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Full Version: Abolishing child benefits and Basic Income
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I chose to abolish child benefits completely (Politics of Reproduction Task).
Budget consequences: significant drop in family spending and no impact on basic income (exactly what I was hoping for).
Other consequence: Significant drop in birth rate.
Task outcome: "The cancellation of child benefits places many poor families into bitter poverty."

That doesn't make sense to me. Due to a basic income slightly above cost of living for everyone (50% for children) there shouldn't be "bitter poverty" anymore. Also the basic income paid for children should increase birthrate and therefore at least compensate for the drop caused by abolishing child benefits. Instead birthrate slightly dropped after introducing basic income (could also be "long term" effect of Liberalism Reform one quarter before).
Yes indeed this task doesn't affect the basic income. The system is not that elaboreted that it can handle multiple conditions under which a task stands and can also not regard all possible affects. The effort to adapt all tasks precisely would be much to high.
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