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Invest Yuzhprom

Invest in the Southern Industrial Group - the world's largest corporation. Yuzhprom Group provides its neighbors and international partners with reliable sources of energy, high quality industrial products, and is the leading innovator of industrial achievements in South America. Our corporate state provides our international partners with the stable trading environment needed to realize profits in our rapidly developing market.

With the Southern Industrial Group as your strategic partner you can take part in exclusive investment opportunities such as the development of hydrocarbons in remote regions, infrastructure development, and advanced manufacturing development. These prospective opportunities are the perfect diversification needed in today's economy. The Yuzhprom Group is expected to clock high single digit growth in the next few years due to massive reforms being conducted.

Our prestigious universities produce world class candidates for employment domestic and abroad. Citizens are expected to take on the most challenging subjects and are rated to international standards. The development of an educated workforce is key for any interested international investor and developer. We are able to provide our own educated labor; all we need is your capital. Each and every year, the Yuzhprom Group is expected to grow is education and R&D budgets. These innovations also support industrial achievements in the country. As a strategic requirement to robust economy, the company places education in the highest priorities.

With growing capital comes growing opportunity. The largest Russian banks operate in the country such as heavyweight Sberbank. These institutions provide favorable loans to foreign partners who register and operate in the country with the minimal capital requirements. As Yuzhprom serves as the HQ for all Roz'Gas Union companies; investing into the Yuzhprom company COULD become a direct investment into your countries and companies as you gain eventual access to the Ros'Gaz capital markets.

Yuzhprom Bank encourages foreign banks to set up shop in the country; true while the country is currently under a fiscal and monetary reform program from Volkerbund the state still guarantees the liquidity of the banking system. We continue to back the capacity to carry out this process with the elimination of wasteful spending and the reduction of state debts with the assistance of Volkerbund. While the Yuzhprom Group controls many strategic economic sectors; the company has vowed to leave financial markets open to the world.

So why wait? Join us today!

Dark Years arising

We are seeing that more countries are preparing for war. In the past there was 5 Nations that have the BOMB. In the mean while there are 18 Nations that are able to vanish the world.

But this is not the only Message there are still 7 Nations that are developing the BOMB

With the availability of Rockets more targets are available. More Nations be afraied that some one is dropping the BOMB. 8 Nations have already the rocket! 8 Other nations are developing the rockets.

But there are light on the horizon. The most nations aren't investing more of it's GDB in the military then 1990. But there are still 23 Nations left that investing more and more money in the army.

Be prepared what's will going on.

Mutual Defense Treaty zwischen AfdU und ANN geschlossen

- Der Außendiplomatischer Abgesandte der AfdU und rechtmäßiger König Kourions Carlos I gab soeben bekannt, dass zwischen der Allianz für die Umwelt und der Association of Neutral Nations (ANN) nun ein Mutual Defense Treaty bestehe. "Dieser Vertrag garantiert uns Frieden und Stabilität. Ich bin sehr stolz darauf, dass unsere diplomatischen Bemühungen durch dieses Stück Geschichte belohnt werden!"

Der Wortlaut des Vertrages im Detail:

Mutual Defense Treaty

  1. Each Party recognizes that an armed attack directed against the territories of either of the Parties would be dangerous to its own peace and safety and declares that it would act to meet the common danger.
  2. The Parties undertake to refrain from any interference whatsoever in each other's internal affairs. They will settle any dispute between themselves in a peaceful way.
  3. The Parties, through their Foreign Ministers or their deputies, will consult together from time to time regarding the implementation of this Treaty. They will also disclose all other agreements with any other association, international institution or country.
  4. This Treaty shall be ratified by the Association of Neutral Nations (ANN) and the AfdU (Alliance for environment) in accordance with their respective constitutional processes and will come into force when instruments of ratification thereof have been exchanged.
  5. This Treaty shall remain in force indefinitely. Either Party may terminate it two years after notice has been given to the other Party.

(Elena Vasilyeva - Director of External Relations)

Yuzhpromgrup proposes South America Free Trade


Yuzhpromgrup moves to establish a South American Free Trade Area. The Free Trade Area will promote the free movement of good and capital throughout the continent in order to facilitate the growth of prospective industries and the consolidation of economic base in each country. The Yuzhprom Group Directorate of External Relations would be the first to announce all countries in South America Visa and Duty Free Travel and Trade within our borders. The Trade Area would serve to unify the regions economic relationship with the rest of the world irrespective of alliance affiliations or not. While this would a goal to boost our economies to better compete with the other continents; it is not at all a political move.

