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Huge wave of reforms presents a firm end to the economic crisis in Tekerwan

Over the last few years in Tekerwan, it's citizens and government officials became uncertain about the future of the central Asian power as debt slowly rid tens of percentages over the national GDP and dreams of being a spacetech federal superpower could be at an end.

The President enacted, for the first time, a small number of clauses from his constitutional emergency enabling acts in order to implement overarching reforms to his nations economy and law. The nation that emerged from the final steps would be changed irreversibly. A new currency to replace the old and aged one is now in full circulation and is finding its place in the currency market globally. The regent also used the initiative of his emergency powers to make it a matter of law that, if able to, corporations within Tekerwan must to the best of their ability provide employment for Tekeri citizens. These moves, coming hard and so close together triggered the largest recession in the history of Tekerwan, reducing the GDP by around 30%. It will take years for the federal republic to sufficiently lick its wounds clean and regain full course but is showing signs that it is back on track to pursue its long term goals.

For the first time in nearly a decade the Tekeri military spending freeze has been broken by a 10% increase to be distributed proportionally amongst professionalisation of the Tekeri armed forces and upgrading land armour and also jet fighters. Alongside these upgrades to conventional forces the long awaited project to solidify national ICBM defence systems have been completed, adding Tekerwan to the list of nations with a satellite based land to air defence system against potential atomic weapons attacks and similar.

The pursuit to space has also regained acceleration as the Tekeri government provides spending for a project to increased the fluidity of travel between Tekerwan and the atmospheric-aerospace above it. The President announced to invited press officials in Parliament that Tekeri borders would continue incursions outward but also upward into higher airspace and outer atmos area.

(Vitaly Markelov - Director of Territorial Administration)

Territorial Administration orders emergency evacuations from overseas regions


The Director of the Territorial Administration deliver an emergency message ordering citizens in YuzhOboron and Yuzhneftigaz to immediately evacuate the regions immediately. The Director further elaborated:

"Despite our best efforts the Territorial Administration and the Yuzhprom Group can no longer ensure the rule of law and thus our secure governance over the regions. Therefore we are enforcing martial law as corporate officials, citizens, and foreign carry out what will be an orderly evacuation of the Yuzhprom Group from Africa. Do not panic, do not fret the company is enlisting the full power of its allies in the Corporate Alliance, as well as Volkerbund along with Iron Hills and Tekerwan. Gazprom Space Systems will immediately transfer citizens prepared to enter Universe One, GSS will divert operations in Yuzhtec to transport as many people and assets out of those territories.

With the impending collapse of two overseas territories, the Territorial Administration cannot longer be in effect. After the term of the evacuations the Territorial Administration will be disbanded and oversight of these regions will transfer to the Directorate of National Defense until their collapse."

With the impending collapse of the 'group' part of Yuzhprom. Yuzhprom has moved to transfer many assets to its allies and friends. The companies remaining Executive Council is preparing to evacuate to Moscow, and leave day to day management to their deputies. There is even consideration to transform the region into a more democratic entity as the corporate mission of the group has failed. This would include an overhaul of the political system and the introduction of elections for central figures. This new state could be called Yuzhpromia which is the cultural name for the Yuzhprom Group.

(Andrey Kruglov - President of YuzhOboron)

Company rules ends in South America, Yuzhprom settles in African bastion


The once powerful Yuzhprom Group has lost its global clout and territorial holdings in a prolonged and agonizing collapse. From a peak of 9 territories, the company now rest in its newest colony now capital of YuzhOboron. The former military region is a bastion of liberal society. It is now the final presence of the company in Seoul. With the rest of the company evacuated; YuzhOboron will be the final resting place of the company in Seoul.

We will continue to operate professionally and continue to carry out our obligations to our remaining partners to the very letter. However the company cannot longer commit to massive financial obligations as we once did. Therefore we are now forced to wind down investment obligations in South America as we shift our economic visions fully on the Afro-Eurasia region. This process is being taken as the residents of YuzhOboron will be asked in a referendum if they would like to transform into a republic. The remaining members of the Yuzhprom Group Executive Council have all agreed to not take place in any elections or new government so that the new potential republic will have a clean slate.

Gambled high, lost everything:
Chief Executive Officer Ali Mahmand Shahvanad

NIBC unhappy about recent development, divinvests from arms industries

S.A. National Iranian Banking Corporation, Office of the Chief Economist

Although the Board of Yuhzprom approved debt cuts for Yuhzneftigaz and did everything they could, businesses and operations of Yuzhneftigaz had to be shut down.

NIBC Board and Shareholders are deeply sorry to hear this unbearable news.

