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(Sergey Khomyakov - Director of National Defense)

Yuzhpromgrup implements 5 Year State Defense Order


The Yuzhprom Board of Directors has authorized the Directorate of National Defense to implement the 5 Year State Defense Order. The order outlines all defense acquisitions and arms programs needed to support the companies defense and foreign policy doctrine for the next 5 years. The Order will see an enlarged defense budget implemented after years of cuts to defense spending. The Director of National Defense will report quarterly to the rest of the Board on the current progress on the Order and will recommend changes and updates to the board within their collective scope of authority.

The Order envisages the acquisition of a green water fleet, which will as the order states " eventually transitioned for use in a coastal environment, to support the long-term objective of maintaining a blue water navy...". Initially this green water navy can be used to police river trading and enforce environmental laws in remote regions where loggers attempt to smuggle rainforest trees down the rivers. This activity has increased which has led to a 50% reduction in environmental quality. The Directorate of National Defense will be responsible for this mandate.

The order will also see the expansion of troops, armor, and aircraft to effectively garrison the rainforest. The Directorate of National Defense says it will requires more than double the current troop count to reverse the rate of environmental degradation. These troops will cover Directorate of Environment personnel restoration efforts in the rainforest region. The Directorate will continue to receive annual budget increased to support environmental restoration. Finally to ensure the country remains competitive will international players in aerospace sciences, the military will led efforts to develop new-generation missiles capable of reaching sub-orbital altitudes. This will allow the company to independently support its space policy and implement the technologies needed to support more robust economic growth.

The Yuzhpromgrup State Defense Order is mandated by the Charter to contribute atleast 20% to civilian uses. The current defense order will contribute rate of 66% due to the dual use and dual purpose of the current 5 Year Plan. Therefore the order will have a minimum contribution to active defense potential as it will be used to stabilize the environment, support the development of the civilian economy and enhance security in the countries sprawling river system.

Highest Regards,
Sergey Khomyakov
Director of National Defense
JSC Yuzhpromgrup

Wahlbetrug in Seoul General Assembly?

Nach Informationen dieser Zeitung kam es möglicherweise bei der Abstimmung zu Resolution 002 in der Generalversammlung zu Unregelmäßigkeiten. Bei niedriger Wahlbeteiligung zeichnete sich bei Ende der Abstimmung eine Zurückweisung der Resolution ab.

Dennoch teilte jetzt Weltherrscher Dain mit zwei Tagen Verzögerung mit, dass die Resolution knapp verabschiedet wurde. Präsident Fugger hat bereits seinen Protest gegen das Abstimmungsergebnis angekündigt. Dies alles lässt die Akzeptanz des Gremiums in der bluthanischen Bevölkerung schwinden.

Sicherheit: Föderation Bluthan nimmt Raketenabwehr in Betrieb

(Bluthanische Raketenabwehr)

Auf einem nicht näher bezeichneten Luftwaffenstützpunkt ist gestern in Anwesenheit von Präsident Fugger das neue Raketenabwehrsystem "Antons Schleuder" in Betrieb genommen worden.

Bei dem neuen System handelt es sich um ein Abwehrsystem gegen Langstreckenraketen außerhalb der Atmosphäre. Damit hat Bluthan nun für alle drei Bereiche ein Raketenabwehrsystem.

Das neue Abwehrsystem wurde innerhalb der letzten Quartale von einem Rüstungskonzern in Zusammenarbeit mit der bluthanischen Armee entwickelt. "Antons Schleuder" ist mobil und bietet Schutz für das ganze Land.

General Mangi

Mangarzian State Dept Ticker

**Mangarzian Intelligence has confirmed that troops from Kourion first made landfall on Lirkuv before sending reinforcement to DeutschedReich

**Mangarzian troops have reinforced Zianican troops in Serenia

**Mangarzian seeks to make diplomatic contact with Lirkuv to settle matter of its incrusion diplomatically, all attempts have failed to make contact with Arik

Yuzhprom Group industry growth leads South America


The Directorate of Economic Development reports that the Yuzhprom Group industrial output, outpaces the growth of neighboring states in South America. The Directorate also reports that the efficiency of the industry has led to cost reductions and which has supported the increase in exports and the reduction of consumer pricing. The Yuzhprom Group has implemented an aggressive re-industrialization programmed aim at restoring the countries military industrial complex and enhancing the countries civilian output competency. The Management Committee is preparing measures in order to introduce carbon capture technologies into the companies industrial regions.

