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Full Version: The WCA Republic of Cornocosia opens diplomacy
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A spark of life has born a new world of 100 states full of different agendas and opportunities.

The President of the Western Central African Republic of Cornocosia emerged from the congressional building in Lerren earlier today announcing the ratification of the new constitution. Amongst it's legislation is a national commitment to economic empowerment of Cosian citizens, protection from political oppression and expansion of civil rights.

In a speech today the President announced that multiple spaces in Lerren were now available to become embassies and diplomacy related facilities and furthermore invited the new regents of World Hanover to establish new diplomatic ties with the young African republic, particularly the neighbouring African states and South American states.
The confederation of Moewenhausen congratulates the president for his/her election and welcomes the chance to open an embassy in Lerren.
We are also eager to start trade with the WCAR eager our diplomats sent to you to check if trade would be posdible and benefical for both of our countries immediately signed trade agreements instead of speking woth your or our gouvernment first. Hopefully this is a good sign.
My administration receives your proposition eagerly. A space has already been officially allocated in Lerren for a diplomatic team to begin it's mission. My diplomatic minister will arrange travel and visas for your team as well as accommodation and grants to cover expenses.

Your free trade agreements will be maintained as the status quo for now and I hope that we can continue with deeper negotiations.
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