"We are very sorry to hear that our joint efforts could not change the situation and lead to the unavoidable shut down. NIBC will have to write off their share of assets and investments, but we know that this was not the fault of Yuzhprom Management but rather the consequence of negative influence from abroad", stated the Chief Executive Officer.

NIBC will further assist Yuzhprom Management in developing activities and operations.

Off-Game: Alexei, very sorry to see you lost this precious states. I think you've had a chance to win this world, such a pitty!

Board of the Honorary Royal Bank NIBC
Financing economic growth globally

(Elena Vasilyeva - Managing Director of Gazprom Seoul)

Gazprom Group to retain delegation and some minor operations in Seoul


The Gazprom Group will retain its sovereignty over the Kasselgrad metropolitan area in order to continue its purely commercial operations in the world. The company will retain sole ownership over its banking and finance divisions, as well as retaining exclusive leadership over the corporate alliance. Gazprom Seoul will retain majority ownership over some other business units and will sell off remaining shares to investors as settlement for some liabilities.

As such Gazprom Seoul will continue a major commercial presence in Seoul, albeit severely diminished compared to the strength of the relocated Yuzhprom Group. Gazprom Seoul still remains control over capital totaling in the trillions. As the company retains its exclusive jurisdiction over the very large Kasselgrad Metro Area the company still retains considerable development potential for land utilization. However with this area being the sole area under our authority their will be strict policies enforcing the use of skyscrapers.

Gazprom Seoul will retain ties with its former allies from the period of Yuzhprom Group. As such we will begin talks on settlements for losses from our allies. Our allies will also be responsible for some of our defense in exchange for some stakes in our enterprises.

(Sergey Prozorov - Commissioner for Technology and Communication)

Kasselgrad to retain control over additonal assets,
Yuzhtec and Yuzhgorod major cities

Imperial Square, Kasselgrad

In a deal reached with international powers, the Gazprom Group will be ceded control over the metropolitan areas of its seaside capitals in former Yuzhtec and Yuzhpromgrup. However the company must remove corporatocracy from its governing charter and implement democratic federalism among its city states. The Gazprom Corporate Congress has ratified the deal submitted by Gazprom Seoul Managing Director Elena Vasilyeva now President of the Kasselgrad Union.

The new reformed presence of company in Seoul works for all parties. The Gazprom Group will collect a special business tax on individuals and businesses in the Union of Kasselgrad. Gazprom will also have the power to override reject new laws but not undo passed laws in the country unless an appeal to the Gazprom Supreme Court is made. However the Gazprom Group can only reject new laws three times before it can be adopted by the State unless a Supreme Court overturns the law.

Kasselgrad will retain control over the former Yuzhprom Groups assets within the territorial confines of the city states. Kasselgrad will be given 4 years to repatriate its assets from its former territorial bounds to within its new borders. The country will retain control over all its space assets as well as all maritime assets. No shall be no limitations to the security potential of the Kasselgrad State however the country must forever renounce the use of nuclear weapons. The country has elected to employ the use of highly effective nuclear anti-nuclear missile defense to protect its 5 city states from devastation.

The country will also retain it's position within the Corporate Alliance as its still considered the largest corporation in the world by volume of assets under management with the considerable banking assets still under the control of the still operating Yuzhprombank which has been removed as the Kasselgrad central bank and has now transformed into Kasselgrad largest private bank after buying up collapsing banks under its former jurisdiction as the Yuzhprom Group dissolved. However the Kasselgrad Monetary Authority shall resume the tasks and responsibilities of Yuzhprombank.

The Union Government recently announced that it working to reestablish the robust logistic network founded by the Yuzhprom Group. Many of the shipping companies are now state owned and lack orders. The Union Commission of Trade has been tasked with assisting these companies on privatization plans and pairing them with the Union's major exporters to beginning reversing the declining profitability of these enterprises. The Union has a largely technology and finance centered economy. The massive shipping assets are not needed to ship the 'fewer' higher cost technology exports of the Union. Thus the state owned shipping companies will likely lease vessels to foreign countries. Kasselgrad Aeroflot however has booming business as passenger and cargo traffic has increased by 136% since the collapse of the Yuzhprom Group.

Tekeri forces move in to enforce territorial claims on north-eastern Asian steppe, the President addresses a congregation of international diplomats

For decades the emergent Asian superpower Tekerwan has operated outside of its established national boundaries on humanitarian missions and efforts to lay claim to the lands surrounding. In recent months a group of advanced socialist terrorist factions have come together to try and form a communistic republic, coming to conflict with Tekeri forces operating in the area to the point that the 'PatNation' claims its own independence from the Tekeri Federation framework.

