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Full Version: Great Wall Project and Civil Rights Index
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In my opinion there is not a single Task/Reform/Projekt in this game that infringes so heavily upon the civil rights of the citizens as the Great Wall Project, which not only keeps people out but also locked in according to the description. Therefore I don't understand why it does not influence the civil rights index. If I cannot leave the country, civil rights should be capped at 50 or so, even if everything else is perfectly liberal.
I agree with you that it should have an impact, and it would likely be easy to implement. I will make this a topic in the internal section, though no promises about if and when this will change.
As an update: Since the Great Wall Project has an impact on both variables (Immigration and Migration), the project will be updated in the future to have an impact on civil rights as well. However, since this is not a game breaking issue, it is not the top item on the work schedule.
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