South American states are still largely non-aligned and will need to cooperate in at least minimal ways to eliminate duplication of efforts to achieve the same result. The Trade Area would not seek to replace or usurp any political affiliations and merely serves as a practical economic tool. The economic actions of other countries or regions against a country or regions of the continent can and will effect other states. The Directorate is working hard signing agreements with other continental states to implement the agreement. South America WILL become the best continent for business and innovation.

Highest Regards,
Elena Vasilyeva
Director of External Relations
OAO Yuzhpromgrup
Choseon demands accountability for nuclear strikes

Chang Doo San
Choseon Department of State
LDSS Liason Disivion

It has come to our attention that the nation of Siberia has conducted an unprovoked tactical nuclear strike against the now-failed neutral state of Myrrule. No preliminary communication with Choseon or LDSS leadership was made by authorities of the Siberian armes forces.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that this was an over-ambitious strike against terrorist elements, or possibly target practice against what was believed to be an uninhabited area of Siberia by novice missile command officials.

Nevertheless, We wish to state emphatically and unambiguously that we do not support the initiation of force against peaceful nations. Our delegation has requested a full account from Siberian leadership be presented to the global community, and an action plan of reparation be established for refugees and survivors.

Dain II von Iron Hills neuer Weltherrscher

Der bluthanische Präsident Anton Fugger gratuliert Seiner Majestät, König Dain II, zur gewonnen Weltherrscherwahl. In einem sehr engen Rennen setzte sich letzlich der Monarch gegen den Kandidaten des Völkerbundes durch. Er freue sich darauf, so der Präsident gegenüber dieser Zeitung, König Dain bei einem persönlichen Treffen in Bluthan willkommen zu heißen, um die Beziehungen zwischen beiden Bündnissen zu stärken. Insbesondere wird sich der neue Weltherrscher aber auch an seinem Umgang mit den Krisen der Welt messen lassen müssen.

World Leader Dain Condemns Siberia, Announces Visit to Bluthan

World Leader Dain Ironfoot II

NEW EREBOR - The Iron Hills's own King Dain II has officially been sworn in as the next World Leader of Seoul. In the minutes immediately following the ceremony, he was informed of Siberia's dastardly nuclear strike against the now defunct nation of Myrrule.

"I speak on behalf of the civilized world when I say that Siberia's reckless use of its atomic arsenal is totally unacceptable," Dain declared. "As such, I call upon all nations to enact diplomatic sanctions against Siberia until its government disarms its nuclear weapons capabilities. Failure to comply with the will of the international community could result in commercial sanctions as well as the possibility of military action."

The new world leader also announced that his first official visit will be to Bluthan, the home nation of rival candidate Anton Fugger. "The Honorable Mr. Fugger generously invited me to Augusta Vindelicorum, and I gladly accept," he explained. "It is my hope that Mr. Fugger will work with my office to ensure peace and prosperity for the people of Seoul."

(Elena Vasilyeva - Director of External Relations)

Yuzhprom Group urges international community to implement patience


The Directorate of External Relations encourages international colleagues to use patience when dealing with the Siberian nuclear impact on its neighbor. While the impact does trigger alarm; we at the Yuzhpromgrup call for an investigation of the 'incident'. For all we know, the country could have been testing the weapon and had received permission from the defunct states authorities to conduct the test.

Analysis does show that the strike did occur in a remote military testing area. As a fellow Russian state we are forbidden from implementing diplomatic or economic penalties against the state without hard proof of a crime. Yuzhpromgrup would be happy to host diplomatic platform needed to resolve this issue. And we will take representation of Siberian interest in other countries as the countries protecting diplomatic power. If any investigation yields that this was indeed an intentional attack; the Yuzhprom Group will formulate its response to the crime only at that moment. There is no data to suggest this was a hostile act; as a strike of the territories capital would easily within reach. A team of international experts should deploy to this region to gather facts; and the Siberian government must produce a statement on these actions.

Best Regards,
Elena Vasilyeva
Director of External Relations
OAO Yuzhpromgrup


The Great Leader of Siberia has released the following statement to the nation and has approved the statement to be released to the international community:

The so called "Atomic attack" took place on a poor failed nation. I cannot stress this enough it was a Atomic test not an attack Siberia will offer to take as many refuges as needed. The test however was extremely successful. This is more motivation to further our weapon capability. We also invite the newly elected world leader to Siberia to visit our nation and survey our nuclear lunch sites and storage. May Siberia and her people stay strong and prosper.
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