The factions involved in the government of PatNation have long been blacklisted as terrorist groups by the Tekeri government and present a real and present danger to the longevity of the federation project and the protection of ethnic groups and civil rights. The President spoke to a crowd of observers:

"This afternoon I officially issued the order to our conventional forces to use all means available and legal under international law to complete the total seizure of the territory to the north east of Tekerwan in order to begin the national reintegration plan. It has long been the agenda of this popular and internationally supported government to lay claim to local lands to reunite the ethnic groups of Tekerwan. I believe it is also in the interests of the peoples currently under 'PatNation' to be liberated to prevent civil rights abuses, as are always present under hardline socialist regimes. It is my government's hope that international observers and our allies will support the Tekeri operations to secure these lands and the prosperity of it's people. It is in the interest of the greater good."

Sicherheit: Weltherrscher Fugger verurteilt Angriff auf PatNation

(Bluthanische Raketenabwehr)

In seiner jüngsten Verlautbarung verurteilte Weltherrscher Anton Fugger den von ANN-Mitglied PredWilson aus Tekerwan angezettelten Angriffskrieg auf den noch jungen Staat und Völkerbund-Mitglied PatNation.

Im nahen Osten hat damit die lange Periode des Friedens ein jähes Ende gefunden. Es stehen sich nun die mächtigsten Bündnisse der Welt in einer kriegerischen Auseinandersetzung gegenüber.

Zeitgleich inspizierte Anton Fugger auf einem nicht näher bezeichneten bluthanischen Luftwaffenstützpunkt das Raketenabwehrsystem "Antons Schleuder". Es wurden alle Tests erfolgreich absolviert.

Bei dem System handelt es sich um ein Abwehrsystem gegen Langstreckenraketen außerhalb der Atmosphäre. Damit hat Bluthan nun für alle drei Bereiche ein Raketenabwehrsystem. "Antons Schleuder" ist mobil einsetzbar und bietet Schutz für das ganze Land.

In response to diplomatic threats, Tekerwan declares ceasefire

At 2:30 CET today the operations of reclamation by Tekerwan in Eurasia will halt in favour of a new diplomatic dialogue. The President made his announcement just minutes ago:

"I have received consul from our allies in the ANN and a clear message from the Volkerbund leadership.

My government stands by its decades old policy of national reclamation in hope of a establishing a greater federation. At this time we were very close to realising our goals and reuniting our ethnic peoples' in one nation. However it is not a goal that we will pursue, under an implicit retaliation of intercontinental nuclear war. One Volkerbund nation has gone so far as to imply they will deploy weapons of mass destruction as a first response.

Despite the lack of dialogue from these leaders for decades, Tekerwan will come to a negotiation table. We will withdraw all militaristic forces from the territory known as PatNation. However we will not drop our claim of the land. If Volkerbund is interested in normal relations with Tekerwan, it will attend a summit in Yurino to discuss terms within the next quarter."

The Tekerwan Tejiyk nationalist lobby, the main local ethnic group of PatNation and the military one are said to be hard on the heels of this President already as he engages the pursuit of peace.

The President of Tekerwan announces resignation

After decades of service to his republic as the ruling president, the regent of Tekerwan announced earlier this afternoon that he would be handing in his resignation and retirement, both from the Presidency and also from the leadership of the Tekerwan Liberal Workers' Party.

During the indefinite interim period the President's brother Peter Hijituk will be appointed the regent of Tekerwan. He is a notorious diplomat and is credited with much of the effort towards Tekerwan's diplomacy, trade and alliance arrangements over his thirty year career. The ex-President is said to be retiring to a villa in the Asian step, nearby the Aral sea,

Hijituk has taken immediately to arranging diplomatic invitations to a summit in Yurino to the nations of Volkerbund and to ANN members. He is said to want this peace process done swiftly and cleaning so that normal relations can resume between the great alliances.

(Sergey Prozorov - Commissioner for Technology and Communication)

Kasselgrad Union supports peaceful resolution to Eurasian crisis, offers location for peace talks

Imperial Square, Kasselgrad State

The Kasselgrad Union expresses it's regret that the Volkerbund and ANN have created new tensions in Seoul. However we are confident that the matured leaders of both organizations will ensure world peace in Seoul. The Kasselgrad Union continues the international obligations of the Yuzhprom Group including the recognition of Tekerwan sovereignty over the steppe. However the Kasselgrad Union still retains significant ties and obligations towards the Volkerbund although no longer a member of the waning yet still prestigious organization. We encourage Tekerwan to include a confederal relationship with that of Patnation and to include the nation into Tekerwans security architecture in the region.

Kasselgrad Stock Exchange surged 1,000 points on news of the successful Volkerbund ABM test as Kasselgrad retains its Yuzhprom era commercial contracts supplying advance military equipment to Volkerbund. Kasselgradian arms exporters anticipate increased orders from ANN clients seeking buff their defenses against an increasingly flexing Volkerbund.
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