless support from Moscow has assisted in retaining flexibility in our economic models."

The Yuzhprom Group at its largest spanned 9 territories on 2 continents. The company is the largest in the world with over 2 billion citizens, the company has been ordered to divest from Seoul and is expected to exit the world within a reasonable amount of time.

Chief Economist Reza Hamed Sadarat

Chief Economist Sadarat on its way to Yuzhprom Group

S.A. National Iranian Banking Corporation, Office of the Chief Economist

Rumors about a debt cut have lead to an strong return of sales at Yuhzneftigaz sales, rising the total sales ~100%. Buyers of goods anticipated Yuzhneftigaz to avoid bancrupcy and started again to fill the order books of the Yuhzprom subsidiary. But still at current rates the future development is incalculable. This is why Chief Economist Reza H. Sadarat will fly tonight with his advisory Board to Moscow to meet Chairman Vsevelod Kasparov from the Honorary Yuzhprom Corporation. The target of this mission is to present new approaches to the current crisis.

Key actions to stabilize the Yuhzneftigaz operations are:

- max. lowering the interest rate
- max. increasing the monetary supply
- increasing justice budget to calm down angry workers

Still to be discussed is the debt cut. NIBC advisory push on a harsh and fast cut of debts since they make it impossible for Yuhzneftigaz to finance at more affordable rates on the international capital markets. Chief Economist Sadarat is sure, that by switching from internal financing to state-of-the-art external, capital market financing, Yuzhneftigaz could save about 800-900 bn. Rubel p.a.

Advisory Board of the Chief Economist
Financing economic growth globally

(Vitaly Markelov - Director of Territorial Administration)

Territorial Administration appoints NIBC officials to Yuzhneftigaz's Department of Fiscal and Economic Policy


Vitaly Markelov Director of the Yuzhprom Group Territorial Administration has on the recommendation of the Acting Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group appointed several experts from the NIBC to leading and deputy positions within Yuzhneftigaz's Department of Fiscal and Economic Policy. The Director further elaborated:

"Despite the NIBC still being considerably smaller than the Yuzhprom Group, our observations with the banking giants consultancy unit shows it produces serious results. Therefore in the interest of citizens and shareholders my Office will have no issues with this appointment. Our hope is that entrusting these officials with some responsibility with correcting these issues, we can save our most important military region and NIBC will gain additional contracts due to its completing this momentous task. It's a win..."

The Director was quick to correct suspicions that this was a marriage of the two corporations.

"The Yuzhprom Group and NIBC are two entirely separate entities with different ownership chains. Yuzhprom is a subsidiary of the Gazprom Group which controls 50.1% of shares. NIBC is an entity of the Iranian State. While Gazprom and Iranian State have cooperated many times, there are no intentions of the Executive Council to cede autonomy to the NIBC. Despite the speed bumps, Yuzhprom Group still retains its place as the world's largest corporation, the largest nuclear power, and the head of the Corporate Alliance. Our friends in the NIBC invest in their success when they invest in ours. We will consider the formation of a joint corporation for cooperating on international projects. However this can only occur after progress in our abroad units."

The Territorial Administration administers the application of central law in the subsidiaries of the Yuzhprom Group. The Administration is empowered to appoint and dismiss even elected officials in the company for extraordinary or serious circumstances. During the ongoing crisis, the Territorial Administration ensures the continuation of the companies control by quickly shifting out officials or policies acting against the health of the company. This is why the Administration is able to appoint the NIBC officials.
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