As of now; the Yuzhprom Group exports products to every continent in World Seoul. The Directorate expects exports to increase to 200 billion rubles annually within the next 5 to 7 years. In the meantime the Board of Directors continues to support pro-growth policies whilst also maintaining pro-environmental stances. The company is rapidly building up its military potential in order to fully control the Amazonia region. Yuzhprom is also preparing its armed forces to control the coastal region of Ceronia as this region is increasingly unstable and possess a threat to the economic life of the Yuzhprom Group.

For now Yuzhprom's factories produce mostly cars, planes, and boats instead of tanks and missiles.

Highest Regards,
Directorate of Economic Development
JSC Yuzhpromgrup

König Kourion I lässt sich von hochrangigen Generälen Kourions neustes Raketenabwehrsystem erklären

AfdU und ANN beginnen Manöver

Limaso - Kourion Inmitten internationaler Spannungen haben die AfdU und die ANN ihr jährliches gemeinsames Militärmanöver begonnen. Das erklärte ein Sprecher der AfdU-Streitkräfte in Limaso. Zehntausende Soldaten nehmen an den auf zwei Wochen angelegten Übungen teil. Seitens der ANN beteiligen sich insgesamt 17.500 Soldaten an dem Manöver.

Im Zentrum der seit langem geplanten Übung "Kourion's Freedom Guardian" stehen computergestützte Simulationen der Invasion eines hochtechnologisierten Feindes, welcher sowohl aus der Luft und vom Meer anrückt. Kourions Verteidigungsminister Jim Matt sagte am Sonntag, Ziel der Übung sei es, die Fähigkeit und Bereitschaft der ANN und AfdU sicherzustellen, "Kourion und unsere Verbündeten zu verteidigen".

Auch nukleare Optionen spielen bei dem Szenario eine Rolle. König Carlos I. betonte, welchen Charakter das Manöver durch die Fortschrittlichkeit heutiger Militärtechnologie erhalte: "Wir verfügen über das viertstärkste Herr der Welt, sowie über die fortschrittlichsten nukleare Waffen überhaupt. Sollten wir einmal angegriffen werden und es sieht wirklich schlimm aus, sollten wir uns diesbezüglich schon mal Gedanken gemacht haben." Kourion verfügt zurzeit über die Möglichkeit atomare Sprengköpfe auf Langstreckenraketen zu befestigen. Wissenschaftler arbeiten bereits an der Entwicklung neuer Systeme, die die Möglichkeiten nuklearer Abwehrmaßnahmen weiter steigern sollen.

(Sergey Khomyakov - Director of National Defense)

Yuzhprom Group displays resolve to repel any aggressor


The Directorate of National Security has quickly reacted to the surprise attack from Kalish. The company has attempted to contact the government in order to demand the end to hostilities; but these demands have fallen on deaf ears. Now the Yuzhpromgrup is forced to react with fire and fiery.

The Directorate has immediately redeployed forces back towards the coastal region in Yuzhtranz to resist the advance of the surprised enemy forces. Clearly the enemy assumed they would have swept the country in one fell sweep, but failed to account for the massive security potential and professionalism of the Armed Forces of the JSC Yuzhpromgrup. The Directorate has deployed two Rapid Engagement Force from allied bases in Oganda and Hypation. The elite forces are enroute to the capital of Zeradral to force the political leaders to capitulate and withdraw forces from Yuzhtranz and to transfer governing rights to the Board of Directors of the Yuzhprom Group.

The Directorate of National Defense was able to initially mobilize 24,000 men to the undefended capital. Further troop transfers will depend on the level of civil resistance from the incumbent political forces. This flagrant violation of sovereignty from an ally will warrant the increase of defense expenditures company wide. The Yuzhpromgrup now unfortunately must massively increase its armed forces in order to protect its massive economic potential and its investments elsewhere. As the company is set to control two additional countries the security potential of the corporation must increase proportionally to region security demands. The military industrial complex is already preparing to accommodate the requirements set forth by B.O.D.

These operations due to the economic orientation of the Yuzhprom Group pose no threat to any third country.

Highest Regards,
Sergey Khomyakov
Director of National Defense
JSC Yuzhpromgrup

General Mangi

Transcript of General Mangi address to the Koszian Empire:

Today the whole of the Koszian Empire came together, we came together to avenge our fallen brethren...

We never forgot that the nation of Kourion killed thousands of our soldiers when they intervened in the liberation of former DeutschesReich. Today, we returned the favor!

