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Full Version: A Framework for the Future
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A Framework for the Future

Press Secretary Joan Harmonus:
Ladies and Gentlemen, President Malachi Benito called this conference to discuss the recent events in Handstedt. Before I introduce the President, please be courteous, respectful and hold all motions and questions until the speech has been completed...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Malachi Benito, President of Infinitus, Leader of Industrialis and descendant of Benitus, the Patriarch of the House of Benitus!

President Malachi Benito:

Friends, colleagues, Amabassadors of Ryssland and The Confederacy, representative of the alliances of Ragnarok, Noritrea and Handelsföderation. I have asked you all here today because war is raging in the Middle East.

Hundreds of thousand perish in hot sands and crowded cities, while mothers weep, while sisters and daughters ponder where their brothers and fathers have gone.

Rogue regimes like Handstedt are a cancer, their virus spreads outside their cities and force great states like Ryssland to fight that cancer when it affects their citizenry. For that, we can not blame Ryssland.

At the same time, we can not blame states like the Confederacy and the alliance of Handelsföderation, who rush to stop a war from spreading even further. Hear me now, there are no villains in this conflict, only those trying to do the best for the world and their own people.

The only adversary to peace in Riga is disunity and an absence of a framework which handles matters like we've seen in Handstedt.

I, President Malachi Benito, do not have all the answers, I do have a few though. I know that collectively, we can solve the issues before us, and ensure a long lasting peace in Riga.

I formally ask the Leaders of the Confederacy and Ryssland to join me in Infinitus to draw up a framework which sets in place protocols for handling events like this. I ask the great alliances of Riga to join and forge a document which will become the foundation for a long lasting peace.

But first, I ask that all parties in this conflict withdraw their troops and enact an armistice or ceasefire.

The invitation has been extended, I hope that the Ambassadors and representatives in the audience, representing both of these great nations, and all these great alliances, will rise and accept the invitation before them.
The Confederacy agrees that we have to solve the problem politically. Such a framework could lower political tensions worldwide.
Kansler Benedikt Magnus,
in the name of his Majesty
Konungr Karl Alexander I. of Ryssland:

"Ryssland agrees that Attila Juhász is a hypocrite lunatic asshole that has to be stopped as soon as possible. He will destroy the world in his fantasies of power.
Oh, and we agree to this framework."

Peter von Weshington, Trade Federation

"Today I speak in behalf of the Trade Federation in the question of peace or war.

Today we see that war disturbs the people of the world.

But peace negotiations at the moment are failing. We as the Trade Federation are ready to agree to a cease fire, if Ryssland ends its attacks on Hanstedt.

We are ready to negotiate peace. Ready to listen to the facts Ryssland can deliver for its demands against Hanstedt.

We even are ready to find a way where Ryssian Police forces can investigate in Hanstedt.

We are interested in peace and as statet before in cooperation in regional security measures with ryssland.

But if the Ryssian Government keeps talking to Ragnarok but not to us and the two factions start operations without the knowledge of the Trade Federation. Things like this will happen ever again.

I today look full of hope to the reasonable people of Ragnarok and Ryssland to enact an cease fire.

After that we propose that a bill is enacted that forces all factions to inform the other factions about military operations their reasons and the combatants with 48 hours in before.

That is going to ensure that the factions can speak for a operation or against it.

We would not sit here in this mess, if the Ryssian Government had informed us correctly as it was promised by the ministry of foreign affairs.

To make it clear. Our Operations at the moment are in a defensive nature."

Preacher James Berkeley, International Representative of the Noriteran Church Confederation

"I, James Berkeley, speak on behalf of the Noriteran Church Confederation,

For once we agree with the Trade Fedeartion that peace is and has to be our guiding principle and that we are aswell ready to negotiate peace with the heathens of Ragnarök.

We also agree to the framwork and are ready to participate in it and ensure that it will follow decent christian morals, and humanist principles.

Thank you very much, may God end this conflict as soon as possible and allow us to come together in peace and harmony."
President Benito:

Thank you very much for the gracious invitation to attend this international summit. It is, indeed, an honor to be with you here in Infinitus.

Before peace negotiations can begin in earnest, I must ask: what sort of "framework for the future" do you envision?

Your friend,


Juan Carlos Wasmosy
President, Republic of Briga
Mr. President, thank you for your kind words.

I envision a future where we have first defined what a rogue nation is, so we can spot them as they progress.

In that future, there will be no doubt whose responsibility It is, either allied or non allied state, to handle the rogue nation.

There will be no reprisals or plots of revenge afterwards because we all would have agreed on those prior points.

