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Iron Hills Mobilizes Military for Humanitarian Intervention in Helvetico

Iron Hills Infantry

NEW EREBOR - In response to the growing humanitarian crisis in the central African nation of Helvetico, the Iron Hills has officially declared war against Generalissimo Strupi's derelict regime and begun military mobilization. In coordination with its ANN allies, the Iron Hills is amassing an invasion force of over one million troops.

"For far too long, the people of Helvetico have suffered under the yoke of an indifferent government. That begins to end today," King Dain II declared. "The people of the Iron Hills look forward to assisting our African brethren in realizing their full potential as a great manufacturing nation."

(Viktor Zubkov - Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group)

Yuzhprom Group implements highest state of readiness


My office has ordered the Directorate of National Defense to bring all the companies Armed Forces to the highest state of readiness since the Defense of Tranistrien, and the Great Blitz of Zeredral and capitulation of Spessart immediately afterwards. The Management Committee is to immediately order a mobilization of the Armed Forces in Africa for the maintenance of the companies security, economic interest, and territorial integrity.

I have also signed an emergency order to begin the construction of independent uranium processing, and nuclear development infrastructure on the territory of the Yuzhtranz Corporation. This order will be carried out in full accordance with corporate regulations regarding development of nuclear technologies. The Directorate of International Commerce has expanded the divestment program to all of Principala and will return all Principala assets to the alliance or entities of its choice.

The Yuzhprombank has requested additional liquidity from the Volkerbund Bank in order to stabilize the countries markets which have incurred losses on the back of the recent wars and now the nuclear strikes and invasion of Mangazaria.

Highest Regards,
Viktor Zubkov
Chairman of the Board
JSC Yuzhpromgrup

Baba Yetu mobilizes

In light of the recent outbreak of war between the great alliances the president of Baba Yetu has ordered the full mobilisation of the military to ensure the neutrality of the republic.

Military case studies which had been held in the past indicated a high risk of occupation for an undefended Baba Yetu since the country is about to develop nuclear self defense weapons and is located strategically favorable to reach important members of any of the great alliances.

Baba Yetu has received multiple request for support from the participants of the ongoing war. We hereby say that our country will not take sides and will not support any alliance or state. Not one soldier will leave the country unless our neutrality is beeing violated.

They landed to come. They landed to stay.

It is the 4th of May in 2007, 3:27 A.M. local time, in the north of the American continent. The sky is clear and everything is absolutely quiet. Nobody would had ever expected what should happen then, only seconds after Jonathan Nashville looked up into the deep darkness of the universe, lying on the ground, in the grass of a small hill near Thompson.
It made him cringe, and he couldn't believe his own eyes when he saw the glaring and bright blueness that opened in the middle of the sky only a few kilometres away. It was huge, nearly filled half of the sky and must have been visible all the way right up to Churchill.
And then, seconds had past and Jonathan couldn't stop staring, a giant object came right out the light, round, flying, but with no sound except for a very silent monotonous hum. The ship accelerated quickly and flew away with an enormous speed. It didn't last for long and our friend wasn't able to see anything anymore. The now flickering and greyish blue in the sky disappeared as soon as the flying machine was gone. It was like nothing at all had ever happened.
This was the moment when Jonathan Nashville had the first look at the Union of Peace, or as they call themselves, the "Unionem Paces". They landed to come. They landed to stay. And they will make everybody know what their ambitions are as the time will come to tell.
Welcome to earth, extraordinary strangers, we are agog to find out what our visitors want to share with us!

Yuzhprom calls emergency session over alien landings


The Yuzhprom Group Executive Council has convened an emergency session with the full Corporate Duma to discuss the urgent matter of the recent alien landing in North America. Councilors were incised that the National Defense Directorate failed to detect the alien beings enter the earths atmosphere; and demanded to know if these beings were a threat or not. The Yuzhprom government has been slow to react to these events as its foreign service has been entrenched in negotiations for reducing the tensions of the conflict over in Europe.

The Chief Science Officer for the company expressed to Councillors that the massive successive nuclear strikes over Europe may have signaled the alien beings to enter the planets atmosphere. The Science Officer reassured Duma members that if the aliens wanted hostilities they could easily shut down global communication networks, disabled many forms of energy output, and halted air traffic over the planet by now. Not withstanding the obvious ability to have launched weapons towards our settlements already and have not disabled our military systems are an obvious sign they wish to establish trust with humanity.

The Yuzhprom government is sending a delegation to North America in order to participate in humanities response and handling of the alien event. The company awaits the many technological advantages that could be used to maintain world peace and massively increase economic output. Yuzhprom Directorate of National Defense and the Directorate of Advanced Research, along with the Center for Advanced Space Technologies and Exploration have confirmed using ground based and space based telemetry a constellation of alien vessels above Planet Seoul.

General Mangi verschwunden - Krieg zuende

Wo ist General Mangi? Diese Frage stellt sich nicht nur die bluthanische Bevölkerung. Auch Präsident Fugger ist erstaunt. Fugger wollte im Konflikt zwischen Principala und Völkerbund vermitteln und erwartete Mangi zunächst zu einem Gespräch im Präsidentenpalast.

Daran sollte sich ein Abendessen unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit in Fuggers Privathaus anschliesen. Das Abendessen wollte Fugger eigentlich persönlich zubereiten - der Präsident ist leidenschaftlicher Hobby-Koch. Doch der General fehlte unentschuldigt. Nicht einmal dem bluthanischen Geheimdienst liegen konkrete Informationen vor.

