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Full Version: Aktobe
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Aktobe looks to have crashed in error
Since I can only see intended behavior, I wonder what type of crash do you suspect? To me it just looks like an to be expected assassination by extremists. Did you not get a respective message?

Happiness decreased due to many high urgency tasks. Happiness increased notably when you solved many of them following successful conquest. But even with happiness improving a lot from Q32 to Q33, the number of extremists was still at 20%. The chance of being assassinated increases significantly above 15%. It is, however, always a gamble based on chance; There is no fixed number at which an assassination occurs, and you were already "kind of" lucky that it did not happen earlier.

Picking up a comparable example: PresidenteHH once lost his otherwise stable state Neukamerun with just about the same number of extremists, and was equally surprised. [Thread]
I always post these with the slim chance of getting a reset. I should have invaded earlier.
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