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Full Version: World Riga Statistics
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Statistic Overview - Religion

World's population by 1997: 20,383 million (20.383 Millionen Menschen)

Followers by state religion:
Angosian: 26 million
Baxerism: 51 million
Bokononism: 586 million
Buddhism: 617 million
Christianity (Noriterean): 5,965 million (5.965 Millionen)
Christianity (greek-roman): 50 million
Christianity (roman): 625 million
Christianity (others): 1,101 million (1.101 Millionen)
God emperor: 31 million
Mokosch & Veles: 26 million
Norse: 165 million
Old gods: 37 million
Paganism (others): 619 million
Panana: 30 million
Pantha Rei: 50 million
Polypanentheismus: 49 million
Poseidos: 25 million
Ragnarök (germanic): 358 million
Ragnarök (nordic): 28 million
Ragnarök (others): 96 million
Schwanenkult: 617 million
Technogods: 50 million
Voodoo: 48 million
Xenopilia: 611 million
Yittism: 31 million
For anyone beeing curious about how I calculated the numbers:

It multiplied the population of countries with a state religion in its description with the religion value (interpreted as percent) of that state.
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