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Full Version: PE others / SQ-Sonstiges
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This thread is intended to collect information on what the budget post PE others / SQ-Sonstiges is comprised of.

1. foreign aid / Entwicklungshilfe (Post: #2)
2. Infrastructure (though not clear what and how exactly) (Post: #3)
foreign aid / Entwicklungshilfe

Reasoning / Begr√ľndung:
In Mali, I enacted the Pacifism reform in Q88. The reform description reads as follows: "Let us finally save the enormous amounts of money which are poured into the defence industry and use a portion of that for social goals and foreign aid." In Q89 PE welfare (social goals) and PE others (foreign aid) had increased significantly.
definetly infrastructure (upkeep). Do not neglect it, otherwise your infrastructure rating will decrease.
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