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Full Version: Sweden and Germany are some of the most Capitalist countries in the world
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A socialist will often find solace in relishing the so-called "Scandinavia" (even though such a country hasn't existed for over hundred years) is, in his own ideological view, "socialist". This is simply false. According to the heritage foundation, Denmark is the 18th freest economy, Sweden is the 19th freest economy, and Finland and Norway are tied at 24. Germany is the 26th freest economy. Over the last 30 years, these counties have rapidly liberalized their economies, allotting more business freedom, cutting down the welfare state, and opening up trade. Comparatively, the US is rated the 18th freest economic country in the world, as it has significantly increased its regulatory body, increased taxes, and nonchalantly violated property rights over Comrade Obama's reign of terror. The fact of the matter is that, no matter where you look, a great deal of freedom leads to great deal of prosperity. The opposite, Socialism, neo-feudalism, is an ideology that seeks to benefit a small few technocrats or party members, lauded by useful idiots who will be the first on the wall.
Scandinavian Norway, as well as Emirates, has large jug of oil and small size heh
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