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Hi, I am new here, but just wanted to reach out to other players whose primary language is English. I have been reading the forums, but it seems that it is mostly in German, if you primarily speak English, let me know here, thanks!

I too am an English speaker (and I plan on aligning with the Federation of Trade).


I drop this as a side note:
Infrequently dedicated english speaking worlds are created, but they tend to take a long time to fully fill up. Consequently, there is usually a big minority of english players. I here use english players as an umbrella term for everyone who does not speak german, but of course they have many different nationalities.

While it sometimes happens that german and not english players stick together in their own alliance, the most common sight are "mixed" alliances. Most players have a concept of what they want to play (national, technocratic, mercentile, communistic, democratic, religious, ..) and therefore it makes sense to join an alliance with similar goals rather than selecting your partners by language. Unions, pacts and alliances around the (real) world have to deal with language issues as well, and this is often easier done than to overcome idiologies.

In my opinion, the language problem is quite manageable. Google translate provides ~95% accurarcy in translations between the two languages. At least the context is almost always clear, even if the actual translation fails to preserve the intended meaning.
I personally often wrote posts in two languages (at the expense of total messages output) if the demand for that was high enough, as did other players. Within an alliance, language issues are often settled somehow as well. (Even if it just that the very important informations are summarized in the second language)
As you may have noticed, there are now three major religious groups in Riga:
A special form of Christianity (brain child of HUNDmiau and Aslan), Malachi Benito's Mithras religion and Germanic Paganism.

Today, I added an English translation for the Germanic Paganism, so that also english players may decided if they want to adopt this (or one of the other) religions.
Mr. Proper:

Since Briga is in a relatively remote region, Brigans are in the minority in that they are overwhelming Catholic.


Dear Mister Jay,

maybe we, the noriteranian church, could send some missoniaries to educate your population of the evils of Paulus and that so called "christian" traditions are nothing more than his brain-child (Thanks Proper for this word Big Grin) to distract us from the true christian message, love thy neighbor.

Preacher James Berkeley
Reverend Berkeley:

Since my government is committed to the freedom of religion, missionaries from your Church are more than welcome to attempt to evangelize in Briga.

Your friend,

-Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos Wasmosy
President, Republic of Briga
I will continue my dual language posts for major Svalbard related events for a while. However, since this is way more time consuming than it looks, I will base this decission and continuation on acceptance of / feedback from (only) english speaking players. Smile
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