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lā ʾilāha ʾillā llāh muḥammadun rasūlu llāh

DeutschWillkommen im Audienzsaal des Kalifen

Jeder Staat möge einen Vertreter entsenden, um internationale Politik und Streitigkeiten hier zu besprechen und den weisen Rat und das gerechte Urteil des Chalīfa rasūl allāh, Kalif des Gesandten Gottes, zu erbitten.

Der Kalif erteilt streitenden Parteien jeweils das Wort, jeder möge das Problem aus seiner Sicht darlegen, um dann ein Urteil zu erhalten. Die Urteile des Kalifen sind geltendes Recht.

Zudem darf auch jeder einfache Bürger postialisch per Antrag um eine Audienz bitte, um Rat und Hilfe zu erhalten oder ein bestimmtes Problem zu besprechen.

Die wichtigsten Themen, die hier besprochen werden sind die Sicherung des Weltfriedens, der Schutz der Menschenrechte und die Förderung der internationalen Zusammenarbeit.

English Welcome to the Audience Hall of the Caliph

Every state may send a representative to discuss international politics and disputes here, and to seek the wise counsel and just judgment of Chalīfa rasūl allāh, Caliph of the Messenger of God.

The caliph gives parties in dispute a right to speak, so each party may present the problem from their point of view and then receive a just verdict. The judgments of the caliph are valid law.

In addition, every ordinary citizen may petition for an audience, request for advice and assistance or to discuss a particular issue.

The main issues discussed here are securing world peace, protecting human rights and promoting international cooperation.

Aktueller Kalif: Naser al-Djin III.

- Urteile und Rechtssprüche des Kalifen -

A masked figure approaches as "Renlo Muta of the Holy Order Phin" is announced; he bows respectfully

Honored Great Caliph of Basel,

I, High Priest Renlo Muta, have come as a representative of the Holy Order Phin. I have come to reach out. The divine oracle of Kitora has foreseen your regency facing the challenges of the great bear, strong and proud, but violent and ruthless surrounded by the mist of the nameless, deceitful plotting in the shadows. In the light of recent news proclaiming knowledge of Greater Persia's way of feather or sword many among our people are worried what this means. The oracle's visions are clear, the interpretations not so. So let me ask you directly. What do you seek for your god and what do you seek for the world's peoples? Are you the bear To, strong, proud and ruthlessly dominating? Are you Ra, the figure of mist, deceitfully plotting? Or are you the one defeating the burdens, which the visions have foreseen for your reign?

If you seek to be the latter, let me extend to you the hand of the True Way, bringing enlightenment and prosperity to all that prove worthy.
If you are, however, the arbiter of deceit, the wielder of sword, let me assure you that the True Way will be a shield for all, that seek to be free of oppression and betrayal.

Yā khalīfat rasūl allāh! Answer of the Caliph to Renlo Muta of the Holy Order Phin

All the praises and thanks be to God, The Almighty, The All-Compassionate, The Source of Peace.

The Prophet - sallallahu aleyhi ves sellem - says

Surat al-Mumtahana 8 Wrote:
“God does not forbid you from being good to those who have not fought you in the religion or driven you from your homes, or from being just towards them. God loves those who are just.”


Surat Yunus 10:25 Wrote:
And Allah invites to the Home of Peace and guides whom He wills to a straight path

The Caliph and the Persian Empire invites all the good and honest people of the world to be part of a peaceful world. Peace needs stability and order, the rule of law, fair and balancing.

The people of Phin may or may not interpret the words of God wrong. But they shall live in peace.

So be it.

Thank you, Caliph. It is of great relieve to hear you advocating for peace and hope that what your god holds as just is justice in truth and not in opportunity only. I will be sure to pass your answer on to my people in the fullest extend as you have provided.

Without waiting for a reply and after the smallest bow, almost disrespectful without breaking etiquette, Renlo Muta turns around leaving the assembly hall

Yā khalīfat rasūl allāh! Caliph addresses the current situation

All the praises and thanks be to God, The Almighty, The All-Compassionate, The Source of Peace.

Good people of the world. Conflicts are raging all over the globe within a short time. But looking closer at these conflicts, we have to acknowledge that they all have legitimate reasons.

We do not know what kind of madness drove the leader of the Afghan Tribes to mess with their turkmenisch and kazakhish brothers, who are - which is even more concerning - both believers of the one and true god - supanallah.

We understand that the ICJ, with interests in this very holy region, tried to avoid further warmongering by ending the rule of the unknown Afghan warlords.

We can see, that both Demos and Aeifor, no matter in what their people believe, are intervening in region close to their boarders and historically bound to their great nations, not for their own profit, but to end the mass starving in the nations.

We may not agree with the reasons, but we have to respect each other and solve our conflicts in civilised matters, so non-combatants are not harmed.

Tomorrow, I will present my agenda to End Hunger globally, which UNWB and ICJ already agreed to support. For the moment, this is everything.

So be it.

Großer Kalif der ganzen Welt,

hier spricht Euer untertäniger Ustad.
Ich machte mir Gedanken über Ihr Erbnis und wie wir bereits jetzt dafür sorgen können, dass das Recht der Gläubigen unter den zukünftigen Weltherrschern (Kalifen?) erhalten bleibt. Möge Ihre Herrschaft noch viele Jehrzehnte anhalten, gottgesandter Kalif, jedoch kann es nicht schaden Ihr Reich jetzt bereits abzusichern.

Deswegen glaube ich wäre es weise ein Gesetz zu erlassen für Ihre Herrschaft und die Herrschaft aller kommenden Weltherrscher bis ans Ende aller Zeiten, welches den Stimmen der Anhängern des wahren Glaubens Islam das nötige Gewicht gewährt, um den Willen Gottes und des muslimischen Volkes auch in der Zukunft zu seinem Recht zu verhelfen.

Yā khalīfat rasūl allāh! A message from the Caliph - End World Hunger now

All the praises and thanks be to God, The Almighty, The All-Compassionate, The Source of Peace.

My dear Emir Al-Din Amid,

Your wise suggestion shall be considered, and the neccessary steps shall be taken to ensure this.

But for the moment, we shall focus on a more important issue: Ending world hunger.

Good people of the world. In the last year almost 300.000 people starved to death, although living in a rich world. This is not the will of Allah, Ar-Rahim, the All-Mercifull!

This is why, with immediate effect, I edict this program to end hunger end starvation all around the globe.


Every nation shall implement policies, which reduce the number of hunger dead and ends starvation. By the end of the year 2010, the Caliph wishes to have ended world hunger effectively.

Hunger dead per year (historic data):

1994: 200.000

1998: 460.000

2002: 320.000

Plan 2010: < 5.000


For all nations and alliances it is mandatory to:

1. Raise welfare and pensions:

a) Global Minimum Level Welfare: 60% of Living Costs

b) Global Minimum Level Pensions: 80% of Living Costs

2. Assist each other in financing the social reforms

a) The Caliph will pay each alliance, which deals with hunger, 100 bn. $ to assist their member nations in rising their social budgets

b) Nations which are not members of an alliances shall request assistance publicly, so a noble donor can be found

The honorable Khan Himami will soon present his findings on this topic.

Let us work together, to end hunger by the end of this decade.

So be it.
*Ähem...* Wir sagten: Khan Himami wird Ihnen weitere Informationen vorstellen *Stups*
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