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Sicherheit: Weltherrscher Fugger zu Verhandlungen bereit

(Anton Fugger im Gespräch mit Reportern des Bluthanischen Anzeigers)

In einem Gespräch mit dieser Zeitung lies Anton Fugger verlauten, dass er grundsätzlich zu Verhandlungen über den Status von Tekerwan bereit sei. So teilte der bluthanische Präsident und amtierende Weltherrscher mit, dass "der Völkerbund und Bluthan dem Bestreben Ausdruck verleiht, die bilateralen Beziehungen mit der ANN und Tekerwan in allen Feldern zu stärken". Weiters wolle man den neuen tekerischen Präsidenten Peter Hijituk persönlich kennen lernen. Kasselgrad könne dafür der geeignete Ort sein.

Hijituk responds to new diplomatic meeting suggestions

The new President, just days after being sworn into office for the interim period, addressed an audience in the traditional fashion (as the previous President used to outside the parliament building) to a range of journalists and observers.

"Representatives of Volkerbund have responded to this new government's call for a fresh diplomatic dialogue.

The peace talks will now take place in Kasselgrad and the representatives from the former Yuzhprom group will host them. This opportunity gives our new diplomatic team a chance to show what they can produce in this new era for Tekeri politics."

Dain Applauds Peace Talks

Dain Ironfoot II, Secretary-General, Association of Neutral Nations (ANN)

NEW EREBOR - In his role as ANN Secretary-General, King Dain lauded the announcement of the upcoming diplomatic summit between Tekerwan and the leadership of Volkerbund. "I am immensely relieved that our ally Tekerwan and our partners in Volkerbund are going to work out their differences at the recently scheduled peace talks," Dain delcared. "The simple fact of the matter is that Seoul cannot afford a major war between great powers. Therefore, we must always pursue peace!"

Kourion Murders Over 700,000 Peace-Keepers!

NEW EREBOR - After the notorious dictator of Olin launched an illegal assault upon the peaceful people of CZR, Iron Hills mobilized its military to neutralize the war-mongering regime that is positioned right along Iron Hills's northeastern border. Over 700,000 soldiers participated in the humanitarian campaign to oust Generalissimo Jake93 from power.

Inexplicably, the government of Kourion mobilized its massive military to defend the war-mongering regime in Olin and, consequently, murdered over 700,000 soldiers from Iron Hills. In response, Iron Hills and its allies in the Association of Neutral Nations (ANN) have vowed diplomatic sanctions and an economic embargo against Kourion.

Sicherheit: Kourion zettelt Atomkrieg an

(Explosion in der Nähe von Limaso)

Heute Nacht hat die kouronische Armee mit einem massiven Angriff auf die Föderation Bluthan begonnen. Die Staaten des Völkerbundes haben daraufhin mit taktischen Atomschlägen auf die feindlichen Streitkräfte geantwortet.

Man wolle ausdrücklich nicht die Zivilbevölkerung treffen. Gleichwohl wird die Regierung von Ups nunmehr als Terror-Regime und ernsthafte Bedrohung für den Frieden in Seoul betrachtet.



Das Regierungspräsidium mit Sitz in Limaso lies soeben du bedingungslose Kapitulation des Staates Kourion gegenüber dem Völkerbund verlauten:

"Wir werden jeglicher Rüstungsbeschränkung Folge leisten und alle annektierte Gebiete wieder dem Völkerbund zukommen lassen. Des weiteren werden wir auch jeglicher Reparationszahlen bedingungslos zustimmen, solange sie im Rahmen des möglichen liegen. [...]"

Association of Neutral Nations (ANN) Accepts Armistice with Kourion

NEW EREBOR - After a catastrophic world war which has included the large-scale use of nuclear weapons, Dain Ironfoot II, Secretary-General of the Association of Neutral Nations (ANN), officially accepted an armistice with Kourion. "ANN accepts the armistice with Kourion and looks forward to the negotiation of a long-term peace treaty," Ironfoot announced.

(Elena Vasilyeva - President of the Kasselgrad Union)

Kasselgrad Union to invest 300 billion AR$ into anti-global warming measures

Imperial Square, Kasselgrad Union

The Kasselgrad Union is investing a mammoth amount of funds into building up the federation of city-states flooding protection for the next 500 years. The Union which consist of 8 coastal megalopolis's is highly vulnerable to the effects of global warming and major storms. That's why Imperial Square is leveraging the extensive financial resources of the Union to ensure the Union states are around for the next hundreds of years.

The Commission for Environmental Protection has proposed a mega-project that will take 10 to 15 years to complete and cost over 300 billion ars. The project was approved by the Supreme Union Rada and will be implemented by the largest construction firms in the Corporate Alliance. The designs complement the futuristic cityscape of the Kasselgrad Union territories, and will allow the citizenry to enjoy 500 year protection and still enjoy nature and their livelihoods.

The federal government will maintain a fund to compensate individuals and enterprises from losses during the construction of this massive project. The project entails constructing new rings of barrier islands and flood walls around the coastlines of the cities. Massive underground wells will be created to store flood waters which will then be used within the cities sewage system and will be pumped throughout the continental watershed. In Kasselgrad proper this will be used to help restore fertility to the harsh North African desert.

The 300 billion ars investment will spur 3 trillion in GDP growth over a 20 year period as the result of new jobs, new industries, and new economic opportunities in water management and other eco-economy opportunities. The Kasselgrad government is proud to spearhead such a massive undertaking sure to benefit more than just the mere 120 million citizens of the Kasselgrad Union but the billions of other inhabitants on the continents we live on.
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