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Oganda "Furious" Over Botched Sera Intervention

A stern-faced President Okonkwo vowed that Oganda would not give up pursuing its objectives in the region.

President Okonkwo of Oganda was reportedly "furious" after the country failed to carry out the liberation of the Seran people. The president expressed outrage over Kurdistan's decision to deploy troops to defend the despotic Seran government, stating that the ANN had "humiliated" Oganda despite assurances the alliances would not get involved in the conflict.

The Ogandan government has seen drastic drops in government approval ratings and international reputation as a result of the hugely expensive failure, with government debt levels doubling over the past two quarters.

President Okonkwo has admitted that the withdrawal from Sera represented a significant setback for the country, but has vowed that Oganda will continue to pursue its interests in the region once the military has regrouped and the political situation in Oganda has stabilised.

Oganda is now reportedly considering the possibility of joining one of the major alliances to prevent further diplomatic failures and to help support the developing nation's economy in the wake of the crisis.

World Leader Dain Publicly Affirms Support for Oganda, Privately Fumes Over Failure to Secure Support for Security Council

NEW EREBOR - In response to the escalated war in Africa, World Leader Dain Ironfoot II's office has issued a statement in which the world leader affirms his support for the Ogandan government's humanitarian intervention in Sera. The statement read, in part, "It is clear that the regime in Sera has neither the resources nor the inclination to look after its own citizens. As such, this office strongly supports the Ogandan government's efforts to stabilize the ever-worsening situation in Sera."

The world leader, who had returned to his native Iron Hills for budget negotiations with the National Legislature, is reportedly fuming over his failure to secure support for an international security council. Staffers close to the world leader, who asked for anonymity, report that Dain went on a lengthy rant in which he complained that a functioning security council could have prevented the current crisis in Africa by establishing internationally-accepted guidelines regulating humanitarian interventions.

(Elena Vasilyeva - Director of External Relations)

Yuzhpromgrup tenders Ogandan economic cooperation; Yuzhprom secures roles as most prominent post-communistic state


The Directorate of External Relations espouses the JSC Yuzhprom Group's readiness the perform closer economic cooperation with the Ogandan authorities. Our country has a first hand experience at realizing economic development in the face of prevailing fiscal negatives. Naturally this could have only been done with the backing of the powerful alliance Volkerbund. Our Directorate of International Commerce is prepared to send a delegation to your country as soon as your authorities allow it.

The company is also proud to see that has achieve the fortune of being considered the most prominent post-communistic state. Rival Shen has a slightly larger GDP but when weighted against its massive debts; the Yuzhprom Group actually has more equity, higher budgetary prospects, and higher growth potential. This is largely due to the state [corporate authorities] limiting the business scope of the state to the strategic sectors of the economy and allowing private enterprise to flourish elsewhere. The Directorates of External Relations and International Commerce work hand in hand to bring more opportunities to states exclusive business interest but private companies and individuals. This has led to the boom of EXIM and investment in the country. The Board of Directors and the Management Committee are constantly looking for ways to enhance efficiency and increase nationwide competitiveness in industries.

Best Regards,
Elena Vasilyeva
Director of External Relations
JSC Yuzhpromgrup

(Sergey Khomyakov - Director of National Defense)

Directorate of National Defense: Eurasian Defense Spending explodes


The Yuzhprom Directorate of National Defense has completed its regional defense review of the entire Eurasian region. The Directorate has concluded that questionable national ambitions significantly skew defense budgets and policies in the region. The Directorate has reason to believe that some states in the region amass larger defense budgets in order to fulfill some plans for the future. The Directorate has called for Volkerbund states in the region to increase their defense spending to counter the intentions of the some countries in the region. It's clear countries are taking advantage of the lull in international diplomacy and militarizing to secure advantage over other nations. As peaceful landlocked trading nation; we fear no direct threat. However as a small industrial and commerce dependent nation; war has direct and immediate impacts on our economy. For this reason; the Yuzhprom Group has no need to respond in methods other than asymmetrical to deter these worrying trends such increasing economic ties with countries outside Eurasia.

While the Directorate cannot release its full report to the public domain; the Ambassador to Volkerbund has been empowered to disclose its findings to the Volkerbund Ministry of Defense. The Directorate of External Relations will conduct meetings with the relevant states in the region; as well as the World Leader to counter the intentions of questionable states. The Yuzhprom Group intends to encourage equitable security balance in the region to deter aggression and so that trade and commerce will continue unabridged. The Department of Military and Technical Relations is prepared to begin talks on when countries can receive advance defense products from Yuzhoboronexport or the Southern Defense Exports Concern. Corporate Intelligence Services will continue to monitor the region and recommend counteractions to allies and largest trade partners in the region. We will also begin closer defense cooperation in South America through the expansion of the South America Trade Area; to the South America Trade and Security Organization.

Highest Regards,
Sergey Khomyakov
Director of National Defense
JSC Yuzhpromgrup

Sera Celebrates Overthrow of Old Regime

Serans celebrate the joint Ogandan-Kurd-Iron Hills victory against the despotic Old Regime

Cheering crowds greeted the Ogandan-led coalition forces as they entered the capital of Sera to officially remove the corrupt President and his regime from power in the country.

