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Full Version: Task Electricity Tariff (Economy, Infrastructure)
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Many consumers complain because of another increase in energy prices.

1. ...

2. ... For proper compensation the electricity corporations must be expropriated. ... Only a government monopoly can ...

3. ...

4. The only problem is a lack of competition! ... A regulatory authority has to ensure that power grid access is availible to any interested party at a reasonable price. ...

I am missing the option to nationalize the power grid only, not the entire electricity generating sector (answer 2). As far as natural monopolies go I think nationalization is superior to regulation (answer 4). And it is strange to think that I would have the influence to nationalize the whole sector but not a small portion (the grid) of it.
There is quite a number of tasks in which certain types of either standard solution or compromise seems to be missing. Some tasks even do not seem to have a single viable option. Often this is, however, intentional. Sheep once wrote the following: (here):

Sheep Wrote:
Deutsch sollen Spieler nicht immer ihren Staat wie Knetmasse formen k├Ânnen, sondern auch mal das beste aus den vorhandenen Optionen machen.

Which translates as: English Players are not supposed to always be able to form their state like modeling clay, but sometimes should make the best out of the available options instead.

By the way: Consider editing your post. The administrators usually do not like if the entire text of a task is posted in the forum.

Very true in reality, SOMETIMES there are bad options and less bad options. Or "ok" options and "more ok" options. Like the current Healthcare debate in the U.S. either options can be considered to have negative effects but its deciding which are less worse than the other.
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