I hope that whomever is elected World Leader makes It their duty to ensure that the framework, or something like It, prevents further situations like the one in Handstedt.

Blue Wizard Wrote:
President Benito:

Thank you very much for the gracious invitation to attend this international summit. It is, indeed, an honor to be with you here in Infinitus.

Before peace negotiations can begin in earnest, I must ask: what sort of "framework for the future" do you envision?

Your friend,


Juan Carlos Wasmosy
President, Republic of Briga

Where the world sees tragedy, we see purpose, where the world fears despair, we know the future and are ready to face it. What has happened in Hanstedt could have been communicated better, but we are glad it did not serve as a precedent of inaction and looming defeat.

We regret that we were unable to punish a greedy lawless government and most importantly we regret that most of the Rysslandian prisoners could not be liberated. But we do not regret the act of war, for war is to come and the world, not only Ragnarok, must be ready to face it.

But as the arena of battle is an honorable one, the arena of diplomacy is so as well. No war can be fought alone, no future can be secured without the trust in friend and neighbor. I therefor agree to partake in this discussion as representative of Ragnarok and of the Unseen King of Tyr.

But let me make one thing clear in advance. Honor and truth stands above all for the people of Ragnarok. We will not entertain notions of bureaucratic ruler-ship and attempts to obfuscate through formality and paragraphs. The intend of a treaty is often more important than its wording. And word-twisting in servitude of falseness is the greatest offense one can commit in the arena of diplomacy.

Lagatha Pin
Voice of the Unseen King of Tyr
In Service of Ragnarok

OFF-RPG: I know I have sometimes ended my PMs with Lagatha Lee... which was a mistake on my part. Her name is Lagatha Pin, like in my signature^^

Kansler Benedikt Magnus for Ryssland

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I want to be the first one who submits a proposal.

1. What is a rogue regime?

We suggest that a rogue regime is a state with seven consecutive chaotic quarters. If there are quarters since the state's founding known in which there was a active government, the number of needed consecutive chaotic quarters increases to ten. The counter is reset to zero as soon as there is an active government again.
((Active government = active regent; chaotic quarter = quarter without an action by the regent))

2. Who shall be allowed to pacify a rogue regime by force?

We suggest that everyone in the same global zone ((as zones on the world map)) or a neighbouring zone to the rogue regime is allowed to do that, if he has a reason to do so and informs the global community beforehand about it.
The continents have the following neighbours:
North America: South America, Europe
South America: North America, Africa
Europe: Africa, Middle East
Africa: Europe, Middle East
Middle East: Europe, Africa, Far East
Far East: Middle East, Oceania
Oceania: Far East

3. Who shall be allowed to prevent or support such a forceful pacification?

We suggest that everyone in the same global zone ((as zones on the world map)) or a neighbouring zone to the rogue regime is allowed to do that if he wishes to do so.
The neighbouring rule is the same as in point two.

Thank you.

(Off-RP: I wrote in this thread because I think one thread for this topic is more than enough. Results and headlines can be summarised in the first post if needed.)

Preacher James Berkeley, International Representative of the Noriteran Church Confederation

We disagree with the Heathen both on the definition, atleast to some extent, as well as on way to pacify so called "rogue states".

Who are we to enforce our ideal of an government on other people? Would we count as an "rogue state" because we lack centralized authority? Or an actual body that can be called government?

And what exactly is an chaotic quarter, dear Kansler? (Yes, you wrote an definition in Off-Rp, but as we can't use off-rp in actual rp situation, you have failed to define the term) Are socialist confederations as ours "chaotic"? Are republics chaotic? Christians or muslims or jews or heathens "chaotic"? Without an definition of your terms, we can not even begin to debate this proposal.

But much more important to us is the second part:

To me this sounds like nothing but reborn imperialism! Europeans back in Africa? North America in South America? Heathens ruling over christian land and vice versa? This is just legalized neo-imperialism! We propose this:

Rogue states, as defined by Kansler Magnus hopefully, are only allowed to be pacified by countries or societies of the same continent and same or similar religion, if possible. So, a european country can pacify a european country of similar religion. A south american one can pacify a south american one of similar religion. We propose the use of the standard riga continental model which seperates the world into 7 continent: Europe, Middle East, Far East, Ozeania, Africa, North America and South America.

This would reduce the possibility of abuse and reduce the possibility or re-igniting imperialist ideologies. This would also make "overlapping" spheres of operation less likely or atleast reduce their danger as only countries of the same continent as defined before can even be considered for pacification missions. As we also want to introduce religion to this matter, we should have reduced the candidates for pacification missions to one or two countries or societies for each mission.

Thank you very much.
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