For those of you who do not know a major defensive operation was carried out in South America, consisting of forces from Mangarzian, Zianica,Thanosich and Ziania. This force numbered over 4.6 million. This secret operation has been taking place since Kourion first moved against Ceronia.

Rumors were true though, officials from Mangarzian were considering a cooperation agreement with Kourion. However, there was no cooperation as a foundation for a future bond, Ceronia was not even mentioned by Kourion.

Mangarzian now considers the situation to be fairly resolved. Both sides have suffered and the slate is now clean.

For now on, every state of the Koszian Empire will commemorate the first day of Autumn as the Koszian Unification Day, the day where an amalgam of states became a unified state.

Long live the Koszian Empire, long live Principala and long live Greater Europa, the tree of life that shades us all from the darkness of tyranny!

(Elena Vasilyeva - Director of External Relations)

Yuzhprom Group stocks battered on nuclear attack on Koszian Empire


The Yuzhprom Group expresses surprise at the nuclear attack against the Koszian Empire recently. The company recently agreed to begin trading with the Empire has withdrawn all corporate personnel and have urged citizens to leave the empires territories as the world braces for its response to the sudden attack. As such insurance premiums to transport goods to the country have skyrocketed; Yuzhtranzgrup will be forced to halt trades with the country as the company already operates on a significant loss each year.

The Directorate of External Relations is allocating 1.7 billion rubles to evacuate all citizens and personnel from Koszian territories. The Directorate of International Commerce is working to withdraw assets on the sudden and shocking news. The Directorate is also releasing all Koszian assets back to the government from the Yuzhprom Group. All accounts and assets will be transferred by the end of the week and transferred either to the empire itself or designated accounts or countries as requested by imperial authorities. This directorate works to ensure its economic interest will be upheld. Reassuring stakeholders that their investments are secure is of the highest priority in the wake of the multi-billion ruble operation to secure the former Spessart Dominion. The Directorate of Finance and Budget is working to shore up corporate finances during the acquisition process.

Highest Regards,
JSC Yuzhpromgrup

Nuklearer Vergeltungsschlag ausgeführt

- Nach dem feigen Hinterhalt koszianischer Truppen auf die Kourionische Armee nahe Ceronia, führte Kourion heute in Koordination mit dem Völkerbund einen nuklearen Vergeltungsschlag aus.

Eigentlich wollte die AfdU Ceronia im Rahmen einer humanitären Mission unter der Schirmherrschaft des Völkerbundes, dem das Land eigentlich zustünde, besetzen und mithilfe von Entwicklungshilfe die massive Armut im Land bekämpfen.
Plötzlich wurde es für die Soldaten aber ein Kampf um Leben und Tod.

Während die Kourionische Armee die unzureichend ausgebildeten, schlecht organisierten Regierungstruppen schon beinah besiegt hatte, intervenierte grundlos eine vierfache Übermacht aus Truppen des ganzen Koszianischen Reiches und rieb die kourionischen Streitmacht fast vollständig auf. Der Schock saß tief. Experten sprachen im Nachhinein von einem der größten Traumata der kourionischen Geschichte.

König Carlos I sagte sofort alle Termine der kommenden Woche ab und traf sich mit der Führung des Völkerbundes. Man entschloss sich dafür Härte zu zeigen und ein klares Zeichen zu setzen. Wer unerlaubt auf einem Gebiet operiert, das rechtmäßig dem Völkerbund gehört, muss mit harten Konsequenzen rechnen.

So kam es, dass man sich für taktische Atombomben als Mittel entschied, um Gerechtigkeit durchzusetzen. Der kourionische Vergeltungsschlag zerstörte mehrere zentrale Militärstützpunkte des mangarzianischen Militärapparats und tötete so beinah eine halbe Million Soldaten. In Koordination mit dem Völkerbund wurden zwei weitere ähnlich groß angelegte atomare Angriffe gestartet, von denen einer vom dem SDS-System Mangarzians gestoppt werden konnte.

König Carlos I. erklärte zur Situation Folgendes: "Wissen Sie, dies ist einer dieser Stunde, an der man sich als oberster Befehlshaber der Streitkräfte noch lange erinnern wird! Wir haben lange überlegt und sind zu dem Schluss gekommen, dass dies die Antwort ist, die die Geschichtsschreiber vermerken sollten. Principala hat bereits mehr als einmal gegen internationales Recht verstoßen. Das Maß ist voll! "
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