A new, transitional government, comprised of prominent Serans, and overseen by an Ogandan advisory committee, now governs the Seran region on behalf of the Ogandan government.

The regime change marks the beginning of a bright new future for Sera, with efforts being made immediately to provide aid to the people most in need of food and medical attention in the aftermath of the fighting.

Sera will be governmed based on the "Okonkwo Plan" implemented in Oganda, which has delivered strong economic and developmental results in just a short time.

The victory has gone a long way to improving the reputation of the Ogandan government, and renewing confidence in its ability to conduct diplomacy and manage the country.

Dain Withdraws Consideration of Security Council; Calls to Order Powerful General Assembly

NEW EREBOR - Frustrated by the lack of popular support for the proposed Security Council during his first term, newly-reelected world leader Dain Ironfoot vowed that he would not allow the same thing to plague his second term. In a decivise move, he withdrew consideration of the Security Council and called to order the General Assembly.

Unlike the Security Council, which was panned by critics as "overly top-down" and "anti-state sovereignty," the General Assembly is extraordinarily democratic. Every national government is represented and has one (1) vote, and resolutions only require a majority vote to be enacted.

According to anonymous sources, some national governments are already rushing to draft resolutions, ranging from environmental protection to humanitarian military operations.

Dain Declares State of Emergency in Twenty-Two Nations

NEW EREBOR - After an extensive international security review, World Leader Dain Ironfoot II declared that official states of emergency currently exist in a staggering twenty-two (22) nations.

"From the Western Hemisphere to the jungles of Southeast Asia, millions of human beings are suffering from the neglectful governance of aloof leaders," Dain explained. "These nations include the American states of Karkland, Transnistrien, Ceronia, Mainstream, AAA, and Portugal 2; the Greater European states of DeusPatriae, DeutschesReich, Serenia, and Dapu; the African states of Helvetico, Atlantica, Volakia, Spessart, and Muan; the Middle Eastern states of Quatsch, Seaview, Madison Spenceri, and Differenzia; and the Asian states of Sakana, Elisistan, and Draahkonia."

"As part of this declaration," he continued, "I also recommend that regional power blocs slove these crisis. To that end, I believe that the fates of Karkand, Transnistrien, Ceronia, Mainstream, AAA, and Portugal 2 should be left to Volkerbund; the fates of Quatsch, Seaview, Madison Spenceri, Differenzia, Sakana, Elisistan, and Draahkonia should be left to LDSS; the fates of Helvetico, Atlantica, Volakia, Spessart, and Muan should be left to ANN; and the fates of DeusPatriae, DeutschesReich, Serenia, and Dapu should be left to Principala."

"Even though these are only suggestions," Dain concluded, "I will hold emergency votes on interventions if the leadership of the aforementioned alliances contact my office with intervention proposals."

The Yuzhprom Security Forces will prepare measures needed to facilitate the humanitarian intervention into nearby state. The cost to the state is expected to be quite considerable however the need to stabilize continental politics and markets justify the cost. Furthermore access to the sea will be key to driving down the cost of imported and export goods. The Yuzhprom Directorate of External Relations will apply for authorization from the Volkerbund alliance.

Directorate of External Relations
JSC Yuzhpromgrup

General Mangi

Official Press Release from the Office of General Mangi

World Leader Dain has proved himself to be a man who truly cares for our shared planet of Seoul. A great man makes hard decisions when they are needed most and it is our sincere belief that Dain's recent proclamation will be seen as the saving grace for the world's neglected populations.

Mangarzian is preparing its armed forces to bring back these neglected nations from the brink and into a world of possibilities. We encourage the great alliances of Seoul to also heed the requests and suggestions of our great World Leader, and to bring further order to our great planet.

As far as I see it, Dain has my vote in perpetuity.

"Ich bin nicht überzeugt!" - Präsident stimmt gegen Resolution 002 und 003

(Präsident Fugger)

Mit einer engagierten Rede stellt sich Präsident Anton Fugger auf einer Pressekonferenz gegen den Kurs der Seoul General Assembly. Fuggers Stimme wird fast ein wenig brüchig, als er ins Englische hinüberwechselt und dem Auditorium ruft: "Excuse me, I am not convinced" - Entschuldigen Sie, ich bin nicht überzeugt.
Aus Fuggers Sicht ist die Angelegenheit um Staaten wie DeusPatriae, Dapu, DeutschesReich, und Serenia nicht in ausreichendem Maße diskutiert worden. Es habe jedenfalls keine Notwendigkeit für eine Eilabstimmung gegeben. Insbesondere seien aber auch die Interessen von Bluthan und des Völkerbundes nicht in ausreichendem Maße berücksichtigt worden.
Ferner könne wohl kaum von einer humanitären Mission die Rede sein, wenn damit einhergehend auch ein überproportionaler Machtgewinn von ansonsten schwachen Bündnissen verbunden ist.
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