(Viktor Zubkov - Chairman of the Yuzhprom Board)

Board of Directors approves Duma fiscal budget


The Chairman of the Yuzhprom Group Viktor Zubkov signed off on 4 separate fiscal budgets for the four primary corporations of the Yuzhprom Group and signed a budget for the central government of the group. The new spending bill increase spending across the board in order to facilitate the companies recovery and repair from the devastating war. Afpromgrup loss over 15% in GDP in a year and the corporation must expend huge resources to stabilize the economy and political society in the territory.

All in all, the corporation expects increase to increase debts by 30% to cope with the effects of the global recessionary period and the severe effects of the recent wars across the planet. All regions received the maximum increase for environmental restoration. All regions also received additional defense expenditures for their territorial security services. This is the second primary objective of the corporation, in all regions. The Board of Directors seek to significantly strengthen African security.

The Directorate of Finance and Budget assured shareholders that the Volkerbund treasury would reimburse cost to the company so this will not negatively effect equity in the medium and long-term. Analyst will examine structural deficits or surpluses when rating the corporations quarterly's along with other relevant indexes. Certain corporations will actually see equity grow despite rising deficits or shrinking surpluses.

JSC Yuzhpromgrup

The Yuzhprom Group Executive Council declares a state of emergency in the territory of the subsidiary ZAO Afpromgrup. The population in the region has been incited due to recent liberalization laws implemented by the regional executives to improve investment climate in the company. This state of emergency empowers Yuzhnygrad to take all measures to reign in the country. State security forces are motioning to protect the capital region from any large scale protest. The company has evacuated all administrative personnel from the restive regions and relocated the regional executives to Yuzhnygrad to consult with National Defense authorities on the condition of the territory.

For now the Yuzhprom Group elects to restrict air travel across the country and moves to direct international or transcontinental flights to over the unpopulated region of the country. The Directorate of Transportation implements these restrictions with immediate effect.

JSC Yuzhpromgrup

The Executive Council confirms the collapse of the Afpromgrup. The company was able to withdraw only the most crucial company assets and all personnel and loyal residents have been evacuated. The loss is seen a temporary setback to entering the highly prospective markets of the Middle East and bustling markets of Asia. While the corporation maintains access to the advanced North American and European markets; the Executive Council looks to absorb growing market share in these regions.

The Yuzhprom Group will continue to meet it's obligations to partners in these regions. Yuzhtrans will serve as the point of origin until the corporation establishes another overseas territory. The collapse of Afpromgrup will allow the corporation to maximally focus efforts on Yuzhtrans which experienced a massive recession. Yuzhnygrad will continue to transfer billions of rubles into the company in investments. The territory has already seen some progress in restoring losses in each metric. We see this as an opportunity to transform the territory into an export champion and restore the middle class which was previously South America's leading.

The Directorate of National Defense has reached an agreement with Volkerbund states in the Middle East and Asia to lease naval bases in the region in order to support any future operations as the Yuzhprom Group plans am ambitions return to the region.

JSC Yuzhpromgrup

Siegesparade in Karkand - Freie Republik Karkand endlich Realität

Nach dem Krieg gegen die Kriegstreiberische und imperalistische Principala und der Überwindung der letzten Feinde des Völkerbundes im Ringen um Frieden und Stabilität, konnte nun auch Karkand gesichert werden.

Nachdem die Principala unter dem Militaristen Mangi geschlagen wurde und ihre Gesinnungsgenossen in die Flucht geschlagen wurde, setzte der Völkerbund seine weiteren Pläne in die Welt um.

"Nichts als Frieden und Stabilität ist unser Wunsch." sprach Alexander Gonzales die Wünsche des Bundes und Lorestans aus. "Wir haben uns immer für Stabilisierungseinsätze unter Einbezug ALLER Kräfte stark gemacht. Sicherheit war immer ein wichtiges Element in unserer Politik. Wir waren bereit alle einzubeziehen. Erst die unrechtmäßigen INterventionen des Mangi liessen die stabile Ordnung zerbrechen.

Doch nun garantiert der Völkerbund als stabile und größte Macht der Welt diese Ordnung. Auch weiterhin stehen wir als Gesprächspartner zur Verfügung und sind bereit mit jedem zu verhandeln und zu kooperieren. Wenn die Stabilität von Staaten und somit das Schicksal von Völkern auf dem Spiel steht, werden wir nicht einfach zu sehen."

Nach dem Karkand durch einen massiven Einsatz der lorestanischen Armee stabilisiert werden konnte und alle anarchistischen Gruppierungen aus dem Land verjagt werden konnten, rief Gonzales direkt die freie Republik Karkand aus. Diese wird nun geführt von einer Völkerbundtreuen Elite, die auch vorher schon im Land existierte und für nordamerikanische Stabilität warb, geführt.

Das Wahlrecht und die Bürgerschaft in Karkand werden nach einem neuen System aufgebaut. Fortan erhalten nur noch all die Wahlrecht und Bürgerrecht, die in der karkandischen Armee unter Kommando von Völkerbundoffizieren für mindestens 3 Jahre gedient haben.

Das Gleiche gilt ab sofort auch für die Zuwanderung nach Karkand, aber auch nach Lorestan, wer in der Armee dienst tut, kann die heißbegehrte lorestanische Staatsbürgerschaft erwerben.

Karkand wurde bereits in die Sicherheitststrukturen des Völkerbundes und seine wirtschafltichen Mechanismen eingebunden, wie jedoch die zukünftigen Beziehungen zwischen Lorestan und Karkand aussehen werden kann zur Stunde noch niemand sagen. Bis jetzt, wird nicht über eine Union diskutiert.

Jedoch seien laut Gonzales enge wirtschaftliche Verpflechtungen notwendig, damit nicht erneut anarchistische oder soziale Heilsversprecher, die in Wahrheit nur das Volk schwächen wollen, wieder an Macht gewinnen.
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